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Every major social network in the world has learned how to add links in the bio section, but the only network that has not done so is Instagram. In this article, we review the methods of adding links in Bio Instagram in general and show a simple way to do this.

Twitter allows you to put various links to your profile in different ways. LinkedIn also allows you to link your page to team page pages. Facebook, of course, allows you to add pages such as personal business, pages related to your page, or even other items in the profile section. So you can fully tell your friends on this social network where you work or who you are in contact.


How to add a link in bio Instagram

Recently, Instagram has slightly increased the maneuvering space on the bio. Until recently, you could not put more than one website link in the bio or a few hashtags and mentions in the bio profile, but new features launched on Instagram that allows you to put different links in your profile section. Give.

The link in the bio is generally a type of call to action and can be used to attract customers or followers to buy or provide a specific service. Two new features activate on Instagram: linkable profiles and hashtags that you can use in the bio. From now on, you can add these two options on Instagram.

Follow the steps below to add a bio link on Instagram:

  1. First, open the Instagram mobile application.
  • Select the Profile Icon option at the bottom left.
  • From this section, select the Edit Profile button and enter the Profile settings section.
  • Find section and put your desired link in this section.
  • To add a link to the hashtag or profile mention in the bio section, you can first put # and then add the hashtag, and to add a link to the profile, you can first put @ and then add the user page name.
  • Finally, check the box at the top right to save the settings.

Keep in mind that this tutorial is for the latest version of Instagram. You can also change your bio via the Instagram website.

Add a link in Bio Instagram via the website

To do this, first, log in to the Instagram website and log in to your profile.

  1. From the profile section, click on the Edit profile option.
  • On the page on the left, when you add the # or @ options in the bio, suitable and relevant items are suggested, which you can try any of them.

How to put several links in Bio Instagram at the same time

Suppose you have a store page, a service page, and an entertainment page as a website you can only put one of these links in your bio. How to enter all three links in Bio Instagram? This is where Instagram landing page bio link tools come in handy. Each Instagram landing page allows you to provide any number of links you want with a beautiful visual design with a shape, icon, and design. for this job:

  1. First, enter the Shorby website.
  • Then you can choose your logo at the top of the page and choose the next options.
  • You can add messenger options like WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • add links to other social networks.
  • You can add links to your website.
  • You can easily show more than ten links in the bio section to the user, just put the link produced by the Shorby website in your bio Instagram.


With the changes in the Instagram versions, different options are considered and it seems that in the next versions of Instagram, we will see much more changes in the field of adding bio-profile links. In any case, remember that linking to other pages that want to work privately on Instagram is not the right thing to do and you should only link the pages related to you in Bio Instagram.

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