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How to Change Spotify Username?

When you click Sign up for Spotify, it means you accept to take marketing emails from Insider the same as other co-worker attempts and hold the Spotify Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Sadly, it is difficult to change your Spotify username freely — but you can make it somehow.

One answer to the point is to relate your Spotify account to Facebook. It will restore your primary Spotify username with your Facebook username. And if you turn your Facebook name, your Spotify name will refresh to meet. You can perform this conversion from the desktop or mobile app.

Another resolution is to modify your display name, which will reverse your Facebook name if your account is connected to Facebook now. It will not modify your current username but will change the name that everyone recognizes you as. But, you can only perform this shift from the mobile app.

Finally, you can request Spotify to convert your username straight. But, there is no guarantee that they will answer you.

How to change your Spotify username on a computer

1. First, you need to open the Spotify application on your computer system.

2. Then, tick on the downward-pointing sign beside your profile photo and name on the top right side.

3. Choose “Settings” from the dropdown list.

4. This will drive you to your Settings page. Go down, and you will see the “Social” section, where you will notice a blue key that states, “Connect to Facebook.” Tick this button to launch the process.

5. This will present a pop-up. Insert your email and password to connect it to your Facebook account.

6. It is time to tick the “Log In” key to connect your accounts.

How to change your Spotify username in the mobile app

1. Now, you need to open the Spotify app to your mobile system.

2. You have to see a gear icon on the top-right edge to unlock your settings box. 

3. Go down until you see the “Social” tab, touch to open it.

4. By the toggles to change certain settings on and off, you will see the “Connect to Facebook…” title under the page, and you should tap it. 

5. A pop-up will arrive stating that Spotify needs to use Facebook to sign in. Choose “Continue,” which will automatically start Facebook in an Internet label or its mobile system. Insert your login data if advised to relate the accounts.

How to change your Spotify username by adding a sample name in the mobile app

At this moment, you can not transfer your Spotify display title on the desktop app, but it is possible to change it on the mobile app for Android and iOS.

1. To do so, you have to run the Spotify app on your system and log in if needed.

2. Touch the gear symbol in the above right edge to start your settings.

3. At the head of the Settings page, hit “View Profile” under your name.

4. On the next cover, touch “Edit Profile” below your name and picture.  

5. Now, you can edit your display title and profile photo. Choose “Save” in the head right corner to keep your changes.

You may be ready to change your Spotify username out Facebook by talking Spotify.

Sometimes you do not like to relate your account to Facebook.

 As the next option, you have to contact the Spotify support team. You can ask them to help you establish up a new account with an identical email. An agent might help you carry your data to a new account, where you can generate a new username. It will keep your playlists, the music liberated to your library, and the characters you follow.


Finding out how to convert Spotify usernames is not easy, but there is a workaround, and we are here to lead you into the process.

Spotify is one of the largest music streaming sets out there, with more than 356 million users attuning in beyond the past year. And whether you have been a long-time contributor after the start or you have just lately changed from another streaming set, it is no wonder you are interested in turning your username.

Your username is your online status, and therefore it is one of the essential elements of your account in any setting you work. But, the whole method is a little tricky for Spotify users, as “username” and “display name” propose quite separate things.

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