Connect Metamask to Ethereum mainnet

In this article, you learn how to connect Metamask to Ethereum mainnet. Metamask is one of the safest and fastest cryptocurrency wallets that work with ERC20 standard and Ethereum tokens. How to connect Metamask to the main Ethereum network? There are steps to do this, which we will explain below.

Metamask can use as a versatile cryptocurrency wallet. Most digital currencies that work with the ERC20 Ethereum standard can be stored and managed in this wallet. But this wallet also has unique features that must connect to the main Ethereum network to use them.

Connecting Metamask to the Ethereum Mainnet

Metamask can be launched in just a few minutes, and since this application works as a plugin on the browser, it is also straightforward to use. You can send and save your ERC20 digital currency to this wallet with just a few simple instructions. To connect Metamask to the main Ethereum network, do the following:

  1. First, install the Metamask Wallet plugin on your browser.
  2. After opening it, click on your profile icon in the upper right.
  3. In the next section, by opening a new window at the bottom, look for the settings option and select it.
connect Metamask to Ethereum mainnet
  1. From this section, you must select the Networks settings.
  2. Now a page will open from which you must select Ethereum mainnet. Metamask wallet is connected to Ethereum by default, but sometimes you have to do it manually.

How to connect Metamask to other networks?

To use Metamask on other blockchains to accept other digital currencies, you must connect it to the other blockchain main network. To do this, first, go to the Network tab and follow the instructions below.

  1. First, select Add Networks from the opened section.
  2. There are different options in this section, each of which you must set separately to connect to the network. If you want to connect the Metamask wallet to Binance, you must type the values ​​you see in the image below.

How to send ETH to Metamask Wallet?

Metamask Wallet is built into Ethereum by default, but if you want to add ETH to it? For this operation, you must copy your wallet address written on the Metamask home page and send it to people who want to send you ETH. To do this, first, log in to Metamask and log in with your user information. Go to the Account section and copy the wallet address and send it to another person.

If you sent the address, but the ETH tokens were not credited to your account, you will probably have to wait a few minutes to confirm the transaction. In general, sending tokens on the Ethereum network may take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the transaction cost.

Ethereum network applications

Ethereum users can use the unique features of blockchain. This blockchain includes smart contracts and dapps. Metamask wallet connects directly to all of the above and can be used in decentralized applications or smart contracts. For example, suppose decentralized applications built with the Ethereum standard and in-app payments considered for them. In that case, you can withdraw money directly from your account by connecting your Metamask wallet to these types of applications. Make a purchase.


Metamask wallet is automatically connected to Ethereum mainnet, but if you want to do it manually, you can do it with the methods we discussed in the article. Metamask is one of the safest and best cryptocurrency wallets with ERC20 standards globally, which connects to other networks and can be used to buy and sell digital currencies.

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