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How to Add Music to Instagram Post?

One of Instagram’s most famous points is the opportunity to figure music to Instagram posts and stories. Instagram gives a lengthy part of songs from its music library. Also, you can set songs from other music streaming sets, like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam.

In this model, we will show you various methods you can attach music to your Instagram. We will also discuss some common topics and errors about Instagram music.

How to Attach Music to Instagram?

Instagram included the opportunity to attach music to your post and stories, and many people have been using this feature. Instagram appends new songs to their music archives each day.

But, some users do not know how to upload music to their Instagram posts. Here, we will go over different ways of attaching music to Instagram posts and tell why it might not be going for you.

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post?

You have to know that Instagram does not enable you to attach music right to your Instagram posts. You can only attach music to your Instagram post and stories.

Even if you attach music to a video you performed on your story and download it, viewers can not download it with the song.

If you need to add a tune to a video and use it as your Instagram post, you have to update your video previously. There are different video editing applications obtainable that let you attach music to your videos. As you did it, it is time to upload the video to your Instagram fodder.

But, you can not add a tune to a photo and then post it on Instagram – it only goes with videos.

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post the ‘Old Way’?

Appending tunes to your Instagram story in the old way means people added songs to Instagram posts before the music feature. They did it in this way:

Start performing the tune they want to post. It might be a song in your phone’s archives or from a music streaming application.

  • Then run Instagram and start their story, as the song is still operating in the background.
  • Begin recording your story by holding the record button.
  • Perform any needed changes to the story.
  • Post it by hitting “Your Story” in the back left corner.

Now, when you perform your story, you will hear the song in the background. What is excellent about this process is the case that you do not have the 15-second time end. You can enter as many stories as you desire.

Where to Find Music for Instagram Videos?

Attaching music to your Instagram videos is made the identical way you would add a song to your photos. You can find songs in the Instagram music archives or upload them from outside references. But, when you attach music to Instagram videos, you have more choices than pictures.

For instance, you have only a 15-minute limited time for a song on your Instagram story. But when you decide to add it to a video, it will be as long as you wish. You can also pin the tune symbol to a character or something in your Instagram video.

You can even take a song before you catch a video by swiping the “Music” selection under the record button. You can choose exactly which section of the tune you need to play and then start posting. Though, this is only feasible on iPhones at this time.

When you choose Instagram music and background beats for your posts, it is important to see that Instagram will prevent any videos you post with non-licensed music.

When you want to post a video to your Instagram Stories, Instagram’s in-app music library is a good choice, but if you need to post a video to your feed, you will have to be more careful about the music’s origin. Also, recognize the artist when choosing their work.


As an Instagram user, you might like to use a song on your post. While there are different ways to make it, new ones are more easily than the previous ones. Here, we introduce the previous and new ways of doing that.

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How to Fix the Reddit app down easily?

If you want to pick some upvotes or beat something with a banana, you might be frustrated to see that Reddit is not working. It is something that seldom occurs, so that might appear as a shock. Often it is because of an outage, but it could also be a dispute with the app on your phone. Here is a smart model on how to solve any problems with Reddit you might encounter.

How to fix Reddit is down?

  1. Is Reddit down?
  2. How to fix Reddit app not loading?

Here, I will discuss how you can solve this topic in various ways.

Is Reddit Down?

If Reddit is just not working for you, likely, it is down for other users further. Ere trying other below steps, you need to be sure that this is not a worldwide interruption.

You can use Down Detector as a tool to understand it. You have to search for Reddit on the site or run the Reddit page directly. You will notice a sign stating “potential problems at Reddit” or “obstacles at Reddit” if the issue is public.

Reddit will inform you about the site state as well. Go over to Reddit Status to find information about everything that supports take it up and working. You can also choose the “subscribe to updates” key at the head right angle to understand if something works wrong.

How to Fix Reddit App Not Loading?

But seldom, the Reddit application loses to run or may decline to work on your Android smartphone because of different purposes like applying an outdated version. The error also happens because of the defective cache/data or launching of the application.

  • The Reddit App Need a Force Close.

If you can not load the Reddit app and are tight on one screen, you can make a force close or relaunch the app to solve this issue. Here, I show you how to do it.

Step 1: Go to the Settings Menu by lowering the notification board on the screen.

Step 2: In the list, look for the Apps part and search for Reddit again.

Step 3: Tick on Reddit and later choose “Force Stop.”

Step 4: Verify your performance and then relaunch the app.

Step 5: When it is finished, see if the issue is solved or not.

  • You Can Reset Your Phone

You may face your Reddit app not loading due to short glitches, and you can solve the problem by restarting your phone. Here, I want to explain the steps briefly.

Step 1: Hold the Power Button till you see the power button on the cover.

Step 2: Choose Power Off among the options and remain until the process finishes.

Step 3: Repeat holding the power key to Turn On your phone and verify whether the Reddit application runs well.

Clear The Cache Of The Reddit App

Like most apps, it applies cache to raise display and enhance user expertise. The application ends working if the cache size is greater than your phone storage. If your phone is rolling out of storage or the Reddit app’s cache is defective, then the dilemma happens. To resolve this problem, catch the quick resolutions here.

Step 1: Run the Settings Menu on the home screen apps.

Step 2: Search for Apps from the menu list and then seek for Reddit

Step 3: Choose Reddit and then move ahead with the Storage choice.

Step 4: Now tick on Clear Cache and control Reddit runs fine.

  • Use A VPN Client

The loading error may appear if your ISP has barred a resource required for Reddit app development. It blocked some subs by the country. To make this problem solved, using VPN apps is a great opportunity.

Step 1: Start “Google Play Store” and place any VPN client that you want.

Step 2: Join a “VPN Client” to a selected location and check if the Reddit application works or not.


So, these are the best resolutions to set the Reddit app not loading on android. If the total above resolutions crash, you can use the browser version of Reddit or utilize a 3rd party app.

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How to Make Some Discord Emotes?

Have you ever been on Discord? While I recommend you to be if you are not still, I can introduce it as a place for gamers to talk, chat, and share content. After that, it has bloomed into one of the most valuable community-based social media motors on the internet.

Section of what performs Discord as a great site for societies to grow in the field of control that society guides can hold above their servers. So various features of a Discord server can be changed and customized that private servers start to consider more like the gathering sites of the past, all grouped in one area.

One fun and easy technique to recognize your Discord server from different areas is to enable your users to send custom server emojis in their chats.  

How to make Discord emoji?

  • Can anyone add custom emojis?
  • The best way to make an emoji from any picture
  • Adding your emoji to a Discord server

Here, you can read about each of these questions and learn more about Discord emojis. 

Can Anyone Add Custom Emojis?

One of the principal ideas Discord provides server administrators to customize and manage their servers is establishing positions for its members. Discord caps the whole amount of characters at 250, considerably more than most servers want, and every position has various rights, facilities, and duties.

One of these various privileges that you can use for all positions is emoji management. If you are a server administer, you can continue to the Roles part of your server frames, choose one of your server’s functions, and go down to see the Manage Emojis tag. As the emoji management privilege is available for all positions, all members can enter the emoji administrator by their Server Settings tab.

The Best Way to Make an Emoji from Any Picture

You can apply any picture you like to make a custom Discord emoji. Utilize the photo you have taken, a Google Image Search picture, transparent PNG imagesor animated GIFs. Also, you may want to upload a short clip of the video and turn it into a GIF. The best way is to use the dropdown in the Export button.


 As discord emojis are too tiny, when you want to upload your file, it will resize to 32×32 pixels. The best features ratio is 128×128 pixelsso change your image size before uploading to Discord. An extra technical term is that emoji files can not be larger than 256KB in size. 

As you go into Kapwing’s Studio, upload your picture, photo, or GIF. On exportation, you can download your media with the right size.

Alternatively, you can apply the Custom Size key to access any pixel rate for the cover dimensions.

Take the Custom Size tool in Kapwing to change the emoji canvas size.

Some Discord emotes act properly as transparent PNG images, so they seem more like real emojis – practicing the Discord emoji template, take the Erase tool to exclude sectors with a Magic Wand, and move up the points with a specific eraser.

Suddenly, get the framework transparent in the Kapwing Studio to save your Discord emoji as a PNG.

Another choice is to attach text overlays to your custom emoji. Just tick Text and customize some points like font, size, position, style, color, and animation. After that, you have to choose Export Image and Download to take the emoji to your system.

Adding Your Emoji to a Discord Server

If your position permits you to control the server’s emojis, you need less than a minute to upload your emoji. Begin by ticking the sign next to the server title and choosing Server Settings. Once you do not recognize this choice, it indicates your role will not permit you to add emojis.

Server settings

Into your server settings, move to the Emoji tab and take the purple Upload Emoji icon. Then choose the emoji file you performed. Now you add your custom Discord emoji to the server’s emoji bank.


As a Discord user, like all other periods, you need to use different emojis. Here, in this blog post, I talked about users who can add custom emojis, the best way to make and add them to a discord server.

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What Is Discord Text Formatting?

Discord Text Formatting is an excellent idea to execute your discord chats to be unique.

You can apply different kinds of Discord fonts regularly used by utilizing a few commands.

Here, in this post, I will tell you all the discord chat commands. If you follow them, they will take your discord text formatting to another level.

As you can simply forget these commands, I recommend you save this page to take a quick look at the discord markdown schedule for discord chat formatting.

Discord formatting Text

You can find discord texts in different styles like Bold, Italics, Underline, strikethrough, etc.

Each of you can modify discord text color when you know some base and short commands.

On the other hand, you might be among people who do not like to see their discord start as they run their pc, so you can stop opening automatically by disabling it on startup.

How to strikethrough on Discord? 

Strikethrough discord line seems the best when you tell something but is opposed to a restricted text.

You can manage the discord strikethrough text forming by joining ~~ at the head and bottom of the text.

The great point is, you can apply space within the words, and you will not face any problem.

You can also create a strikethrough text on Discord by choosing the subject and ticking on the string though button seems like a strikethrough S.

You may hear that many users are not happy with discord screen share due to the audio obstacles. The good news is that you can fix the discord screen share setting with no audio on chrome.

 How to Make Discord Bold?

Discord bold lines are amazing to make your letters reach out.

To make bold text in Discord, you need to set Two stars (**) ere and back the text. It shows that you need to make it bold.

Another simple way to do that is by choosing the text and tapping on the Bold B symbol.

Look at this example of making Discord bold text.

Input: **Tap to Make Discord Bold Text**

 Output: Tap to Make Discord Bold Text

How to Make Discord Italicize?


Discord italics forming is very simple. To do that, you need to add just one star ( * ) or one underscore ( _ ) ere and behind your chosen line.

Look at the example of italics Discord:

Input: *Make a Discord Italic Text* or _Italic discord Format_

 Output: Make a Discord Italic Text or Italic discord format

How to make underline Discord?

It is simple to make Underline Discord by putting two underscores ( __ ) at the opening and ending of a line.

To compose Discord underline texts immediately, you can choose the text and use Ctrl+U.

Look at the example of Discord underline text:

Input: __Make a Discord Italic Text__

 Output: Make a Discord Italic Text

How to Make Color Text in Discord?

While discord color text could be impressive, you can turn the line color easily by using code tables and some single codes.

There are several methods to create discord color texts. Here, I want to teach you an easy technique to make it. You can apply it by using CSS codes.

Some discord text color and their CSS codes:

Blue = ` ` `css, #Blue, ` ` `

Yellow and Cyan= ` ` `css, {Yellow:’Cyan’}, ` ` `

Green= ` ` `css, Green, ` ` `

Orange= ` ` `css, [Orange] ` ` `

Discord code block


You can simply make code blocks by setting the text within ticks (`). The switch for the tick mark should be under the Esc Key of your Keyboard.

Look at this example of how to create text blocks in Discord:

You can also Quote your lines by presenting this angular section (>) in front of your line.

You may have a question like:

How can you cover my quotes in discord?

You can add two simple vertical Pipes (||) at the start and end of the text and make your quote hidden. 


All discord text rules are simple to use, and they help you find a great way to show your discord messages amazing.

These Discord special text forming support your discord conversations to higher levels and message formatting.

Surely, the markdown schedule served you to examine the new discord text results very quickly.

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How to Change Spotify Username?

When you click Sign up for Spotify, it means you accept to take marketing emails from Insider the same as other co-worker attempts and hold the Spotify Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Sadly, it is difficult to change your Spotify username freely — but you can make it somehow.

One answer to the point is to relate your Spotify account to Facebook. It will restore your primary Spotify username with your Facebook username. And if you turn your Facebook name, your Spotify name will refresh to meet. You can perform this conversion from the desktop or mobile app.

Another resolution is to modify your display name, which will reverse your Facebook name if your account is connected to Facebook now. It will not modify your current username but will change the name that everyone recognizes you as. But, you can only perform this shift from the mobile app.

Finally, you can request Spotify to convert your username straight. But, there is no guarantee that they will answer you.

How to change your Spotify username on a computer

1. First, you need to open the Spotify application on your computer system.

2. Then, tick on the downward-pointing sign beside your profile photo and name on the top right side.

3. Choose “Settings” from the dropdown list.

4. This will drive you to your Settings page. Go down, and you will see the “Social” section, where you will notice a blue key that states, “Connect to Facebook.” Tick this button to launch the process.

5. This will present a pop-up. Insert your email and password to connect it to your Facebook account.

6. It is time to tick the “Log In” key to connect your accounts.

How to change your Spotify username in the mobile app

1. Now, you need to open the Spotify app to your mobile system.

2. You have to see a gear icon on the top-right edge to unlock your settings box. 

3. Go down until you see the “Social” tab, touch to open it.

4. By the toggles to change certain settings on and off, you will see the “Connect to Facebook…” title under the page, and you should tap it. 

5. A pop-up will arrive stating that Spotify needs to use Facebook to sign in. Choose “Continue,” which will automatically start Facebook in an Internet label or its mobile system. Insert your login data if advised to relate the accounts.

How to change your Spotify username by adding a sample name in the mobile app

At this moment, you can not transfer your Spotify display title on the desktop app, but it is possible to change it on the mobile app for Android and iOS.

1. To do so, you have to run the Spotify app on your system and log in if needed.

2. Touch the gear symbol in the above right edge to start your settings.

3. At the head of the Settings page, hit “View Profile” under your name.

4. On the next cover, touch “Edit Profile” below your name and picture.  

5. Now, you can edit your display title and profile photo. Choose “Save” in the head right corner to keep your changes.

You may be ready to change your Spotify username out Facebook by talking Spotify.

Sometimes you do not like to relate your account to Facebook.

 As the next option, you have to contact the Spotify support team. You can ask them to help you establish up a new account with an identical email. An agent might help you carry your data to a new account, where you can generate a new username. It will keep your playlists, the music liberated to your library, and the characters you follow.


Finding out how to convert Spotify usernames is not easy, but there is a workaround, and we are here to lead you into the process.

Spotify is one of the largest music streaming sets out there, with more than 356 million users attuning in beyond the past year. And whether you have been a long-time contributor after the start or you have just lately changed from another streaming set, it is no wonder you are interested in turning your username.

Your username is your online status, and therefore it is one of the essential elements of your account in any setting you work. But, the whole method is a little tricky for Spotify users, as “username” and “display name” propose quite separate things.

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How to Go Live On TikTok?

TikTok has started a new system for content creators to relate to their fans: They can try going live. But, this is not free for everyone, and even if your account can make it, it is not too easy.

Here is a model on how to perform live on TikTok. We also talk about what you have to get the capability to make so.

Can I Go Live On TikTok?

Many accounts might go live on TikTok, but it relates to the number of fans you hold. This time just accounts with more than 1,000 followers can go live on TikTok.

Another point is that while the lowest age of a TikTok user is 13 years old, producers must be 16 years old or older to Livestream.

If you can Livestream, you might do more extra than just that, as observers of your Livestream can give you “virtual gifts,” which are digital money that you can exchange into real cash.

The change rate is low, so you will not get much for your live streams except you have some free benefactors. TikTok has stringent laws toward soliciting gifts by their platform, so have this in mind ere going live.

Also, when you decide to go live, it allows you to gain cash for charity but continuing donation stickers to your video.

The principal advantage of going live as opposed to pre-edited videos is the capacity to communicate with followers in real-time, which is essential if you are increasing your platform.

How to Go Live on TikTok?

As you can go live on TikTok, the method is not dissimilar to performing usual videos.

To operate live, you have to take the Create image, move to Live in the navigation, then select an image and name for the stream.

After that, you have to click Go Live to begin your stream, through which time you can also adjust settings easily.

To flip the camera or combine effects, users can tap the three points to make this, while that list also enables producers to filter observations and continue to 20 mediators.

The gifting piece extends up to followers through a live stream. It implements at any time while the producer is receiving the live.

TikTok live stream points:

To get the most out of a live stream, TikTok has devised some specific points to view to increase the range of your platform.

  • Take the best course for your readers when they are most engaged.
  • Study about the period; 30 minutes is the most beneficial practice.
  • Send a video ere your live stream. That means a follower can be directed right through to the live stream on this post.
  • Practice good light to retain your followers.
  • Get a reserved place to stream from as background sound can be disturbing.
  • Inquire about your Internet connection before going live.
  • Examine your camera angle and decide to stick with one location.
  • Plan what you want to say to help you linger focused.
  • Study how to join and communicate with your audience by comments and questions.

How to Join a LIVE on TikTok?

Just like going live on TikTok, you can ask others to follow your live stream—announced a LIVE by TikTok—as well as entering other people’s shows.

To ask someone to enter your live stream, you have to touch the button that will seem in the bottom left-hand edge.

Tick it, and a table of potential people to enter the live stream will rise.

To ask them, click invite, and the timer will countdown, providing the user 20 seconds to register you.

If they do not want to participate, TikTok will provide you the opportunity to stop the live stream or resume.

Because for joining a live stream, users need to begin by watching the live stream, and in the commentaries part, a key with two happy features will appear.

If you hit this, it will post a request to enter the broadcast to the hostess.

The host can decide to take or disregard the request, so it is enough to propose with the host if you want to join their live stream.

If the appeal is received, the cover will break in two, and one half will hold a countdown to state the guest’s arrival.

Suddenly, a user’s live stream will look on that screen, indicating the two people will continue live streaming concurrently.


If you want to go live on TikTok, first consider some points and learn some tactics. Here, we talked about what you need to know about the TikTok Live stream.

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What You Have to Know About Instastalker

Instastalker has various kinds of Instagram stalkers, and you cannot understand who stalked your profile or has seen my Instagram profile? Instagram enables people to review your profile. But they do not allow you to understand who attended your profile. But if you change your account to the content creator, you can see all the characters who visited your profile in the preceding seven days.

 Instagram is regularly renewing its algorithm and wants to promote the app for users. It concentrates on support Instagram as a marketing platform is the main point.

Here, I will talk about:

  • Who are your Instagram Stalker?
  • Can You Find Who Looks at Your Instagram on Business Account or Content Creator?
  • Can I See Who Surveyed My Instagram Profile?
  • How to View Who Saw My Instagram Profile: Third-party App Alternatives

Who are your Instagram Stalkers? 

 You might want to find who your IG stalker is, but sadly, you can not understand it because of the privacy issues. Instagram needs to preserve user activity and your private information secure.

If they carry on this important part, app developers and hackers can get above your IG account.

Update to the trading account if you have not done so now, and use the available options of Instagram Business Account. Two types of users might be your stalkers. You will find who viewed your profile on one condition, and in the second type are users who you can not. 

Can You Find Who Looks at Your Instagram on Business Account or Content Creator?

  • Business Account: If you try to promote your account to a business one, does that indicate you can get out your Instagram stalkers? However, a business account is more reliable than a private account, at least you can view the number of visitants that get to your IG page, or it can be named InstaStalker.
  • Content Creator: To be a content creator, you need a new Instagram update based on your Instagram stalker’s decisions. It is a different type of account related to a business account, and over you can not understand who saw my Instagram profile.

Can I See Who Surveyed My Instagram Profile?

There are a couple of points on Instagram you can control who surveyed my Instagram profile.

While you can not see that on your Instagram profile if you change it up to a business page or content creator Instagram page, so you can find the number of visitors stalking on your Instagram page.  But do not be frustrated yet, Instagram worked its best to defend its user secrecy, and it is good for you. Instagram declined to determine who saw my Instagram profile because that needs some kind of coding. If other app developers recognize it, they will utilize your information to make their app. If you hear that someone mistakenly tells you it is possible to see or apps that help you find who viewed your profile, do not accept it.

If you decide to join your Instagram to an uncertain third-party app, you accept the risk that your profile may get Instagram action blocked and assume that often will make you banned.

How to See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

Let’s see some alternative Insta stalker apps. At first, I want to name some apps that will help if you use the IOS system. 

  • Visitors Pro App is a simple app that you can install to analyze your account. It causes you a large number of followers and likes. 
  • Instagram Analyzer is an IG analyzer that is similar to the HypeAuditor version but cheaper.
  • Social plus for Instagram App is another option that has the most convincing reports received by MultiTap.

Also, there are some Android Apps to See Instagram Stalker like Follower Insight for Instagram App, follower analyzer for the Instagram app, follower insight for Instagram, tracker, analyzer App, follower analyzer for Instagram – follower tracker, insights for Instagram, ghosts, followers, and stories.


If you need to find people who visit your profile, you have to change your Instagram page to a business or content creator page.

Remember that you cannot understand who saw my Instagram profile, but you can get out through an IG story.

In the above post, you can read more about topics like that.

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How to Change Instagram Video to MP4?

The Best Instagram to Mp4 Convert?

Instagram is the 6th popular social program that people of all age crowds use throughout the world. It is a program where people experience making humanly meant a lot. From experiencing pleasant moments and texting mates to business projects, Instagram presents an important part in everyone’s life.

Many users cause competition, and most of the videos posted on this program are amazing. Instagram does not let you download any of its content, so users should use different Instagram to MP4 converters to save Instagram videos to mp4 and download them. Here I will discuss some of these free Instagram to MP4 video converters that you can use on your running system.

Instagram Free Mp4 Convertors

InstMp4 Convertorsagram is an app pp permits users to use experience content and stories within it. So if you notice an interesting video and want to download it, it will not be feasible on Instagram. You can overcome this problem by using some converters that we will discuss below.

1. InstagramSave


3. Ymp4 Video Downloader


5. Video-Converter-MP4

  • InstagramSave

InstagramSave is an open and easy app that you can use on any mobile or desktop browser to save Instagram videos into mp4.

Levels to Save Instagram to mp4:

1. Start watching the post you want to convert on Instagram. Copy the post URL by ticking the three upright dots over the post and patch on Copy Link.

2. Start the InstagramSave device from any browser on your system and paste the URL you copied in the search case. Touch on Download Insta Video.

3. As you find the video, touch Download mp4, and you can save the video to your device.

  • is an available web device that lets users of android, windows, or iPhones save Instagram videos into mp4.

Levels to Convert Instagram to mp4:

1. Start watching the post you want to convert on Instagram and copy the URL. You can do that by hitting on options and then Copying the Link.

2. You have to run the on any browser you want. Paste the Instagram link in the white case and tapped on Download mp4.

3. Instantly right-click on the green strip and patch on the Save link.

4. From the window, take an address to save your file and patch on Save.

  • Ymp4 Video Downloader

Ymp4 Video Downloader is another easy app free to convert Instagram videos to mp4 via any browser. It comes with many irritating ads and ideas that you have to follow to complete the conversion means.

Levels to Convert Instagram to mp4:

1. Follow the URL of the Instagram video post you want to save from the Instagram app.

2. Run Ymp4 on your device with any browser you want and paste the copied link in the search strip. Then choose Go.

3. Once you see the video, the website will present the download opportunities possible for you.

4. Choose DOWNLOAD VIDEO, and you can save the file to your device.

  • is a fast device that you can use from any browser of any device. It is available and enables you to download any Instagram pictures and videos to your system.

Levels to Save Instagram to mp4:

1. Start copying the link to your wanted post from the Instagram app.

2. Start the tool on your system and paste your favorite link in the white term provided. Tap on Submit.

3. Remain till the turning means is complete, and then choose Download Video.

4. You will see a preview in the next window. Draw on choices (three vertical dots) and then hit the Download button.

  • Video-Converter-MP4

Video Converter MP4 is an available online tool that enables you to save and download Instagram videos in two different formats. You can try 720p MP4, 360p MP4.

Levels to Save Instagram to mp4:

1. Run Instagram and copy the URL of the Instagram video you want to save to mp4.

2. Start the Vidoe-Converter-MP4 device in any mobile or PC browser.

3. Fix the copied link in the search case and tick the Convert option.

4. Take the format you want to download the video and pat on the Download Video session.


Since Instagram will not give you an inbuilt download right, we introduced some of the best tools you can use to save any Instagram video into mp4. All the online media discussed above are free, and you can take them based on the web browser you are want to use.

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Instagram videos not playing

Many users have reported that Instagram videos won’t play. After playing a video for the first two to five seconds, the reports said that the video stopped and stopped playing. The report shows that the problem also occurs in Android phones, iPhones and Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. If you are also facing the problem of not playing videos on Instagram, here are some ways to eliminate this problem.

Why don’t Instagram videos play?

Instagram videos do not run related to the platform you use to run the Instagram app. In general, the following reasons is for this:

  1. You are using a weak internet
  2. The data on your Instagram has been tampered with and corrupted.
  3. The sender has deleted the video you want to see on Instagram.
  4. The power save option enables on your phone.

Based on the reasons we have outlined, there are ways to get rid of Instagram videos not running:

Restart the device

Restart your device first; this will probably restore the Instagram data and fix the problem. You have to hold down the phone’s power button for Android users to display the restart option. For iPhone users, the volume button or the side button must press to activate the slide off the phone. By selecting the power button, you can turn off the phone and then turn it on.

Instagram app update

To solve the problem of not running Instagram videos, you can download and install the latest version of this application. To do this in Android, first, open the google play store, find the Instagram menu, and click Update.

  1. In iOS, you can go to the App Store and search for Instagram, and finally click Update.
  2. Check the device’s internet.
  3. Network check
  4. If you are using cellular data internet, connect the network to a WiFi and check
  5. If the cellular data Use option for this app enables the settings section of the Instagram app, the videos will not play in it, so disable the toggle button in this section.

Check your modem or router

  1. First, restart your modem or router.
  2. If the problem persists, take the modem to factory mode and create its settings from the beginning.
  3. Finally, if there is a problem with the modem, you can replace it.

Reset the network

To reset the network settings on Android and iPhone, you can do this by entering the settings section and the network section and restarting your phone. To do this in Android, you must enter Settings> Backup & Reset> Network Settings Reset> RESET SETTINGS. Ettings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings> enter posscode> confirm reset by pressing Reset Network Settings. On the iPhone, Wade must enter the iPhone sections; by entering the settings section and the network section, you can do this, and then your phone

Clear application cache

Android and iPhone phones cache part of the Instagram app information; if this information has storage problems, you can not play videos on this social network. To clear the Instagram cache on Android and iPhone:

On iPhone, first go to Settings, then General, and then to iPhone Storage and find Instagram. Click on the offload app option here. Otherwise, you can delete the app and reinstall it to clear the app cache.

On Android phones, first go to settings, Apps, and Instagram. In this section, select the Storage option and precise data and then Clear Cache to clear the program cache. Clearing the browser cache can also affect the non-execution of Instagram videos. After doing this, open the Instagram app again to see if the videos play or not.

Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app

In this way, you can solve the problem of not running Instagram videos by deleting and reinstalling the application, which of course, is different in Android and iOS:

On Android phones, first, go to settings and then Applications and from there Manage Applications. In this section, select Instagram and select the uninstall option. Once completely removed, go to the google play store and reinstall the app.

You can also swipe your finger on the app icon on the iPhone and delete it by pressing the X option. Or go to the settings section <General> then Usage / Storage and click Settings خ Save Settings. Then you can delete it by finding Instagram and selecting the Delete app option. When done, go to the app store and reinstall it.

Disable power-saving mode

Sometimes, not playing videos on Instagram is the power-saving mode, which does not allow you to use your Instagram as you should. To disable this option in Marshmallow Android, go to settings and select battery and battery saver and disable this option. Go to the battery option and open the possibility. In this section, you will see the options Off, Mid and Max. Click Mid and enable Background network usage. Close the Instagram app and open it again to play the video.

  1. Go to Settings> Device Maintenance> Battery> Performance Mode> High performance.
  2. On iOS iPhones, first, open the settings and disable the low power mode option.


If the videos did not work for you on Instagram, be sure to do one of the above methods to get the result. Keep in mind that if the problem is not resolved through any methods, Instagram servers may be temporarily unavailable, and you will have to wait for the problem to fix.

Social network

Why doesn’t Instagram let you log in?

Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world. Sometimes this app does not allow you to log in. But where does the problem set? In the following, we will examine the best ways to solve the problem of not being allowed to log in to Instagram in detail.

Let us first explain where such problems on Instagram come from and how to solve this problem. Is it possible to prevent Instagram from suffering topics in the future?

Why Instagram Won’t Let Me Log in?

You have probably logged in to the Instagram app and opened the login page. But no matter how hard you try to log in to the app by entering your login information, Instagram will not allow you to do so, or the page will crash and close. But there are many reasons why this happens:

You may have entered the wrong password:

Sometimes you enter your password or username incorrectly, and you cannot log in to your account. In this case, recheck the username and password to see if the information enters correctly. If all goes well, go to the help me sign in section, try the methods related to forgetting your username or password, and log in to Instagram again after completing all the steps.

Your account deactivates

If you have a lot of activity on Instagram frequently, Instagram may deactivate your account. In this case, you can not log in to your account in any way unless you send an email with the email that you previously created the same account to support Instagram to check the process of removing your account block.

The version of your Instagram app is out of date

In this case, you should pay attention to install the latest version of Instagram on both Android and iOS. Of course, if you are using an old phone, you can install versions of Instagram Lite and do not need new and heavy versions of this program to open. You can download the latest Android application version via the Google play Store search and iOS iPhones via the app store app.

Check Instagram servers

Sometimes Instagram servers may be temporarily unavailable. In this case, you can not log in to your account at all. It is enough to open the Instagram website through the browser, and if you encounter a server error, the problem is the Instagram application itself.

So far, we have seen the possibilities that arise for not logging in to Instagram. But how can we solve these problems? What is the best way to get rid of the fact that Instagram does not allow you to log in for any reason?

Restart the phone

The first and easiest way to solve the problem of not allowing Instagram to log in is to restart the phone. This way, you can restart the operating system to make sure to restore the cached data.

  • To restart your Android phone, first press the power button until the Restart phone option appears. Touch it and wait a few seconds for the phone and all its applications to start from the beginning. Then open Instagram.
  • to restart the iPhone, hold down the power button for a few seconds until the power off option appears. Then touch the slider and drag to select to turn off the phone. Then turn on the phone again and wait a few seconds for the information to be updated. Now open the Instagram application to solve the problem of not being allowed to log in. If this method does not work, run the next step.

Check the Instagram server

There are two general ways to find out if the problem is with Instagram servers.

  1. You can first check this problem through the browser. Open your browser and enter the Instagram address on it and enter the Instagram website. If Instagram did not have any errors and its website opened quickly, run the next step. If a server error is displayed, there is a problem with Instagram servers that you should try again a few minutes later to see if the issue resolves.
  2. The second method is to use the ping website. In this case, first, enter the website, and in the IP address or hostname section, enter the Instagram website address and press Enter. Wait a moment. If the ping numbers are displayed, the Instagram website has no problem, and you can go to the next step.

Check internet data

Your internet data may have a problem, so Instagram will not allow you to log in. You can use the website to find out if this has happened. Through this website, you can make sure that your phone’s network signals are correct or not. If your internet speed was displayed too low or did not run at all in the speed test, it means that the problem is from the internet data. To solve this problem, change your network from Wi-Fi to cellular data or vice versa to solve the problem.

Check the date and time of the phone

If the date and time of your phone aren’t correct, you will face the problem of not allowing Instagram to log in. Instagram accurately calculates dates and times through its servers to avoid problems for users. If your phone does not have the correct date and time, you will probably have trouble logging in. But how can we set the phone date?

  1. On Android phones, first, enter the settings and go to the General management section. In this section, find Date and Time and be sure to check it by finding the Automatic Date and Time option so that the phone’s Date and time system automatically syncs with the Internet.
  • First, set the date and time on the iPhone, go to settings, and select General. Now click on Date & Time and activate the Set Automatically option in this section. If your problem with logging into Instagram persists, try the following steps.

Clear the cache of the Instagram app

Another way to fix a login error on Instagram is to clear its cache. Data cache is the information that is stored on the device when working with Instagram for faster memory access. If this information is stored incorrectly, you will have 100% problems. But to clear the Instagram app cache on Android devices, you must first enter the settings and find the Apps option from there. Find the Instagram app, then open it and touch the manage storage option. In this section, you will encounter a clear cache option. Touch it to clear the app cache.

There is no application cache on iPhones, and to do this, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall it. First, find Instagram via the menu, hold your finger on it and finally touch the uninstall icon. Then you can reinstall it through the app store by searching for the Instagram name.

Reset Instagram password

 Sometimes the problem of not logging in to Instagram may be due to a forgotten or wrong password.

  1. To reset the password, first, open the Instagram application and select Get Help with signing in.
  2. Enter your username or email from this section and click next.
  3. Then, through one of the methods, receive the login link to Instagram and click on the link to log in directly to your account. It should note that your email must be available on your current phone or log in to your Instagram account with the same phone number that is on your existing phone.

Check out the new Instagram update

If none of the above methods work, you should install a new app or an updated version of Instagram. To do this, you can find this application in Android by searching for the Instagram name in the google play store and touch the Update option in front of it to do the update. The method is the same on iOS, and you have to go to the apple app store app.

The last method is to contact Instagram support

 In any case, after trying all the methods, none of them allowed you to log in to Instagram. So you have a bigger problem. You can email the Instagram support department (with the same email address you created your Instagram account) to ask them to restore your account. Instagram will probably answer your email in one to three days.


Instagram is also one of the applications that sometimes has problems. But using the methods we mentioned in this article, you can easily log in to Instagram and use its tools. Have you ever had such a problem and Instagram Won’t let you login ?