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I do not own the rights to this music: How to get rid of it?

Art is a piece of its creator, so it needs to be exclusive, memorable, and also “intact.” While many social media platforms are careless about the identity of the music pieces you use as the background for reels and videos, Facebook and her sister, Instagram, are chasing those bad guys trying to plagiarize other artists’ handworks (in this case, music).

But even ordinary online videos need some fresh sound, so how can we get rid of this caution, “I don’t own the rights to this music”? In this tutorial, we will see the main etiologies of the I do not own the rights to this music disclaimer and how to overcome this problem.

What is the “I do not own the rights to this music”?

Most of us enjoy watching funny videos on the internet, especially when accompanied by beautiful music sound. However, even the most famous social media channels may decide to take a special music track that they have no right to use. Hence, they write “I do not own the rights to this music” under its title to make sure no illegal activity has happened here.

To be honest, writing I do not own the rights to this music disclaimer is not a proper way to get out of copyright infringement. In fact, it just makes pseudo tranquility for content providers to cover what they have actually done as a “crime.” As you know, the owner of Facebook and Instagram are the same, so there is no difference in legal invalidity whether we use “I do not own the rights to this music Facebook” or “I do not own the rights to this music Instagram.”

How to get rid of “I do not own the rights to this music”?

Getting rid of writing “I don’t own the rights to this music” means you must take a legal pathway. Three ways can be considered to get free of writing the disclaimer;

  • You can get a license to use music either by getting express permission from the owner.
  • You can also get a formal certificate in the form of a royalty-free license.
  • Otherwise, you can use the music soundtracks released under a “free license.”

Can we use copyrighted music on Facebook?

The answer to the question can I get free of writing “I do not own the rights to this music Facebook” is not as dry and simple as you think. The definite answer could be, “yes, you can, until you don’t have the permission or license for it.” Otherwise, the answer usually is “no.”

You should understand that Facebook has a strong stance on copyrighted music files, and if you try to upload a video that uses a track, you don’t have the license for, you absolutely will get in trouble. The same process is also true for Instagram; however, the “I do not own the rights to this music Instagram” caution is a mild version of its Facebook one, according to the level of importance.

What are the ways to use copyrighted music on Facebook legally?

Many Facebook users ineluctably have encountered the “I don’t own the rights to this music” problem, so they either have to remove their file or have their upload file removed. What can we do to prevent “I do not own the rights to this music” on Facebook? Several solutions are provided here;

  1. Use “royalty-free” music

The subject of “royalty-free music” may reflect the music being totally free for everyone, which is not true. Royalty-free music is music you can use where you don’t have to pay ongoing royalty fees. Several royalty-free music may take a percentage of your earnings or a recurring price. There are some limitations while working with royalty-free music; as some of them require a considerable upfront fee from their customers, and royalty-free libraries are usually full of generic stock music

  1. Use the Facebook music collection

The easiest solution to overcome “I don’t own the rights to this music” is asking for help directly from Facebook; yes, we are talking about the Facebook music collection. For several years, Facebook partnered with a number of music publishers and creators to introduce the Sound Collection to their creative dashboard, which can be a big help for users to start their journey on social media. You can use all of the music files on the Facebook music collection without any license and free of charge.

  1. Make access to stock music libraries

If you are looking for simple music pieces, searching through online stock music libraries is a great way of shortcutting the I do not own the rights to this music disclaimer. Most of the available soundtracks on stock music libraries are instrumental-only, and they can be useful for most videos Facebook users upload daily. However, for making more professional hand pieces, just skip this recommendation.

  1. Get a license directly from the music owners

get a license directly from the music owners, similar to how artists learn how to upload music to Spotify. This is the last bunker in the music war; if you insistently love to add a piece of “particular” music to your works, the only way to reach your ambition is to get a license or permission from that music creator. In most cases, finding the copyright owner is a nerve-grinding process. Nevertheless, after getting the details of “real” creators, they may refuse your request or ask for a monstrous sum in exchange for a license.

What happens if I post copyrighted music on Facebook?

As we can imagine, the Facebook servers will start sentencing you step by step. If you upload a video containing copyrighted music for the first time, Facebook may remove your video without additional penalties. In the next step, if you continue to post other people’s copyrighted music without a license or permission, you will be defined as a “repeat infringer.” Unfortunately, the blamed user will lose their Facebook account in most cases.

Now imagine you “have the license” for using a specific music piece on your media files; you only need to file a” counter-notification” declaration on Facebook. If the plaintiff doesn’t file a lawsuit, Facebook will revive your post, and the takedown won’t count as a strike in Facebook’s repeat infringer policy. Congratulations! You won the court!


Since the 1920s, all published videos are sound-added, and fewer people nowadays intend to view mute videos, except short GIFs. As a result, you have no way to upload your video with beautiful audio. The main solutions to answer “how to get rid of I don’t own the rights to this music?” are listed in our text above, and any of them can resolve your problem individually. For getting more information, just visit the official Facebook website on Google.

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