How to make a chest in Terraria? (All types)

Terraria is a brilliant RPG game that puts you in a magical world, and your mission is all about items; making, crafting, and taking them into action. There is a massive range of accessible items in Terraria, from fruits and foods to weapons.


As you know, your inventory capacity is limited, and you cannot carry all your items with you throughout the game. In order to resolve the problem, you need to make chests to store them safely. In this text, we will talk about how to make chests in Terraria, especially the three Gold, Glass, and Cactus versions in the game.

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How to make a chest in Terraria

There are many types of chest objects in Terraria, which can hold up to 40 items stacked in a 10×4 grid on the desktop, console, and mobile versions of the game and in 5×8 grids if you are on 3DS. Note that Old-fashioned console chests have the capacity to hold up to 20 item stacks.


All you need to answer the general question “how to make a chest in Terraria” are summarized in three items;


  1. 8 × wood
  2. 2 × iron or lead bar
  3. 1 × workbench


Now let’s see how to make a chest in Terraria really quickly;


The first part is to find resources in the game. Wood is easy to find, and you only need to stand by a tree and chop it. However, getting iron or lead bars are a little bit difficult. You can find a natural cave, and you will get access to either of the two ores. If you can’t find any cave, go ahead and dig down into the ground.


After gathering all the required items, go to a workbench, and use 20 stones to craft a furnace. Making a furnace takes twenty Stone, four Wood, and three Torch items. After crafting the furnace, place it wherever you want and stand next to it. Finally, smelt two Iron or Lead bars using the previously gathered resources. In the last step, just stand next to the workbench, look for the chest icon, and place it next to your equipment.


How to Make a Gold Chest in Terraria

Do you want to know how to make a Gold chest in Terraria? It is impossible. You need to craft Gold chests in the Underground, Cavern, and Jungle areas. You can also find them in the Dungeon location. Note that locked Gold chests need a golden key to be opened.


How to Make a Glass Chest in Terraria


Note that the glass chest is also similar to other chests in Terraria, except that you need additional ingredients for crafting. To craft a Glass Chest, you will need 8 Glass items and two Iron Bars. If you want to craft Glass in the game, you need two instances of any Sand type and a furnace. After gathering all substances, a workbench is required to craft a new glass Terraria chest.


How to Make a Cactus Chest in Terraria


Similar to all types of chests, you need to obey the general instruction on how to make chests in Terraria. To make a Cactus chest, you need to harvest Cactus from Cactus plants. After all, you need 8 Cactus items for this chest and two Iron Bars.




Thank you for reading. As you see, answering the question “how to make a chest in Terraria” is very easy, but the details can be a little bit different based on the type of chest you want to make. For any additional information about making chests, visit Terraria’s official website, or even ask your questions.

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