Can you see who views your Instagram?


Knowing who has viewed the profile on Instagram has long been a mystery for the majority of Instagram users. There have been lots of blogs or apps that claim they can show the visitor info to you. Read the explanation to know more about it.

Can you see who views your Instagram profile?

Are you curious to know who has viewed the profile? Unfortunately, Instagram and almost all other social media don’t let anyone get notified about the visitors’ info because of security and some other reasons.

Imagine, you were able to see who has viewed the profile, and all the users were aware of this. So, no one becomes interested in viewing other profiles because they might feel insecure or uncomfortable. These actions might decrease the number of visitors to any profile or cause some other problems on social media. while the Instagram engagement is very crucial for this company, and it is not worthy of ruining its popularity with such features.

Therefore, almost all social media restrict to show info of the profile viewer. If you have seen any third-party apps claiming that they give you the info of visitors in change for your info, please kindly report that apps.

However, Instagram and also Facebook have provided some other way to know who is interested in visiting the profile, such as stories.

How to see who views your Instagram profile?

Yes, Instagram has provided an option to see the number of visitors of a profile to give an overview of the popularity of content or account itself to the Instagram account holders. Knowing the number of profile visitors is only available on Instagram business or creators profile.

Thus, if you want to see how much your account is viewed every week, first, you should switch a personal account to a professional business or creator ones. This action is free, easy, and straightforward to do that you can find from your Instagram profile, setting, account section.

Once you switch to a creator or business profile, you would be able to see it within a few hours if you have more than 100 followers.

As you see in the pictures below, the number of visitors is available at both the insight section of the setting and also profile itself.

Can you see who views your Instagram story?

Yes, Instagram provides you an option to see who has viewed the Instagram stories, though this option is only available after 24 hours of sharing stories. If you archive or highlight the stories, you are still able to see the number of story viewers but not the ones who have viewed them.

Since 2016 that Instagram introduced the stories as a new feature on Instagram. They made it possible for account holders to check who has viewed their stories. This option is only available for new stories, which hast for 24 hours only. After 24 days of stories sharing, even if you highlight the story, you won’t be able to see who already view the stories.

Regarding the Instagram videos, the viewer is not available, and you can see who has liked the videos only. Not all the viewers. Instead, the number of visitors is available for both Instagram profiles and Instagram videos on feed.

Below is the example of Instagram stories that are highlighted. As you see, the number of viewers is visible but not the list of them which is hidden after 24 hours.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram video?

No, Instagram would not provide you the option to see who has viewed the Instagram videos, but the number of viewers is available for all to see. Not only you can see who the number of video viewers, but others can see it too.

This would show the popularity of videos, which can be more interesting to see the list of viewers itself. This hidden list might be due to Instagram policies to keep the info of visitors.

So, unless a person likes or comments on your Instagram videos, you would be able to see who has viewed or even share or save the videos.

Below is the example of Instagram videos, that you can see the insight from the Instagram feed itself.

If you want to have the same statistics, you should switch the profile from personal to business, which is free and easy. Once you have more than 100 followers, it shows their statistics including audience demography, activity, and content-related information.

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