How to make a gold farm in Minecraft?

Gold has always been an appealing target for humans, and it doesn’t matter if you are a gold digger in Canada, a husband who is looking for new golden jewelry for his wife, or just a Minecraft user who needs a gold farm Minecraft!!!

Making gold in Minecraft can always rocket your process in this game. In this guide, we will cover all materials we need for a Minecraft gold farm and how to make a gold farm in Minecraft easily.

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What are the requirements to build a Minecraft gold farm?


A Minecraft gold farm can make a high amount of gold for you; for Minecraft 1.16 and higher, this can reach up to 75 gold blocks (or 650 gold ingots) per hour.

But before anything, we should know what exactly we need to make a Minecraft gold farm in the game. The list is a little bit long here, and I hope you will never panic;


  • Scaffolding × 128
  • Carpet × 9
  • Hoppers × 12
  • Chests × 12
  • Glass × 541
  • Magma Blocks × 2880
  • Turtle Eggs × 4
  • Trapdoors × 60


You can also add additional four blocks of stone to this list. Although collecting the requirements to make a Minecraft gold farm will take so much time for you, I am sure the rewards are worth the effort, especially if you already have all or most of these items in your inventory. 

How to make a gold farm in Minecraft?

Now it is time to see how to make a gold farm in Minecraft. To have a gold farm Minecraft in your game, follow these steps;


  • First, you need to set up on the Nether’s roof. To do that, dig or build upwards until you meet with bedrock. After that, use the “F3” key or any key that opens coordinates and find a block at the height of 127.


  • Make sure you have all the required items for making a gold farm Minecraft in your inventory.


  • Now, let’s begin construction. Start by building a 64-block high tower using scaffolding. You need to connect a 4 block long, three-block-wide platform on the top and put three double chests. You have to place three hoppers next to the sides of double chests, and this should be followed by nine more hoppers in 3 x 3 rows.


  • Next, place the carpet on top of the hoppers in the game. Put the grass walls around the carpet, and build them until they reach 23 blocks tall. Make sure they are not connected to the hoppers. Once you have done this, place a building block in the middle of the pattern.


  • Now you need to place three temporary blocks on top of the building block. After that, put another stone block. You have to repeat this process until all the stone blocks are used.


  • Place the trap doors next to the temporary and stone blocks you placed before. Now remove all of the temporary blocks and put the turtle eggs on the stone blocks.


  • In this step, you need to build 12 blocks out of the glass from all four sides. Note that the platform should be symmetrical when looking from the top. Just repeat the process for all four stone blocks with the Minecraft turtle eggs located on top.


  • Finally, located two blocks from the top platform using glass from the trap doors. You need to use temporary blocks to assist along the way as source blocks.


You can also set an AFK (away from keyboard) platform to maximize your gold production. With this platform, it will still generate when you are away from the game.



Thank you kindly for reading this guide. Making a gold farm in Minecraft needs a lot of work to do, but it is worth it for sure. Just make sure you have the requirements for making a Minecraft gold farm, and start building it!!!

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