How to View & Retrieve Blocked Text Messages on iPhone

Have you ever faced a situation where you mistakenly blocked messages iphone from a specific number? If it’s an important contact and you need to see those messages immediately, you should look for the answer to “How to see blocked messages on iPhone”. So, keep reading and learn more about the best ways of how to view blocked messages on iphone.

Can you see blocked messages on iPhone?

Can you see blocked messages on iphone? The answer is obvious, NO. When you block someone’s phone number, it means you prefer to protect your phone from harassment or viruses from some messages. So, you will fail to receive any new message from that number, and all will delete automatically. Now, if it happens suddenly and by mistake, the story is different, and you need to find out how to see blocked messages on iphone.

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How to see blocked messages on iPhone?

Previously, you read about the answer to “can you see blocked messages on iphone”, which is a definite no, and that is because of the main purpose of blocking action. But if you do everything mistakenly, you need to find how to view blocked messages on iphone, and I suggest you do not miss this paragraph.

  • The first thing you should do is unblock that specific number.
  • Then, if you have made a backup before, you can recover deleted messages from iCloud or iTunes backup. Just pay attention to those messages that are deleted before blocking them.
  • But do not worry if you have not made a backup because you can use the iPhone data recovery tools, such as Fonecope or PhoneRescue to recover your lost messages without any backup. And again this is only helpful to retrieve text messages before blocking.
how to see blocked messages on iphone

Is it possible to retrieve blocked messages iPhone?

In the previous paragraph, which was about how to view blocked messages on iphone, I mentioned that there is no way to see blocked messages iphone. Here, I want to add and emphasize that because the iPhone doesn’t collect blocked messages, you cannot access them later, and what I have explained before is only about retrieving messages before you have blocked that number. So, the best alternative is to unblock that number immediately to receive the messages that will be sent in the future. 

Do you get old messages after you unblock someone?

If you are an Android user it is possible to restore all sent messages by a blocked number after you unblock him. But if you are an iPhone user and wondering if you can see blocked messages on an iphone, unfortunately, the answer is no. And as I have mentioned before, the only way is to unblock that person as soon as possible.

How do you know If someone blocks your iMessage?

All the above paragraphs were about how to view blocked messages on iphone, and now I want to talk about the signs that show someone blocked you on iMessage. So, if you cannot connect with someone on iMessage and you are suspicious if she or he has blocked you, check the below points:

  • If you send a text message to another iPhone user and you see a green bubble, this can be a sign of blocking.
  • When you don’t see a “Delivered” or “Read” notification when you send an iMessage.
  • Call the person who you guess might have blocked you and if you hear a brief ring and then you are sent to voicemail, you will understand that you are blocked.
  • The last option that helps you to be sure is to turn off caller ID and call the blocker. In this case, if you hear the phone ring twice or more, it means your number is blocked by that person.

How to see blocked messages on samsung?

If you are an Android user, for example, have a Samsung cell phone, everything is different, and you can restore the blocked messages in this way:

  1. Tap on your Samsung device messaging app.
  2. Then choose three vertical dots in the top right-hand and open a drop-down menu. 
  3. Here, you have to tap on “Settings” and go to the message setting.
  4. Now, you will see another list and you have to choose “Block numbers and messages” from this list.
  5. Then you will see two options of “Block numbers” and “Blocked messages”, where you have to choose “Blocked messages”.
  6. Select the “Edit” option above the screen, and choose the messages/message threads you want.
  7. Finally, choose to restore the blocked message to your Inbox. 

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All iOS users have experienced a situation where they face unexpected blocked messages iphone and look for how to see blocked messages on iphone. Here, I have to say that unfortunately, it is not possible, and the only point you can do is to immediately unlock that person or retrieve that message he or she sent before you blocked him. To know more about the details of the answer to the “can you see blocked messages on iphone” question, read the above text. 

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