New LinkedIn features for July 2020

New LinkedIn features for July 2020

LinkedIn is acting very considerate for the people who are seeking jobs and is also trying its best to be helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why LinkedIn has launched New “Support” Reaction, a new “Open-To Work” feature, and a new Career Opportunities Hub to do something good for the job seekers on the platform.

LinkedIn “Support” reaction

LinkedIn has now added a new option for users to react better amid COVID-19, the “Support” reaction. The emoji-response option will provide another way to engage with LinkedIn posts, particularly, as noted, those relating to COVID-19, for which a ‘Like’ or ‘Curious’ response doesn’t fit.

The “Support” reaction is somehow like the “Care” reaction, which Facebook launched some time ago. The change also underlines the popularity of Reactions as a response tool.

linkedin support reaction

LinkedIn “Open-To-Work”

LinkedIn is making it much easier to find jobs. Job seekers are now easier to be seen by the new LinkedIn feature. LinkedIn is also adding some new display options for both job seekers and professionals looking to lend a hand, where possible.

For job seekers, LinkedIn has added a new “Open To Work” feature, which will enable users to display that they’re available for offers and opportunities.

With the new “Open to Work” option, a new green label would be displayed around your profile picture showing that you are a job seeker. This can help to make your profile stand out in searches and in feeds.

Follow the steps below in order to add an “Open to Work” Frame to your profile:

  • Head to your profile and tap on: “Show recruiters you’re open to work” under your profile picture.   
  • Fill in your job preferences such as location and job type   
  • You can customize the option’s preferences by tapping on “choose who sees that you’re open” to select if you want to keep this to recruiters, or if you want to add a badge to your profile that everyone can see.

With these new LinkedIn updates, It would be easier for users to react to posts relevant to COVID-19 and also find their dream job faster than before and thank LinkedIn later.

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