Brings all your social media privacy settings into one app with Jumbo

Brings all your social media privacy settings into one app with Jumbo

It has been almost a year since Jumbo was first released. Jumbo has news for us. First, the company has released a major update of its app that protects your privacy on online services. Second, the company has raised an $8 million Series A funding round.

Ever worries about the exposer of your data and privacy when using social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram? With the latest security and privacy scandals, users are now trusting the big tech companies less than before. But there is now somehow for safer use of social media platforms with Jumbo. Want to know how Jumbo would help you to keep privacy in social media? Keep up with me.

What is Jumbo, and how it can help our privacy on social media?

Jumbo is an app that brings all your social media privacy settings into one app, trying to fix all the gaps and issues on the social media privacy setting these days. Jumbo can be used in both iPhone and Android and in two paid tiers, Jumbo Plus and Jumbo Professional. 

Jumbo syncs with your social media accounts and scans your privacy settings to let you know which ones you should consider changing. It can guide you through things like locking down your Facebook profile, deleting your Alexa recordings, and archiving your old tweets. Do not take it wrong. Jumbo does not store any of the users’ personal information or login data or collect them.

Jumbo is not Free all the way. The company is opting for a “pay what you think is fair” model that allows users to pay anywhere from $2.99 to $14.99 a month for Jumbo’s premium features.

How does Jumbo work?

The first thing you need to do to get Jumbo working for you is to connect it to the social media platform you want Jumbo to control. Jumbo does not have any user accounts, and when you open the app, it sets you a unique ID to send you notifications.

Tech Crunch makes some good examples such as, For instance, if you connect your Facebook account, you can remove your profile from advertising lists, delete past searches, change the visibility of posts you’re tagged in, and more. On Google, you can delete your history across multiple services — web searches, Chrome history, YouTube searches, Google Map activities, location history, etc.

Some of the options Jumbo can provide us are:

  • It provides help for Instagram and Messenger
  • Jumbo Professional does all that and provides LinkedIn and ad-tracking prevention
  • Jumbo Professional additionally comes with integration with Spycloud
  • Lets you delete and archive old tweets, Messenger conversations, and old Facebook posts.
  • The app can regularly scan your accounts and delete everything that is older than a certain threshold
  • It helps you understand the settings you can change for each service, thanks to simple toggles and recommendations that you can accept or ignore.
  • Thousand more options for each of your social media platforms

In the days that lots of people are fed up with how their information is being managed online Jumbo has made it easier for us to trust social media platforms and to work with them.

Author: Francine Berano

I love blogging that’s why I am a blogger.👌🏻🌟 Freelancing at Inosocial company.

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