A Guide to Taking Crypto Profits and Reinvesting

With cryptocurrencies exponentially rising, all investors will benefit if they choose the right strategy. Every experienced investor knows that holding onto a coin for too long is risky and potentially harmful. There are risks of big correction which can wipe away all of their gains. 

However, having a solid plan after a big crypto win is always a good idea. For instance, if you’re thinking about investing in Bitcoin, you’ll need to find a reputable exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly to kickstart your trading journey and make some profits in the process. Instead of spending those profits, you can make a smart financial decision by reinvesting them. 

Read on to learn a few ways to reinvest your crypto profits.

A Guide to Taking Crypto Profits and Reinvesting

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Invest in Mining

Mining is the process that validates transactions on a cryptocurrency network. Mining crypto has been made easy for anyone with a computer. In order to mine, you will need to download a mining program and then choose how many of your computer’s resources you want to allocate to mining. 

Note that mining is an in-depth and complicated process that involves solving mathematical puzzles. The more computational power you have, the higher your chances are of solving these puzzles and earning rewards.

Divide Your Earnings

Some people like to reinvest all of their money, but they don’t know how to trade and get some profit out of it. If you’re not an expert trader, then it’s best to divide your earnings into two parts. You can use one part to reinvest in the crypto market and the other to spend on things you like.

When trading cryptocurrencies, it’s important to have a strategy in place. For example, if your goal is to buy and hold for long-term investments, then it’s best to invest 50% of your earnings. But if your goal is more short-term oriented and you want more volatility in the market, then investing 100% of your earnings might be better for you.

Invest in New Coins

If you want to increase your earnings with crypto, you need to invest in new coins.

The cryptocurrency industry has had a lot of volatility in the past few years, but there are still some opportunities for investors. The key is to focus on the new coins that have potential and not just on the old ones that have already made their mark. There are over 20.000 cryptocurrencies in circulation to choose from.

Buy Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks pay out a share of their profits to the shareholders. This is usually done every 3 months, but depending on the company it can be done as frequently as every month, or as rarely as twice a year. Dividends are usually paid in cash.

They are worth it because they provide steady income to investors and they make it easier to diversify your portfolio. Big companies and tech giants such as Microsoft pay monthly dividends, and investors’ interest in them is growing.

Invest in Rental Property

Investing in rental property can be a profitable investment. When you invest in rental properties, you get the best of both worlds—capital appreciation and monthly cash flow. This is due to the fact that house values will increase over time and renters will pay their rent on time every month so that you can make a profit from those two sources.

A Guide to Taking Crypto Profits and Reinvesting

Source: Unsplash

Other Proven Ways to Make Profits


Arbitrage refers to simultaneous purchases and sales of assets in order to make a profit from a price difference.

In the world of crypto, arbitrage is all about buying cryptocurrencies at a low price, and selling them at a higher price. Experienced investors know that depending on different factors, it’s better to get off the market as soon as possible. If you find the right arbitrage opportunity, don’t have second doubts, sell right away and enjoy the profits.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a safe and reliable way to invest and get a steady return. If your wallet contains a lot of cryptocurrencies, it is important to use this feature.

P2P crypto-lending is heavily dependent on Ethereum’s smart contract. You can borrow your crypto to get a 10%-20% return through P2P lending. However, keep in mind that P2P lending can be a much riskier option than a savings account.

Bottom Line

There are a few reasons why you may want to reinvest in crypto. You may be looking for the next big thing or you may simply want to diversify your portfolio. If you don’t have any experience in investing, then it might seem like a daunting task. However, it’s not as difficult as it seems and there are plenty of resources out there that can help you get started. 

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