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How much time do people spend on each social media?

Certainly you have seen many people around you who can’t live without their cell phones and most of the times their heads are down, and their fingers are swiping. They might do different actions while they are using their cell phones, but researches have shown that most of the times, they are spending their time on different social media platforms.

People use social media right after the moment they get up until late at night sleeping with a cell phone next to their pillow or in hand. Like it or not, people are spending more and more time on social media every single day, which causes a completely different statistic every year and social media has become inseparable from everyone’s life these days. Everyone has at least once come with the question of How much time do people spend on social media?

Statistics show the duration of spent time on social media since 2012 has increased till now; as you can see the spent time on social media in 2012 was 1 hour and 30 minutes, which has increased to 2 hours and 23 minutes in 2019 and it is increasing every day. There are 3.48 billion social media users around the world, which are 45% percent of the population.

how much time people spend on social media

Which social media platforms are most used?

Obviously, some worldwide platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and YouTube are the most used ones, but the average spent time on each platform is different that you can see below:

  • Facebook

Facebook, as the most popular and used platform, allocates 58 minutes of using for sharing and watching photos and videos. 95.1% of Facebook users access it through their cell phones, and the rate is getting higher every year. Also, researches show that Facebook users check their account several times a day.

Moreover, Facebook lets the android and iOS users check how much time they have spent on the platform by “Your time on Facebook” app since November 2018. Also, you’d better know that 85% of Internet users have a Facebook account.

Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly active users and 1.4 billion daily active users who upload 8 billion videos and 300 million photos daily.

time spent on social media

  • Instagram

In June 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion users, and 63% percent of Internet users have signed up on Instagram, but 5% of them are not active. The average spent time on Instagram is 53 minutes for now which is just 5 minutes less than Facebook.

time spent on social media


79% of Internet users have a YouTube account, and most people use it for having fun. The spent time on YouTube is increasing and it is 40 minutes on average a day for now, and the watch time has grown a lot too. Also, YouTube provides an app to find out how much time you have spent on it.

Furthermore, you might be interested in knowing that YouTube users prefer to watch videos on their cell phones and tablets.

time spent on social media


As you know, WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, and it has the most active users among other platforms, and 60% of Internet users have a WhatsApp account. Surprisingly WhatsApp was known as the top platform by 128 countries in 2018.

In 2016, the number of WhatsApp users in the United States was 18.8 million that spent 28 minutes a day on the app. The studies estimate the number will grow to 25.6 million WhatsApp users in 2022.

time spent on social media


Snapchat is one of the popular platforms, but everyone doesn’t use it and the average spent time on Snapchat is much less than other platforms, which is 35 minutes per day.

time spent on social media


The last but not least one is Twitter, which social media users spend 3 minutes a day on it.

Unlike YouTube users, most Twitter users use the platform on their computer, and they rarely use Twitter on their cell phones. 82 million users use Twitter on their Computer, and 31 million users use it on their cell phones.

All the spent time mentioned are according to the researches in 2019, and it is predicting that the spent time would increase in the coming years.

time spent on social media

Which regions spend more time on social media?

You can rarely find a region who doesn’t use social media, but there are some regions that use social media a lot more than other countries. As you can see Asia pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America spend more time on social media.

average time spent on social media

And here is the list of top 5 countries that use social media:

how much time people spend on social media

Have you ever wondered why people spend a lot of time on social media platforms and what would be their reasons?

If you ask the social media addicts or people around you, you may hear interesting and different answers such as:

  • To stay up to date with the news and events around them
  • To stay in touch with friends
  • To have fun
  • To spend their free time
  • Communicating with new people and knowing them
  • To share their photos and videos
  • To buy online
  • Because it is a popular platform and it has a lot of users
  • To stalk on their ex
  • It is free to use

What is your reason for spending time on social media?


Social media plays an important role in our daily life, and it can affect our daily routine, our likes, and dislikes, our interests, what we buy, places to travel and visit, etc. The number of social media users are increasing every day, which is good news for a group of people who earn money on social media.

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