Most Upvoted Posts on Reddit in Previous Years

Some posts perform into Reddit’s first page each day, but just a few can linger amongst the head.

When you know the kind of content Redditors want to attend might help you as a hint on what is likely to give us some Karma. I will recognize and quickly review the top most-upvoted Reddit posts in previous years.

Reddit Upvoted Posts

  • Leo gets the Oscar! (r/movies)

It was an excellent night in 2016 for Leonardo DiCaprio, who joined the became one of the Oscar victors. Eventually, Leo’s “no oscar” memes stoped. They were entertaining as a trial, but numerous Redditors showed their support for this well-deserved award.

This post makes the 10th spot, with more than 141,000 upvotes.

  • Dad’s superman reflex saves 2 children (r/gifs)

A dad’s superhuman reflex protects his two children’s lives from an oncoming car. Is there anything better than preserving the life of someone? This post was a well-deserved place at the 8th rank with 204K upvotes and 5.7K comments.

  • Take your time, you got this (r/gaming)

This is a post with more than 221K upvotes in the r/gaming. Here, the subreddit ensures 6th place in the list of most upvoted Reddit posts. It indicates how the games you want to play usually do not resonate with your colleagues identically. The post got 3.3K comments.

  • A flight attendant – Shelia Fredrick, saved a Girl from the trafficker (r/pics)

This was about a hero flight attendant. She protected the life of a young girl from the social trafficker. Shelia Fredrick placed a sign in the bathroom the girl will go to tell her situation. Then the police called and arrest the trafficker. Generally, this bravery was recognized on Reddit and achieved up to 222K upvotes and 4.4K comments.

  • Middle child asserting dominance over all others(r/funny)

Humor is what Redditors like the most. This video shows all about a girl taking on her sister. Then the brother steps in, and it became all fair game now. She tilts both of them off the log, out of mercy. 

With 164K upvoted, this is among the 20 most successful or upvoted posts on Reddit.

  • Irish man leaves funny recording for his funeral! (r/funny)

It is a popular post from the r/funny subreddit. This post highlights a funny audio clip given by a man to play at his funeral, which causes people to laugh at his funeral. This Reddit post got 176K upvotes and 2.6K comments.

  • Printers (r/funny)

The post highlights a comic performing fun of printers. It states how a printer would decline to print with no particular color even when you do not need that color in your print. Other users shared their funny experiences with printers. This post is among the top 10 most upvoted posts on Reddit app and has about 192K upvotes and 2.4K comments.

  • Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials (r/news)

It was a popular post in the r/news subreddit with 165K upvotes and 33.4K comments. The post is an expansion of a newspaper that declares the self-destruction end of Jeffery Epstein as a sex trafficker. The millionaire who was a standing lawyer on sex trafficking costs suicide. Redditors revealed mixed opinions with some firing on the DA and incompetent law requirements.

  • I drew all the boys together, and I did it for the internet (r/memes)

It was a post with an image by the Redditor Sickpupz that makes all the male cartoon characters in a year from The Simpson, Spiderman, Garfield, Pikachu, Donald Duck, Winnie the Poo, and more. This post got 204K upvotes and 4.2K comments.

  •  Don’t forget about this (r/pics)

Another post is about the Flint water crisis of 2014. It was a drinking water origin for the city of Flint shifted from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River as it costed less.

Because of poor water treatment, lead drained from the lead water pipes in the drinking water, showing upper 100,000 residents. First tuberculosis can attack the heart, kidneys, and nerves. In children, results like reduced cognition, behavioral disturbances, hearing difficulties, and delayed youth.


Here, we named some of the most amazing and popular Reddit posts, which cause them to become on the list of mos-upvoted ones.

Author: Dyka Smith

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