Crypto-Markets: How Digital Currencies are Changing the Way We Trade

Cryptocurrency has had its problems and controversies over the past few years, but that hasn’t stopped it from growing exponentially in popularity. Not only has it begun to rival traditional investing and trading methods, but it has also surpassed them in many ways. 

If you haven’t been in the loop, here are a few ways and reasons why cryptocurrencies have changed the way we trade and invest. 

How Digital Currencies are Changing the Way We Trade

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Easier to Invest

Unlike other investing and trading methods, investing in cryptocurrencies is far easier than many may think. Platforms are also widely available since cryptocurrencies are universal; it doesn’t matter where you are in the world; Bitcoin trading, or trading whichever token you choose, is the same everywhere. 

Due to the limitations of stock trading platforms and the “skill” you need to trade forex, regular traders and investors are choosing cryptocurrencies instead, especially people new to trading or those with much smaller budgets. 

Low Barrier to Entry

As mentioned above, since it is much easier to trade cryptocurrencies compared to other investment methods, the barrier to entry is much lower. Unless you want to start prospecting with unknown and smaller tokens, it is incredibly simple to buy and trade cryptos. 

Opting for more established tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum gives you the peace of mind that you have invested in something with a solid base, and the outcomes are more predictable in a way. Unlike the stock market, something that has proven to be far more unstable than many thought. 

How Digital Currencies are Changing the Way We Trade

Lower Traditional Investments

Cryptocurrency has been rocking the investment boat for a few years now. Whether it is due to social media or the fact that cryptos are slowly becoming adopted worldwide, their popularity hasn’t waned as much. 

This has led to the stocks and forex becoming less popular over the same period, as regular investors are choosing the crypto route. The cost of living crisis and soaring prices of goods have also had a two-fold impact on investing. 

Most people have much less money to invest with, and since you can buy fractions of crypto tokens, crypto is so much cheaper than most other investments. This also means that people are choosing to have a diverse crypto portfolio instead of the traditional portfolio that would include stocks, bonds, forex, and maybe property. 

Increase in Trading Platforms

The increased popularity of cryptocurrencies has led to an increase in trading platforms and options. This variety has given investors tens of thousands of different coins to invest in, as well as a variety of different fees and additional features. 

Much like with any kind of product or service, an increase in options leads to an increase in popularity. Experts believe the worldwide crypto exchange industry is set to be worth over $260 billion by 2030, with the massive increase of mobile trading platforms being the main driver. 

Mistrust of Traditional Investment Methods

Another reason why cryptocurrency is overtaking traditional investment methods is the idea of trust. This factor has been one of the most important in the world of trading since its inception since investors need to trust that what they are investing in will succeed and make money. 

Recently, more people have lost trust in corporations and “Wall Street” due to a number of factors. The most important part is that people don’t want the faceless rich deciding their financial fate and having more control over their money than themselves. 

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