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How to Share a YouTube Channel?

In today’s world, everybody heard the name YouTube. It is a video program, and two types of users drive it.

  • Video producers: Characters who own channels to upload their videos to these channels.
  • Video watchers: Somebody who views videos, associates with videos, and offers to them.

As a YouTube video watcher, you can do different things with videos, like sharing your favorite ones.

To know the answer, I will give you some appropriate information and teach you how to do it.

1. Who is a YouTube user?

2. How to watch videos on YouTube?

3. How to Share YouTube videos?

If you do not know how to share a YouTube video, continue reading this text and learn.

  • Who is a YouTube user?

To connect, you need a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. After that, you can view all YouTube content and share your favorite ones. YouTube could be an appropriate choice for all. You can use it when you need a productive outlet or the CEO of an association with enormous funds for commercial videos.

Although its user support varies from modern to traditional, YouTube is especially famous among more modern people who favor different content, interactive elements, and immediate enjoyment of YouTube video content to fabulous television. Many users like it to make entertainment ideas and do something (tutorials). For example, they follow up with the latest music video of their preferred artist and more.

  • How to watch videos on YouTube?

There are all kinds of methods you can view YouTube videos. Those methods involve:

Traveling to and following a recommended video or seeking one.

Download the YouTube application on your phone. You can do the same for both IOS and Android. Now, it is time to watch a recommended video or search for your favorite.

Watch the videos that social media users embed into a post (like Facebook or Twitter).

Watch the videos that web pages or blog posts set.

See a shared email, text message, or social media and click the video link to watch it.

To receive personalized video recommendations, build playlists, note on other videos, and subscribe to channels, you have to own a YouTube account or join an existing global Google account with the original YouTube account.

 How to share YouTube videos?

When you gain a video you like and desire to share it with more people, there are multiple opportunities to do it. The first option might be Email sharing.

  1. Tick the Share key for a video, and you will find various choices for sharing it with colleagues and relatives.
  2. Share videos
  3. Begin with seeing a video on
  4. Below the video, you will see the Share button. You have to click it.

A board will resemble, offering many sharing opportunities:

  • Social networks: Tick on a social network (for example, Facebook, Twitter) and share the video through it.
  • Email: Take the email icon to transfer an email by the default email software on your system.
  • Embed: Tick the Embed key to make a code you can apply to embed the video everywhere you like.
  • Copy the link: Tick the Copy key to copy the video link and paste it somewhere else, like in an email report.
  • Start at: To connect to a particular section of the video, tick this box and inscribe the start time before copying the link. For instance, you want to commence the video at 2 minutes and 30 seconds, tick the box and insert 2:30. 
  • Community post: As you enter the Community tab, it is possible to share your video in a public post.
  • How to share channels?
  1. Find the Channel page.
  2. Copy the URL in the browser address strip.
  3. Paste it wherever you choose to share the video.
  4. If you are a producer and want to perform a routine channel URL for your supporters to share easily, you can attach your YouTube Channel title to the YouTube URL.

The best method to share a YouTube channel from your computer

  1. First, log into your account, click your image on the top-right edge of the cover.
  2. Find your channel from the drop-down list.
  3. Now, you can copy the URL from your browser’s URL area (at the height of the window, under your tabs) and paste it in an email, Facebook note, or whatever other tool you fancy.

Throw that off, and soon your YouTube channel has been received. You can apply the same process to all other YouTube channel pages.

  • The best method to share a YouTube channel from your phone app
  1. Start the YouTube app, and suddenly touch your picture in the top-right. 
  2. Touch Your channel from the table that starts.
  3. Presently touch the three upright dots in the top-right.
  4. Lastly, hit Share, and then determine the process by which you need to share the channel. Also, you can hit the Copy link if you require to copy and paste the URL like you want on a computer.


As a YouTube user, you know that channel is your home field on YouTube. It is where somebody can see all the videos you have posted, recognize who you follow, check your playlists, and much more.
So if you need to share all your fabulous YouTubecontent — or even someone else’s channel — you have to learn about sharing your YouTube channel. That is what I told you in the above text.

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