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How to Watch Private Youtube Videos?

You can find shared YouTube videos on current digital programs like Facebook, Twitter, etc. While if they serve to be private videos, users like you and me become frustrated. On the other side, if you have a business profile and try to watch private YouTube videos, you can manage the most commercial social media management tools. Hootsuite is an example that you can use to track your views on Facebook through other things and allow them to watch private YouTube videos if they ask.

How to watch private YouTube videos

The reason that causes you not to watch private videos on youtube.

  • If you are among users who upload videos on YouTube, it means you can opt to share your videos as unlisted or private. Although you can see an unlisted video if someone gives the related link to you, reaching a private video expects you to communicate with its owner and ask for approval to watch it.
  • Only permitted users by the uploader in the video frame page can watch the private YouTube videos.
  • You can not find a private video in the search results, and it will not seem like a suggested video. That is the reason why you can’t search for it.

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What is an unlisted video?

While you all can watch unlisted videos, these videos will not look up in YouTube’s search outcomes or in the user’s channels who uploaded them. It is not logical to rely on YouTube’s search motors or other search engines to watch unlisted videos. The only way to get access to them is when someone gives you a direct link. So for unlisted videos, you should send a message to the uploader or contact one of your friends who watched the video and request him to send you a link.

Why it is not possible to get the share link of the uploader and watch private videos?

  • Make sure that you own an active YouTube account and log in when you want to view the video.
  • Users have to log in to the YouTube account with which account shared the video.
  • Viewers have to apply a specific link to the individual video that someone sends into their mailboxes.

Best ways to watch private YouTube videos

  • Watch private YouTube videos through the uploader entrance.

The user who uploaded private Youtube videos can watch them by default. The reason is to protect their privacy, but uploaders can manually add more users to a list of entitled people to obtain a private video as they wish. But other users have to contact the uploader of a private video to watch it. To make it, you have to give your Google account username as YouTube needs it to verify you. Then he will access you to that video. 

  • Watch private YouTube videos outwardly access.
  • We are not sure about working this method, but it is worth trying.
  • Decide which private YouTube video you want to watch.
  • Then delete the watch from its URL.
  • You will have a result like this
  • Tap the Enter key, and you might watch the unlocked video.
  • The advantage of this program will help you open the private video and watch that in a full window while you are not singing in.
  • To comply with the age-restriction plan, withdraw such actions from being done for any wicked purposes.

  • Watch the video by signing in.
  • Go through your Youtube inbox, find the email from the video’s uploader allowing you to understand the shared video with you.
  • In the email, you will find a rectangular case. There is a smaller red one with three straight white points in it. Click on the white dots in it. Tick this to be used to the video on YouTube. 
  • Now, the video will start playing on the YouTube app or your browser. However, consider that you need to sign in to your YouTube account with the email he sends the private link to it.


If you are among YouTube users, you might face this situation that you want to watch a private video, and you do not know-how. Here, in the above text, I explained what you need to know about this topic and all the ways on how to watch private YouTube videos.

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