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How to download Instagram Reels in 2023

Reels is one of the newest features of Instagram, which can be considered as a serious competitor for Tiktok to create short videos with special effects on Instagram, but the question is how to download Instagram Reels and Save on phone or computer.

If you want to save it instead of downloading Instagram Reels, you should follow the steps below.

  1. .First, you find the post you want, tap on the three dots at the top of the post, then select the save option
  2. Now you can see this post in your user profile section. To see it, you first log in to your profile.
  3.  Select the Save option and open the Reels section

These steps are only for saving the Instagram post of the day. If you want to download the posts, you can try other ways, including these methods can be referred to as Instagram download websites or applications related to downloading such posts on Instagram.

These steps are only for saving the Instagram post of the day. If you want to download the posts, you can try other ways. You can use Instagram downloader websites or applications that help with Instagram reels download and other Instagram media too.


One of the tools you can use to download Instagram Reels is ingramer. As we explained in this detailed article, this is one of the best websites that you can use to download Instagram content directly and online. Follow the steps below to download Instagram this way

  1. First, log in to Instagram and find the post you want. Open the post and click on the three dots option
  2. Then select the option to copy the link location
  3. Now open the Ingramer website and go to the Tools section or the Tools and Download section
  4. Put the link you copied on Instagram in the download box and click the download button to save your content.

This is also one of the small Instagram download websites that you can easily download your video through the website with just a few clicks. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1.  First, find the post you want to enter Instagram as the first method, click on the three-point option and select the item to copy the link location
  1. Go back to the Downloadgram website and paste the link you got from Instagram with the person in the middle of the page, and then select the download option.
  1. Your post is simply ready to be downloaded
Instagram video downloader app

Instagram video downloader is one of the applications that provide you with Instagram videos and posts easily and quickly. To download videos for Instagram posts through this application, follow the steps below.

  1. There are two ways to download through the app. The first method is that you can first log in to the Instagram app to find the Instagram Reels you want, click on the three-point option and select the sharing option, then it will open for you with someone who signs the Instagram video app Downloader is specified. In this section, tap on this option to enter the post or reels directly into the application and the download link is ready.
  1. The second method, instead of selecting the sharing option, you can select the option of copying the link location and then return to the Instagram downloader program. There is a box inside this program that has the Instagram link written here. Paste the link you copied in this section to start your download

Reels downloader

This application is also one of the programs that you can use to download Instagram. To use it, like other applications, all you have to do is log in to Instagram, select the video reels you want, click on the copy location link option, then return to this application and paste the copied link in the box to make your video Download quickly

A few tips about Instagram Reels

Keep in mind that downloading video posts or Instagram content through private pages is not done through the methods mentioned. To do this, you can use a screenshot or screenshot. Some phones are equipped with such a tool, but others do not have a screen video. You can use the following applications for this purpose.


The simplest and at the same time the most professional program for taking video screens from Instagram posts is this program. Anyone who can easily use it to view Instagram posts even on pages that are private and record with their voice only Just install the Xrecorder app on your Android phone and activate the screen capture option when starting the Instagram video. You can download the Nex Record app this way.

Az screen recorder

This application also allows you to easily record the Instagram of the day in the form of a video screen, so that you open the video you want and at the beginning of the video, activate the recording button and the application, which is seen as a floating button. You can easily save the videos of the private page of Instagram and have them on your phone and computer


There are many apps and websites through which you can download Instagram videos and save them on your phone, but you should also keep in mind that some apps are faster and better than other apps. If you have used any of these applications, you can comment on your experience and share your thoughts with us.

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