How to create the audience-winning video (Quick guide to essentials)

Video editing skills give you a chance to create an inspiring and catchy video to win the attention of your followers, or develop your brand or marketing ideas. When you are just at the initial stage of editing, everything may seem quite difficult to understand, as you have no idea where to start. Our quick guide will lead you through the main stages of video creation. 

  1. Script

The success and influence of the video are defined by its idea and the message you want to convey. That’s what the script is about- a document that outlines the flow of your video including the narrative, scene descriptions, and context for the scenes. 

How to create an unbeatable video?

  • Be clear with your message – the very first thing to define is the purpose of the video, what you want to achieve when posting, and what the expected results of its impact are. When defining a clear goal, you set the way for further process. 
  • One idea at a time – multifunctionality is a great thing, however, not this time. You need to be very specific and focus only on one idea, without embracing everything in one fell swoop. If you stick to one idea, to will create meaningful and informative content, making sure that your audience catches the message. 
  • Target audience – your viewers require a specific type of information conveyed with a specific style of communication. Be very precise with the age of the viewers, their preferences, and their backgrounds. Such details influence even the details like special effects, music, sounds, etc. 
  • Communicate with the viewer – isn’t just about you saying something. The best way to engage the audience is to ask questions. Address the issues that appear in the videos, and ask about their opinion or examples – such a technique will make them unconsciously involved, as they will think about the answers involuntarily. 
  1. Editing software

Editing software provides you with tools for fulfilling your goals. It’s crucial to choose the most efficient software as it’s the only way to reach the video’s potential. If you are a newbie to the whole editing sphere, it’s worth trying online video editing programs, as they are the best combination of time efficiency and functionality. You don’t need to install anything on your personal computer, steal space, and be always attached to one place for editing. Online software is more convenient, as it’s always at your disposal, despite the device and location. 

  1. Color scheme

Color has a direct influence on our mood and perception. It can evoke feelings and emotions, required for proper understanding of the message. Our perception of colors is heavily influenced by our background, upbringing, society, and location. 

There are two main color schemes that are used for editing the video:

  • HEX – default system for the web, it is always represented as six-digit numbers 
  • RGB  – the colors that are used for electronic displays, the ones you see on the phone, TV, or tablet. The primary colors are green, blue, and red. 
  1. Quality

A high-quality picture is a “must’ for any video that is supposed to be posted. Sometimes it’s the first thing that attracts attention. A pleasing-to-eye picture can even make up for the dull information mentioned in the video. So, high-resolution images and perfectly-planned composition will help the video stand out from the endless ocean of competitors. 

  1. Sound

The audio makes the video alive. While we can put up with the quality issues somehow, a mindlessly chosen soundtrack will undermine all the work you have done. 

When choosing the proper sound, make sure it’s royalty-free as you don’t need copyright issues. Besides, mind your target group, and whether they will understand your choice. 

  1. Choose the format

There are three main formats of video – MP4, FLV, and WMV. Check the requirements of the platform you need about the size and the resolution. Typically, online editors offer to render video in various formats, depending on your needs. 

  1. Go public

Smart sharing of your creation with the public is also a part of success. The most effective ways:

  • Posting on social media – the best way to reach your audience, and have more direct engagement in the form of likes, comments, and reposts. 
  • Adding to the landing page – you can instantly create a connection with the page visitor and make them stay with you;
  • Via e-mails – emails are still holding their lead for professional communication and reaching the relative audience. Thus, adding a video to it can increase engagement from clicks. 

Video creation may seem to be challenging at the beginning, however, it’s just a matter of practice. Give freedom for your imagination and creativity when writing the script, choose high-quality images and audio, and be honest and open to the public – those are the cornerstones of a successful video, which will increase the level of your audience engagement. 

Author: Dyka Smith

Dyka Smith is a content marketing professional at Inosocial, an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Dyka worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. She graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.

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