Great Ideas to Market Mobile App in a Better Way

The sad reality might shock you to your nerves; without good marketing strategies, it’s near impossible for your app to get an inclusive success. Not to mention stakeholders spend a considerable amount of money in marketing than building the mobile app itself. So, buckle up for utilizing great marketing strategies for a mobile app to ensure hitting the stars.

Although some marketing strategies are costly, some are subject to your exertions.

First case scenario: You have put together a fantastic mobile app and are now speculative about the top marketing strategy for mobile apps.

Second case scenario: you have published your mobile app in the app store, and your app is not yet famous.

Worry not! You have come to the right place. Before and after the mobile app launch, this blog carries the best marketing strategies to help your mobile app climb the ladders of success.

1 – Test many times before launch

You may wonder “testing” is a development process – how can it be a marketing strategy? You may be right about this, but once you get your mobile app out there with a subtle sign of a bug, the user won’t show any mercy; they rate and review the utmost worst. Having said that, a well-tested mobile app helps you to a larger extent in excellent rating and review – hence a great marketing strategy for mobile apps.

This is why you should test multiple times to ensure a faultless mobile app before its launch. Since it’s extremely tough to ascend the descended ratings, get people to mess around with your mobile app and collect their feedback in testing.

In addition, after the developing stage, you should test your mobile app again and again from various angles to identify and correct any technical defects. Not to mention after developing the app, you’ll be ignited with impatience to release it as soon as conceivable. But as the saying goes,” To lose patience is to lose the battle.” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Bear in mind to go back to your original design planning documents and check every feature is embedded in the mobile app.

2 – Pick the right name

Picking an attractive name for your mobile app carries some weight to its success, as genre matters. This is why you should know what kind of mobile app you are building and name it correspondingly.

Go through the two following examples:

Game app

If it’s a game app, tend towards some word that falls under that particular category of your game app; something more memorable and original. In the same way, when your gaming app falls under an over-populated genre, name it distinctively to make it stand out.

Case in point? Real racing, sportscar racing game. Not to mention, it’s one of the top games in the app stores with innumerable downloads. “Real Racing” depicts originality yet letting users know it’s a racing game.

Utility app

There are multiple utility apps out there. If you have a utility app, ensure an expressive description in the app stores and be precise about – what it does exactly. Since utility app sells on account of its functionalities and distinctness among other utility apps moreover, it’s imperative to think of a standout name that should fascinate curious users.

Short and sweet

Ensure a short and easy on the ear’s mobile app name. The use of short names can help people remember the name easily. Never truncate the title; if it’s very long, shorten it. Not to mention I bet you won’t find any long-named app in the app stores – which pretty much says it all for your mobile app as well. Although there is no character limit in naming, it is a good practice and a great idea to make it short anyhow.

3 – Build a splendid app icon

In any case, people find your mobile app in the app store or any online site; the very first thing they’ll see is the app icon. That’s why you should put enough strength and think into creating a stunning app icon. Once you pull that off, then the app icon will promote itself. The key to pulling grand success make sure your mobile app stands out and signifies your brand effectively on the app stores.

The accompanying tips help you make glossy and eye-catching app icons:

Bold yet simple design

Complex designs can drive away users so quickly. Since no one got the time to decode your intricate design. With this in mind, make your design bold yet straightforward to become more noticeable on the app store grid. In addition, you can check out the top apps on the app stores, and undeniably you’ll find their app icons attractive enough to install them on your mobile device. For instance, take the Facebook app icon bold yet straightforward with high-definition colors that make it stand out effectively.

Be delicate with text.

Never use too much text in the app icons. That unnecessarily drives away potential users before they even install the app. Not to mention some sites suggest the use of text completely. Text may sometimes work in rare cases but not every time since you may not find apps that use many texts in their icons, seldom a starting character only from their app name, like Facebook, BBC, ESPN, and others.

Preserve image quality

You will lose a ton of definitions after using tools to edit your app icon unless you resize each component separately in the app icon. Therefore, make sure to maintain the icon’s pixel quality and contrast between components. However, fuzzy and non-descriptive icon seldom attracts any. Hence, ensuring the high image quality of app icons can help in grabbing user attention.

4 – Press releases

Press releases aim at creating awareness amongst your target audience. So, promoting your mobile app press release is one of the great ways to do it. Once you get news and online bloggers to talk about your app, this will easily increase awareness to your target audience.

Consider the following tips while writing your press release:


It’s essential to measure the time of trend of most traffic incomings in blog sites. Perhaps, it’s Sunday; or any other day, but you should know that and put out your press release on that particular day so that many people know about your mobile app.


When you want your app to be more visible, you’ll need to use SEO. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, efforts on your app presence in search results on eminent search engines. In the same way, ensure your press release shows up in search results prominently. In addition, SEO blogs help drive more traffic to the website.

Evade listing features

The main goal of the press release is to create some excitement around your mobile app. Therefore, it’s a wrong move; to list all the features of your mobile app in a press release. As an alternative, be more focused on what makes your app peculiar among other apps. Skip mentioning things that every app does. On the contrary, say something that your app does exclusively.

Link to the App Store

Above all, provide a direct link to the app store on your press release. If the press release hits many users, some may find your app attractive and use the direct link to try it out. Not to mention direct links ease the user’s trouble in finding your app in the app store.

5 – Impressive and brief app description

This marketing strategy for mobile apps is fundamental since it is customary for users to read the description of the mobile app before the installation. Not to mention this is the part where it needs selling. Therefore, be brief and impressive with punchy lines about the mobile app to attract users.

Consider the following before you start to write your app description:

Attention-grabbing lines

More importantly, begin your description with something that grabs users’ attention. For this purpose, check out some highly-rated apps description in the app store and have an idea to do yours even better. If your explanation is not convincing enough, the user won’t budge to install your mobile app. Besides, you should know how much of the description is shown before the user tab ‘read more. Convince a user to ‘read more’ by writing attention-grabbing notes on the default shown text. You’ll lose unless you have something ‘ mind-blowing’ at the very beginning of your description.

Clear genre

Don’t try to put the users in disarray about what the app is about. It helps a lot if the user views what it’s about at the start of the description. Then again, explain the unique ingredient of your mobile app. Like: “A game that does this or that,” it’s just an example you can do better.

Lastly, don’t leave this to the last minute. From the very begging take this in mind and make it right.

6 – Leverage social media

Use social media to promote your app. It has its bonuses; 1) it’s cheap and effective, and 2) it’s good for SEO. In addition, you can drive more users into your mobile app using social media platforms.

You are required to post on a daily basis to display your solid presence. Likewise, you should post the striking and attractive features of your app constantly to attract more users.

Rendering some statistics, 50% of people discover apps through their friends and family. Also, considering the availability of 5 million mobile apps, sadly, only 25% of the downloaded apps are used. To tackle this, you should keep posting on social media platforms about your app updates to engage users more into checking the new update.  

Use Paid Ads

Go for paid ads on social media to reach more potential users, even though sponsored posts can drive users into your mobile app than regular posts. It is because social media boost Paid Ads post and make them visible to their intended users. Therefore, the more you use paid ads, the more users you will be able to collect. On the bright side, you can choose the platforms more related to your wanted viewers on social media.

Create a social media buzz

You can connect with influencers and online publications professionals to review your mobile app to create a buzz. The chances are that they will do it are not that great. Then again, it’s worth a shot. In case if they agree to do so, then that is tremendous. It will confidently create a great buzz for your mobile app across social media. Not to mention getting reviewed by trusted industries can help your mobile app to attain enormous success. Creating a social media buzz is a great marketing strategy for mobile apps.

7 – Gather reviews for your mobile app

Marketing your mobile app’s delightful reviews effectively stimulate more users. Seemingly, many users check for the best reviews and ratings before installing the mobile app. Thus, search for the best reviews of your mobile app and post them on social media and other platforms to obtain more users. Furthermore, you can find in the app store that there is a separate category for the top-rated apps. It is because people tend to rely on honest opinions rather than on advertising slang.

In addition, pay close attention to your mobile app reviews. Once you get a review about your mobile app from a prominent character or firm, don’t forget to reveal this blessing everywhere you find it to boost your app profile.

Review sites

Use up review sites and get some opinion drifting around of your mobile app. Myriad users check out review apps to find useful apps for themselves. You can check out FreshApps to post and upvote your mobile app. FreshApps is similar to Digg and Reddit. There are some other review sites as well, namely Daily App show and iusethis.

Moreover, make sure to engage in these sites to promote your app. However, this too is a great marketing strategy for mobile apps. Consider the following tips for review sites:

  • Ensure to add all the information about your app.
  • Add app name, punchy description, list of features, company name, contact information, and a direct link to the app store.
  • Attract positive reviewers to review your app.

Closing thoughts

Lastly, if you lack good marketing strategies, it will become challenging for your app to get a wide-ranging victory. To cover this part, use the tips mentioned above to ensure high accomplishment. Because marketing grows sales, increases product awareness, brand awareness, and tons of other bonuses. This is why using marketing strategies can help your app grow exponentially.

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