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Bitcoin compass auto trading platform has been used and trusted by many traders and they all reported a high accuracy rate something around 97% which is very high.

(NFA: NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE – you should do your own research before investing your money)

What is Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass is a very strong AI-based (artificial intelligence) automatic trading platform, but how does it work and what is this automatic trading platform? We’ll cover that in this article and will come to a conclusion if the bitcoin compass is good and exactly why you should be using it.

Accuracy rate determines how profitable it actually is and within the great range of hundreds of trades taken place, how much of those trades had a happy ending. Bitcoin Compass also supports trading on coins other than Bitcoin (BTC), such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

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Bitcoin Compass comes to help people who want to trade but don’t have the knowledge enough to do it. Of course, we advise you to take the time and read the books or take some courses in the field of investing and trading, this should be a primary goal if you are on your way to financial freedom. Now back on the subject.

If you don’t have the knowledge or time to trade you can use automated trading platforms such as Bitcoincompass to start making money in the cryptocurrency field. Bitcoin Compass also supports semi-automatic trading which works for those who like to have some control over the trades that are taking place by the AI.

Bitcoin Compass also supports demo trading which means you can check out for yourself how this system actually works before investing your money in the platform which is a great feature in my opinion.

Now let’s see if it is safe using a bitcoin compass.

Is Bitcoin Compass safe?

This must be the most important part of this article as a lot of people are willing to put thousands of dollars of their money into the trading platform and losing it all just doesn’t make much sense.

Bitcoin Compass is secured by SSL online security protocol as well as other great security features installed. Bitcoin Compass using SSL means that all of your information is encrypted within your account.

There’s also this fact that many traders are using Bitcoin Compass which is a great sign. Traders tend to study the system and its legitimacy before investing money in the platform.

How does Bitcoin Compass work?

Bitcoin compass

There are other great auto trading platforms that can also be a great choice but there are some differences between Bitcoin Compass and its rivals that make Bitcoin Compass one of the best choices for you.

Its security is great thanks to the SSL security system protocol and the blockchain which is known for its decentralization and transparency.

It’s very fast at analyzing the market, it can actually analyze the crypto market in just a few seconds.

The volatility of the market requires a lot of in-the-field experience if you are a trader, and needs sophisticated algorithms for the trading bots you are using hoping to make dollars in the market.

Bitcoin Compass offers just that for their automated trading robots, which can predict market trends and so can make better decisions when making those trades.

It also has a very fast auto trading process, which is crucial if you’re trying to trade in the crypto market using an automated trading bot because the market moves very fast and it is in fact unpredictable, so you need to use the best auto trading robot out there, which is both fast and very accurate, if it is, it can help you detect and leverage on the best deals there are.

So let’s start this trading journey by signing up on their platform.

Step 1. Signing Up and Verification:

Visit Bitcoin Compass and click on the “Sign Up” button, then after entering your name, email and phone number it’s done.

After signing up, you will be matched with one of the brokers regulated in your jurisdictions, you have to verify who you are by a simple KYC, which can be done using a Passport or simply your ID. This is needed to prevent financial crimes and every legit broker and exchange should do a KYC before letting you trade, if a broker or exchange doesn’t need you to verify your identity, it should be a sign that maybe there’s something shady going on.

Step 2. Funding your account (Deposit):

After completing your sign-up, you will be taken to the broker’s deposit page, you should at least deposit 250 USD to start your live trade.

Bitcoin Compass reported that they have agreements with their partner brokers and you wouldn’t pay any deposit or withdrawal fees.

You can deposit using debit or credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets or bitcoin.

These multiple deposit methods help people from different countries to deposit with ease.

Step 3. Getting used to the platform:

Bitcoin Compass advises traders to read their trading guild and practice on demo before using the live trading platform. It’s free and you don’t need to use real money to do so.

You will also receive a phone from them guiding you through the platform itself and offering you tips on how you can make the most of it.

Using demo trading helps you understand how the auto trading bots actually work.

Step 4. Live trading:

After these steps, you are finally prepared for live trading, this is actually the fun part as you sit back and watch the automated bots do their magic.

Some people prefer semi-automatic trading as it gives them some control over the trading process. It’s your choice.

Final words on Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass has been reviewed by expert traders and they reported that it actually is a very great auto trading platform.

I did not participate in the platform myself but as my research goes, it is one of the greatest automated trading platforms out there that is affordable by normal people.

It also has great security which lowers the risk of losses during an attack.

The trading bots are also reported to be fascinating, as they are very fast and accurate which is very important in the crypto market where everything can happen in just a few minutes, and the market is open 24/7 which can be tricky to monitor all the time unless you are a robot!


In the end, you should also do your own research before participating in any trading platform to make sure it’s secure enough for you to invest your hard-earned money.

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