What to Do When Rythm Bot Is Down?

The Discord Rythm bot is an excellent device to cause your game experience level more pleasure. Even if you work with Discord for objects different from gaming, it is a fun bot to hold on your server. You can handle the bot to perform music in your sound channels or make other requests.

But, at points, the Rythm bot does not constantly work well. A lot of users have encountered errors with the bot and complained about the Rythm bot not working. If you also follow to be with those users, then this post is for you. In the following parts, you will find answers to make all problems you meet with the Rythm bot.

What is the Rythm bot?

The Rythm bot is a music bot that forms it reasonable to attend to your preferred music on Discord. If you apply this bot, there is no need to use another app to perform music cause it makes you use it all in Discord.

The Rythm bot performs it simple to place DJ roles and enables users to choose which music to perform. It is also configurable, allowing you to modify the music file with peace.

The bot is a piece of up to 16m servers. It collects users based on the simple proposition – members are expected to wait on the server for a long time if they listen to great music.

Given the high number of users, the producers at Rythm attempt to give the best settings forever. But, some users have accused the Rythm bot of not running. If you experience such these, then the following solutions should help you develop the knowledge.

How to fix Discord Rythm Bot Not Running?

  • Control the volume level of the bot.

Although very simple, this should be the idea that the Rythm bot does not appear to run on your setting. If you want to fix this, there is a user menu on the right side of the screen and click on it. Now, control user volume and improve it. It might be high already, then check your machine volume and settle with the different parts. If it does not work, try another option.

  • Rythm bot may be server silenced.

The landlord or admin of the bot could mute anyone on the server. If this is the problem, you see a muted red microphone image beyond the bot in the channel. In this example, the owner/ admin should right-click on the bot in a voice channel and click on the ‘Server Mute’ choice to make it back.

  • The bot does not have the required support.

When attaching the bot to your server, Rythm requests for a collection of support it requires, such as admin permission. But the server owner or an admin might modify these adjustments later. If this happens to you, then you can not do much unless you be admin/ owner. Because the owner/ admin of the server, could find ‘Server settings’ –> ‘Roles’ and select the licenses for the ‘Rythm role’.

  • Rhythm is offline/ leaves voice channel/ maintenance

Remark that Rythm is not a 24/7 bot. Just if you meet the Premium account and initiate it on the server, you can assume the bot work all the time. Because of this, the bot might leave the channel or become offline from time to time. You can control if the bot has the green mark by its name, but no dot means it is offline. There might happen an interruption in the bot’s servers, making the Rythm bot work inappropriately. If you want to check this option, you have to go to the official Discord server and control the outages channel. To perform so, this is the solution: Write ‘invite’ in the server, choose ‘Official Discord’ and enter the server, hold ‘#outages’ for updates.

  • Rythm ignored the playlist and therefore is not working.

The Rythm bot seldom removes or resets the files when it leaves the voice channel to make everything well. It interrupts the regular functioning of the bot. Now, the admin suggests making a YouTube/ Spotify playlist of the songs you want to re-queue.


Rythm bot helps Discor users when they want to listen to music and play the game. But sometimes, they might face different problems, and this bot does not work well. Here talk about these problems and how you can solve them.

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