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Comprehensive guide to making money on Medium


Making money on Medium is as possible as feeding thirst with water provided you know the nuts and bolts of writing on, besides being an active social media member. Here is what a blogger needs to do to earn money from the comfort of home.

Join the partner program on Medium

The partner program of lets bloggers make money through blogging there. So the first to do to make money is to join their program. This program is free to join, and all you need to do is to give them your bank account number so that they can pay for the blogs.

Partner program for making money on Medium


Making Money on Medium

  • Read a lot on Medium

There are a lot of valuable articles on Medium, and if you join the right community, the blogs meant for you are boundless. Plus, writing great content needs a huge volume of reading great content. This also introduces you as an active member on medium and will cost only $5. Besides, paying the subscription will help other good bloggers on Medium make money and this is the smallest thing writers can do for each other on medium. After all, we bloggers and writers must support each other in the first place.

  • Keep writing and voicing your mind

Keep writing and write a lot. Some writers and bloggers compose more than 30 articles per month and this shouldn’t be a difficult task if a blogger is truly in love with writing. Voice your opinions on anything valuable enough to be discussed on Medium and let readers know the author’s tastes and senses about things. This will help to build the

audience fast and steady for making money on Medium.

  • Do not go for clickbait

Clickbait is the act of stuffing the content with links to a specific destination that will make money or value for the writer. This is the wrong way of advertisement because most of the time the content is of no importance and attracts people only to increase the traffic to a website. It is okay to link the content to other blogs and webpages that provide additional information to the readers, and if these links are valuable ones (in terms of knowledge and content), then the blog becomes more worthy. But do not fool the audience by leading them to a page that has nothing to do with the core content. Readers will notice this, distrust, and leave you.



  • Write controversially

To be on the same boat as all other people is what kills the content engagement. Try to provide the readers with new and even odd viewpoints. It doesn’t mean that you need to be irrelevant or look like a weirdo, opposing the rest of the world. Controversial writers and bloggers look at things differently and see all the aspects of a given incident. They try to help readers see what cannot be seen without a sight equipped with insight. Simply put, writing controversially means to help readers see with their third eye.

  • Be patient on Medium

Making money on Medium is not easy, and it doesn’t pay back quickly. In fact, Medium gives an opportunity to safely invest your time into writing and earn money later in the future. Neither is building an audience on Medium. Your audience will develop in the course of weeks and months and through constant writing and engaging with people on the website. So, patience is the most crucial equipment when joining the community of bloggers.

  • Always do the analysis

Medium gives bloggers the tool to analyze the performance of each blog, and this is great as you will know which content is gaining the most engagement. Doing the analysis gives the insight to step in the right pass and follows what leads to redemption as a medium blogger. See what people love most about your writing and try to provide them with more of the kind.

  • Stick to the curation standards of Medium

Each blog you compose will be read by the curators on Medium, and they have genuinely high standards when it comes to curation. They let the author know what content they assume worthy of being part of their main feed. So try to stick to their standards, not only for being part of Medium’s main feed but also because their rules are of high quality and make the content a valuable one.

Final thoughts

When some websites recruit freelancers to pay them $5 per 1000 words, it becomes evident that making money through writing and blogging is not easy. However, many Medium bloggers earn something between $500 to $10000 or more each month only through writing. Making money on Medium is a prosperous way to have passive income, and it is not something to be looked down at. Just be patient, voice your mind, and write. Happy blogging!

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