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How to hide Instagram followers?

by Francine Berano
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In the age of social media and the Internet, privacy has become a serious issue to the point that some people are really wary of being always “spotted” indifferent (maybe controversial) activities as spaces by their friends and followers, especially on Instagram. One of the most asked questions I am facing these days is that “how can you hide Instagram followers?”

While there is no such thing as hiding Instagram flowers, this question has some alternatives that help you with more privacy on Instagram. Instead of hiding Instagram followers you can alternatively:

  • Hide Instagram activity from followers;
  • Hide Instagram posts from followers; and
  • Other alternatives to maintain privacy on Instagram

I will explain these alternate options in detail.

How to hide Instagram activity from followers?

By “activity,” I mean likes, comments, follows, shares, bookmarks, etc. on Instagram. It gives me a nasty headache to think that every action I take on Instagram will be monitored and judged by my friends and followers. When they watch, they expect me to dislike a photo from a user they detest or not comment on a video they find unworthy. All I do on Instagram is under detection! All this headache was because of the “following tab” on Instagram.

The good news is that this controversial “following tab” of Instagram is no more! It means that no one can now spy on you and get you caught whatever you are doing on Instagram! With one of their late updates, Instagram decided to give more privacy to its users and get them rid of being judged and monitored by other users.

So no need to worry about hiding your activity from followers.

How to hide Instagram posts from followers?

You can hide your photos/videos or your stories from your followers. Here is how:

  • Hide (archive) photo/videos from followers on Instagram:

When you archive a photo or a video on Instagram, the post won’t be deleted, but it gets hidden from your profile temporarily so that followers and friends won’t see it anymore. To archive a post on your profile, go to that picture and do as follows:

Archive a post on Instagram

You can always take the photo/video back by going to the profile page -> three horizontal bars -> Archive and selecting the photo you want to get back on profile:

Getting an archived picture back to the profile

  • Hide Instagram stories from certain followers/users

Some stories can also become controversial if displayed to people who are not meant to see them. Good for you, there is a possibility that lets you hide your stories from certain followers/users. It can be done after posting a story:

Hiding Instagram stories from followers/users

Other alternative settings to maintain more privacy on Instagram

  • Turn to a private account

Keeping your account private helps a lot if you seek more privacy on Instagram. With a private Instagram account, new people won’t see what you post, can’t tag and follow you without your consent, and, most importantly, can’t spy on you. Plus, the identity of your current followers will be hidden from strangers.

Go to your profile page -> three horizontal bars -> Settings -> Privacy -> Account Privacy and turn the button on.

  • Block users

If you don’t want some people to see what you post on Instagram and you can’t private your page, then blocking them is the best strategy to go with. However, they will know if you block them.

Go to their profile page ->touch the three dots -> Block and confirm your choice.

Prevent rather than curing the cause

Be careful who you follow and let follow you and what you post. Preventing is always far better than the curing process. So, if you are not comfortable with everyone seeing your posts and do not feel quite right about some posts you have shared, then be more careful from the start.

Always check who you let follow you and double-check the contents you are going to share. This way you will have less headache thinking about how to hide Instagram followers.

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Instead of hiding Instagram followers you can alternatively: Hide Instagram activity from followers; Hide Instagram posts from followers; and Other alternatives to maintain privacy on Instagram

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