How can I enable and disable google dark mode on all devices?

Based on recent research, the worldwide number of Google users is nearly four billion. Therefore, Google tries to upgrade its facilities in order to make a better experience for its utilizers day by day. Google has recently added the dark mode (or dark theme) option for browsing the web more comfortably. This choice might come handy to those who would rather work at night, or generally in a low light.

By choosing this option, the interface, and some elements like setting, homepage, and toolbar turn into a dark color to reduce the eyestrain. This also increases the battery life of your device. The attractive outlook also is undeniable, since it changes the whole screen color and feels like something new. In this article we are going to learn how we can enable “the google dark mode” in chrome or other systems. It is noteworthy that although this feature seems so helpful, it has many different advantages and disadvantages at the same time. So let’s start.

How to enable or disable dark mode in Chrome

(note: this instruction is for windows 10)

Google has started rolling out dark mode for people who search on desktop. You can use that to get the new dark mode on your PC for Chrome browser (this is available also for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, here we check this for Chrome browser). Then you should follow these instructions:

  1. Open chrome.
  1. Search for: chrome://flags.
  1. Search ‘dark mode’ on the search flags section.
  1. From ‘force dark mode for web contents’ change the default form into ‘Enabled’.
  1. Then enter the Relaunch for saving the changes.

Therefore, by following these steps, your screen and the whole search are in the dark mode. This is a handy addition.

Note: if you want to disable the dark mode on PC, simply change the ‘Enabled’ into ‘Disabled’.

How to enable dark mode on your Android phone 

Also if you want the google dark mode on your android phone, follow these steps:

1.      Make sure that Google Chrome is fully updated on your device. (version 74)

2.      Type chrome://flags in the address bar and click on it.

3.      Just search ‘Force Dark Mode’ in the search bar.

4.      Then you will see ‘force dark mode for web contents’, tap on ‘Default’.

5.      Pick ‘Enabled’.

6.      At the bottom screen, tap on ‘Relaunch’, and Google Chrome will be restarted.

 Now the Google homepage is black, and if you search for anything, all the websites have a black theme.

(Note: for disabling dark theme, at the fifth step, just change the ‘Enabled’ into ‘Disabled’ and simply relaunch it.)

 Advantages of dark mode

 Although beside this, we must pay attention to the pros and cons of this new option which are considerable as well.

Of course everyone had the experience of sitting in a dark room while working on the internet and had a bad feeling of the harsh light of the screen harming their eyes, making them dry and painful. Most of us use our mobile devices and laptops all day and night. This is the biggest change in the world as a result of dealing with technology every day. 

According to some research, people are spending more than 11 hours of their day and night spending time on computers for work or pleasure. Consequently, it is far better to turn on google dark mode since it’s really safer for your own health and well-being. (of course there are some significant points that you should consider while using this option. We will cover them in the rest of the article).

Another advantage of dark mode is that it prolongs the battery life of your device. It has been confirmed by google that using dark mode on OLED screens is so useful for battery life. For example, at 50% brightness while using an application such as YouTube, 15% of the battery life can be saved compared to a bright and light background. And at 100% brightness of the background, there is 60% less wasting of the energy while using the google dark mode.

Last, but not least, the visual beauty is actually considerable. Whereas we have always been dealing with white and bright screens, google dark mode seems something different that feels mysterious and new.

As a conclusion:

1.      It reduces the eyestrain.

2.      Saves the battery life.

3.      It seems attractive.

Disadvantages of dark mode

There seems we have covered the main advantages of google dark mode. But for sure we must pay attention to the disadvantages and ‘dark’ aspects of that, too. Google dark mode actually has a conflict with human nature. 

Human nature has developed itself through years of evolution and got used to read dark letters on white or bright backgrounds. In other words, this choice isn’t always applicable as it can be so harmful for eyes and causes digital eye strain and eye dryness. For example, while using a device in a bright and well-lit room, or in the daylight, the screen and texts can’t easily be read. For addressing this issue, the automatic switch of bright to dark and vice versa is a must-have feature. Users don’t necessarily need to keep switching that all the time.  

Needless to say, Studies have shown that Our eyes are roughly 26% worse at reading when it comes to google dark mode. Therefore, in order to read long online essays and texts, it is more challenging to read in google dark mode.

As a conclusion: 

1.    It can cause digital eye strain and eye dryness when it’s used during daylight or in a well-lit room.

2.    The eye concentration might be lesser when reading in dark mode since it’s more challenging.

 All in all

Generally, most people have loved google dark mode because it saves on battery life and it’s claimed by many to be better for our eyes. (But still there are different opinions in this case). Battery life is somewhat obvious for everybody: if your screens are putting out less light, that means you could turn off a huge chunk of pixels and that means it can save energy. In addition, the visual beauty and mysterious outlook is undeniable. As people like being different or make a change in their google web-page this could be interesting.

Of course, we can’t use that all the time, since nothing could be totally useful all the time. Obviously while using google dark mode during daylight or in a well-lit room, you should resist this feature in order to help your eyes easily have their focus on the screen. We all just need some time to learn how to use google dark mode better.

Something worthwhile which google has done is for users who utilize google for note-taking matters, there is an option for turning the dark theme into a gray color that has shades of dark gray instead of black to resist the harm to the eyes. Finally, google dark mode like everything else is a tool, and not every tool is made for every circumstance. For sure it depends upon each person’s particular habits and experiences.

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