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How memes, hashtags, tags, and trends work on YouTube?


YouTube is one of the social platforms of this era, which has attracted billions of people, and it is known as the biggest video sharing platform. Creating memes, following trends, using tags or hashtags are one of the YouTubers’ strategies to make content. In this article, we discuss the necessary information on what these topics are and how to use them to promote a video on YouTube.

Knowing the strategies YouTubers use to promote their videos can be exciting, and you, as a user, want to know them too. Though, there is a need to know the basics about memes, trends, hashtags, and tags, for example, what they are, and how they might help business, or marketer to promote a brand or content.

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What are memes, hashtags, tags, and trends on YouTube?

Here I would give you a brief description of the basic terms on YouTube, in case you are not familiar with the most important words on this big social platform.

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Memes are the type of content with a core topic, which could be a way of behavior, a moto, an idea, or style which can be distributed within society. Memes are formed based on the internet culture and using the common understanding of people to spread a concept. This meme can be a picture, video, or a catchphrase.

Hashtags are words that can be tracked through the # icon on the platform. You can use the hashtags in the title or description while uploading a video on YouTube. To create a hashtag, you can add a word (or words without space, or with underline) just after #, and it gets hyperlinked, and by clicking, or tapping on that, you can track other content with the same hashtags.

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Tags are also an essential part of every video on YouTube, which helps users to find the content in the search results. YouTubers can add tags while they are uploading their videos, in the allocated place to it, which is shown below.

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Trends are common topics or challenges that are popular among many people, and many users would make their content about that trend or big problem and would share them with others with the same title, or same hashtags, tags.

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The difference between meme and trends: “A “trend” is something popular now that hasn’t been popular in the past. It may or may not remain popular in the future. iPhones are an excellent example of a trend. A “meme” is just something memorable to a group of people, like an inside joke. This meme can be a picture, video, or a catchphrase.”

What are the Hashtag policies on YouTube?

Hashtags must meet the YouTube Community Guidelines. You should follow these policies when using hashtags on YouTube. No spaces when using more than one word, Over-tagging, and using many hashtags, might confuse the users and is not acceptable by YouTube.

YouTube has banned Misleading content, Harassment, Hate speech, Sexual content, Vulgar language so that you can use this kind of words. If you search the internet, you might find some of these words.

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Why should we care about memes, hashtags, tags, and trends?

Caring about these topics which each have different functions can give viewers a sense of connection to the content, or the creator. Users become encouraged to know more about the creators, or the stories behind the scene. Tags, hashtags would give users a hint to find what they need through the YouTube search bar.

It might happen for you that you were watching a video, and you have found that exciting, and you wanted to continue watching. It might be because of video preparation and engaging content or sentences inside that.

Many of the videos that you find attractive could be memes that are prepared to distribute specific moto, behaviors, knowledge, ideas, etc.

After watching the videos, you might decide to take the actions, follow, like, comment, purchase, visit the website, or any other activities. Your reactions are the exact reason why making memes are worthy. The above discussion is true about “trends” and people show courage in new trends.

All in all

Meme, tag, hashtag, and trend are an essential topic which you should be aware of while working on your content sharing on YouTube. Tags and hashtags would help users find your content on the YouTube search bar, and trends and memes make them able to understand the material easier. You can also use InoSocial you check all the YouTube statistics.

Applying these concepts, or follow any trends and memes would increase the chance others watch your videos, and it is more likely that people find your creativity or unique content.

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