Where to look for posters and billboards in Mondstadt? (Rewards)

Have you ever tried to play the brilliant game Genshin Impact? The Chinese-designed video game has a perfect game story with lots of fantastic and appealing scenes throughout the game. You can enjoy this video game on almost any available platform, such as Android, iOS, PlayStation, and Windows.


But how can we find posters and billboards in Mondstadt, a city of freedom in the northeast of Teyvat? In this brief article, I am here to show you where to look for billboards and posters in Mondstadt in this game.

look for posters and billboards in mondstadt

Where to look for posters and billboards in Mondstadt?


As you know, Mondstadt is a german word meaning “Moon city,” and in Genshin Impact, it is one of the seven main nations in Teyvat and the first one in which the Traveler character starts to look for their lost sibling. But before trying to start Lingering Malady’s quest, you should know that you must be at least in Adventure Rank 30, and the storm has hit Mondstadt. Without these requirements, starting the process of “looking for posters and billboards in Mondstadt” is impossible.

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Actually, there are four locations of billboards and posters in Mondstadt, which are marked with a black circle, as you can see on the map. To start finding your items, you can follow the below list;


  1. The first poster can be found along the northern battlements of Mondstadt. You can easily scale the wall until you are on the patrol walkway, and as a result, you will find it on the ground at the marked location on the map on the screen.
  2. The second poster is on Timaeus, the alchemist’s roof. You may not remember which building this is, so let’s remind you that it is next to Blanche’s general store, which is directly in front of Sara’s Good Hunter restaurant.
  3. Let’s view the third poster, which is marked as being located around the building directly opposite the Knights of Favonius’ building. When you are facing away from the mentioned building, just head to the house straight that is in front of you and climb on top of it. Finally, you can find the poster on the roof.
  4. The fourth and last poster is next to Wagner’s blacksmith shop. Similar to the other ones, you need to climb on top of the building to reach the roof in order to get the poster.


Rewards for Finding the Billboards and Posters in Mondstadt

look for billboards and posters in mondstadt

What will you earn if you collect all four posters and billboards in Mondstadt? Genshin Impact users will reach 100 Adventure Rank EXP, 20,000 Mora, six Hero’s Wit, and three Northern Smoked Chicken to find the posters and billboards in the Mondstadt location.


As you can see, all of the posters and billboards in Mondstadt can be found either on rooftops or on top of the moon city’s walls. In this case, some players may decide to move fast throughout the city and try to glide to the posters and billboards with the aim of getting them. To be honest, this decision will prevent fans from waiting for their stamina to refill to start climbing to each of the signs so that they can finish the mission much faster.




Thank you for reading this text, and please share the content with your friends. After finishing the Lingering Malady quest and taking advantage of the “look for billboards and posters in Mondstadt” process, Genshin Impact players are free to take their adventurous way in any direction that they want. This game is a free-to-play one, so you can stop for a time in Mondstadt to interact with the other NPCs, or you can travel to other locations in order to discover new things.

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