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Instagram Hacks for More Followers

Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world work with more than 1 billion monthly active users. But how to do the best hacks for getting more followers on Instagram and how to use this flood of people in the social network Instagram to your advantage. In this article, we will review the best methods and hacks for collecting real followers on Instagram.

If you own a particular brand or work as a blogger on Instagram, you have probably noticed by now that increasing follower on Instagram through correct methods is not something that works in a day or two. Even those who buy followers know that the magic doesn’t happen overnight, and that they need to make sure that they are still producing great content to engage their following and continue to increase their follower count. Of course, advertising methods with the high-cost investment are also applicable, but what if we do not have such means to invest in these methods? Is it still possible to naturally attract more Instagram followers?

The answer is yes, and in the following, we will introduce several Instagram hacks for getting more followers. you can get more followers on Instagram in a principled way.

Instagram hacks for getting more followers

Categorize and create appropriate hashtags

You can increase your Instagram followers by creating several suitable hashtag categories. In general, any related hashtag on Instagram can display your related posts to more than a few thousand people at a time. But how to use the right hashtag category to increase your natural Instagram followers.

For example, imagine that you have a store page on Instagram and you sell sports equipment. Want to introduce a new sports product related to the gym? To hashtag sports club categories, you can use completely related hashtags such as sport, Gym, body, fit, fitness, perseverance. Although each of these hashtags is not directly related to the sports device introduced by you, the people looking for these hashtags will see the product. So try to create several categories of hashtags related to your products or posts at the beginning and put them at the end of each Instagram post.

Create your hashtag

A vital point about Instagram is branded hashtags. You can create your hashtag and advertise locally, city or country, outside of Instagram. Put the same hashtag below all your posts to see if your followers will explode. This is also one of the Instagram hacks for more followers easily attract many related followers from the real world.

Use special hashtags

General hashtags are available to all Instagram pages. But have you ever considered using special hashtags? Suppose you have a hardware store, then using the hashtag #hardwarehacking could be a great option. Note that this hashtag use is not so much, but people looking for solutions to confuse the system and computer hardware will see your hashtag. So you can attract potential customers.

Use special techniques to write hashtags

When you want to write a caption for your Instagram post, you can easily use a story sentence with hashtags in your sentence or paragraph. For example, pay attention to the following sentence:

How to use best #software for practicing #AI or other #machinelarning languages

In the same sentence, we used three very major hashtags without annoying the user or the follower. So you can simply write great captions.

Use event hashtags

One of the Instagram hacks for more followers is to use the event hashtag. In general, there are many different days and many events in countries. For example, World Nurse Day, or World Developers Day, you can attract natural followers from each day or special event through hashtags related to these events. Events that hold every few years are also good options for this. For example, using the #worldcup event, which is held every four years, can be a great hashtag to increase Instagram followers naturally.

Consider using general hashtags

General hashtags, as we said at the beginning of this article, are published and used through countless pages on Instagram. But if you can get higher rankings in a series of public hashtags related to your business, you can attract followers through these general hashtags. Instagram hacks for more followers can be a combination of popular public hashtags and their use on each post or product,for any related content, consider a category of general hashtags with more than 10 million followers. To increase the visibility of your post and increase followers.

For example, if you work in technology and related industries, you can use the hashtags #tech, #technology, and #ai abundantly.

 Use redirect pages or landing page builders in Instagram bio links.

You can use link builders to create a clean HTML page for your link and put the ways to contact it through WhatsApp or Telegram or the link of your store website page so that everyone who enters your page can Become a buyer or customer directly. For example is very useful tool for creating beautiful Instagram landing pages.

Using professional captions and storytelling is one of the methods of Instagram hacks for more followers.

Suppose you are a professional photographer and you post great pictures on Instagram, but always a good caption for images can increase your Instagram follower attraction by 30 to 60%. In this case, you are responsible for the images you have taken. You can write a story. Where you took the picture, in what weather you took it, or in what mood you were able to do it. Of course, always adding a little humor can also increase the attraction of followers.

Communicate with related influencers

Instagram influencers are very active in your business and have also attracted a large audience and followers. By finding these people, following them, as well as participating in Instagram live, commenting on their posts, and constantly communicating, you can become one of their full-fledged followers so that you can page in your field of work. Make Instagram more visible to related people. By doing this, you can also attract real followers.

Post effective content

One of the best Instagram hacks for more followers is to post and select appropriate content. Appropriate content can increase your page’s actual followers by 30 to 70%. Suppose you are a professional chef and you send a video or picture of your food. For your content to be more effective, you need to engage users with your content. For example, create a story post about cooking a type of food and at the end ask the followers to introduce the main seasoning of this food. In this way, you will increase the interaction of users with your profession and you will also help increase the followers.

Find the right time to post content

From personal experience, I must say that if you send the best post in the world at the worst possible time, none of your users will even see it, let alone send it to others. So choosing the right time to post is more effective than the content itself. Based on personal experience, you can get a schedule, for example at 8 pm and also midnight can be a good time to send mail, but still, this method requires careful statistical analysis. To find out when your Instagram followers are more online than other times, you can follow the following method:

  • First, enter the Instagram profile page and select the Insight option
  • Scroll down from this section and click on the total follower’s option
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the most active times
  • In this section, you can find out what hours of the day your users are online.
  • Based on this, you can send the post on time by choosing the right time and help increase your follower page.


The fastest way to increase Instagram followers and hacks for more followers is to use promotions. Instagram promotion helps you to make a good post visible to millions of people for a small fee. Each promotion can increase more than 40 to 80% of your page followers. To do this, it is enough to first select one of the good posts on your page and click on the promote option, then specify the number of times it has been played and the amount of your capital, of course, you can see the category that this post displays. Change the manual automatically to select the appropriate hashtag with the desired post and then make the payment.

This is the easiest and fastest way to increase your Instagram followers, although you will have to pay a fee to be seen more.

Use location

Location hashtags or posting can help increase your Instagram followers locally. Imagine you are a local store in Manhattan and you want to attract everyone in the lower New York neighborhood to your page. Using a location on each post can reach between 30 and 45% of the people who see your post in the area. Increase.

Do not use unnecessary hashtags

In the discussion of Instagram hacks for more followers, the use of unnecessary and excessive hashtags is not recommended at all. Try to introduce fourteen items in each category and all of them are unique hashtags related to your page. Otherwise, the attractiveness of your page will be lost and you will suffer a lot without any interaction.


We tried to introduce the top fourteen ways to increase real Instagram followers in 2021. If you can use these methods consistently and effectively, you will undoubtedly have the highest amount of follower absorption in one to three months. Therefore, we suggest that you use the methods one by one from today to get the result sooner. Have you ever used these methods? Let us know what you think.

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