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How to Stop Youtube from Pausing?

Did you ever experience the situation that YouTube pauses your playlist or listening suddenly? YouTube regularly pauses to investigate just as another video commencing to make the least intervention.

The worst situation is when you are watching the YouTube videos actively, and it pauses suddenly.

Here, I will talk about different reasons that may cause this interruption and how to stop YouTube from pausing.

Reasons why YouTube Keeps Pausing

  • Working with the Old Version 

If you are among users that regularly shut down the auto-update on your application store, it might happen to you. Or you may prefer not to update it because you may lose your whole offline videos. You probably do not recognize that it can cause an app to take some upshots. Or sometimes, you do not have enough internet quota to update it. When you understand your issue, then you need to find a resolution.

If you commonly experience YouTube pausing when you did not touch it, the initial point you can do is check your device’s App Store or Play Store. Go and see if your YouTube app is the newest version or not. If the answer is negative, the solution is to update it and download the latest version.

  • Network Disruption

The other problem that regularly happens to YouTube and makes pauses is network interruption. Sometimes, you face this point because of your phone problem. In another situation, the Wi-Fi Provider or developer is the reason. Now, you can try an internet connection at home for stable internet speed.

YouTube has a default algorithm that works when a problem occurs about the network. They will pause the video because it can not continue the downloading process. When it happens, use a different provider or wait until the connection is normal again. 

How to stop YouTube from pausing?

  • Turn-Off the Auto-Pause

There is an auto-pause feature on Youtube that you have to make sure you turned it off before you start watching. YouTube auto-pause allows Youtube to pause your videos automatically while you are watching. Sometimes, people like to use this feature because of some reason.

Mostly, you can use this point with a Face sensor. In this way, if you watch your cell phone from the front side, the sensor takes your facial key and improves your cell phone activities like waking up the phone, operating and pausing YouTube videos, etc. The answer to this query ( if you consider this a problem) is to turn off the auto-pause working with the face sensor.

  • Clear the App Cache

Too much cache on your system can cause any app like Youtube to work at low speed. Here, the solution is to remove all the Cache and you may not fac videos pause anymore. It is good to know that you can record your movements on the app with caches, and they do not worth it anymore. If you do not know how to remove the cache of the YouTube app, read the steps:

  • Go to the Setting part of your system.
  • Run the YouTube app from the given apps menu.
  • Tick on the Storage choice, and you will notice two options Clear Cache and Clear Data, but you have to click on Clear Cach.
  • Check If YouTube is at Fault

Special technical glitches with YouTube can also perform you to face this problem while watching videos. You can also go through the YouTube Help Center and search the free articles about common issues with YouTube.

  • Remind me to take a break

Remind me to take a break is another new YouTube feature. It can pause the YouTube video at every period that you arranged. This point could be helpful when you forget your phone while it is playing a video. But it could be the cause why YouTube holds pausing. To inactivate this point you have to:

  • Find settings.
  • Search for general.
  • You have to find Remind me to take a break as the first option
  • If it is active, turn it off.


As you know, YouTube is one of the most successful and famous apps now. Millions of people use it all over the world in all generations. While it allows you to view, upload, and download YouTube videos, you might face some problems using this app. Here, we explained how to solve one of these problems cause by videos pause while you watch.

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