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5 ways to increase your Facebook Page Engagement

Since the launch of Facebook in 2004, people have taken to the site to share their social experiences. It has become the ideal platform for brands, marketers, celebrities, influencers, and individuals. Although the platform offers infinite possibilities for growth, managing a business has become a daunting task. Factors such as intense competition and stringent policies of this social media platform sometimes prevent the necessary traction. This has arrived as a barrier to the growth of new brands or newbies who have just started their journey. However, you don’t need to fret about anything as we have uncovered 5 ways to increase your Facebook Page Engagement. This article encompasses 5 Actionable Strategies and techniques that will drive traffic to your Facebook Page. All these tips & tricks have worked for us and will combat all the issues that are holding back your growth on Facebook. Start today and become the proud owner of a successful online business.

Publish Fan-centric Content 

Perhaps most brands take things for granted by adopting a casual approach towards content. The social media space is limitless and should not be restricted under any circumstances. Your customers form a component of your audience base and their needs should be your priority. Tune your fans for customized multimedia content that is in their best interest. Analyze their tastes and preferences and discover posts that garner huge intrigue. Follow the golden content curation rule that gives 80% weightage to fans’ interests and only 20% to self-promotion. Apart from this, post a diverse range of eye-catching content that engages your audience. This method will effortlessly increase your page engagement. For leveraging this technique, you can post when your fans are online.

Get the timings right

We bet you can’t go wrong on this. The perfect time does exist on Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm is friendly towards post engagement. Your likelihood of getting more Facebook likes, comments, and shares increases when your users are active. Hence, you should avoid falling into the random post trap as it will not help to gain account growth. Besides this, post less because great content is the need of the hour. You can take advantage of a Facebook Scheduling Tool to plan your Social Media Calendar. It will facilitate flexibility and let you focus on Key Factors that affect your page.

Focus more on video marketing

Videos are the way to go in this competitive online market. They have revolutionized internet marketing that has already witnessed tremendous growth. This tactic will help you to increase Facebook Page Engagement. With each brand or business focusing on engagement through videos, you might get stuck between loose ends. We don’t want that to happen. Hence, we recommend you implement a video-focused approach. You will be able to generate a wave of likes, views, and shares by incorporating some unique elements in your Facebook videos. Prominent among these are square videos, custom thumbnails, engaging captions, descriptive titles, a call to action amongst others. Don’t forget to target the right audience and use insights to discover the metrics that affect video performance.

Go live

Going live is an undeniable fact that drives maximum Facebook page engagement. Only a few folks are acquainted with this information. Facebook tweaked its algorithm to provide favorable treatment to the section of the live videos. Leverage this option if you want to witness a maximum response of users. Another significant reason to invest time in the live section is that videos rank higher in the News Feed. However, owing to the free and unrestricted access provided by the live option, a trivial thing may result in a downfall. Hence, it becomes inevitable to use the right approach. Brands can benefit from numerous tips including sourcing content, choosing the right time, being interactive, building relationships, and many more. Besides this, you can take the help of other networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram to share the links.                   

Give a prompt response

Your visitors have invested valuable time in your content. Accordingly, they deserve special treatment. You must try to reply to all your followers’ comments within an hour to make them feel at ease. This will further develop brand loyalty and encourage them to have a long-term association with your brand. A quick and personalized response can work wonders for your business and drives more engagement than a simple like. Mention the names of your team members while replying and show fans that they’re being heard.

A thorough analysis of the above factors will enable you to reach the next level of marketing on Facebook. We understand that handling social media is not a cakewalk, but the right strategies mentioned in this article will flip the game. Kickstart your journey today and take the road less traveled by implementing these 5 groundbreaking ways for boosting Facebook Page Engagement.

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