Qtum price prediction

Qtum digital currency is one of the cryptocurrencies made exactly from Bitcoin and Ethereum. The 10-year price prediction for this digital currency is not a difficult task, and we intend to discuss the future price of the qtum digital currency in this article. Can this cryptocurrency grow significantly in the coming years?

What is Qtum?

Qtum digital currency, or more accurately Quantum, is a currency creates precisely by combining the characteristics of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The digital currency launches to eliminate the disadvantages of both popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum so that it uses quickly in global transactions.

Quantum uses include network payments. Qtum is also one of the best solutions for the efficiency of voting systems, which is vital under the blockchain network.

How Qtum works?

In general, quantum digital currency is bitcoin that has been able to execute Etherium digital contracts by manipulating the code. This means that the bitcoin transaction module layer is copied to this digital currency while the top layers can work on the Ethereum virtual machine for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Qtum, however, privately owns an internal virtual machine and has no connection to Etherium.

Quantum has been created as a vital digital currency for blockchain to conduct transactions, stock, and online trading through this currency. The initial quantum supply was 100 million tokens, and the network allows users to mine 4 tokens per hour.

QTUM price prediction

At the time of writing, May 22, 2021, the price of each quantum token is $ 9.12. The digital currency was priced at $ 12 at the start of 2017 and traded in the $ 7 to $ 17 range that year. The digital currency even reached a price of $ 99 in early 2018.


Due to the many similarities between Quantum and Bitcoin and Etherium, as the price of both digital currencies fluctuates, the QTUM price rate will decrease or increase sharply.this currency also revolves around the  $ 9 to $ 16 per token.

QTUM price analysis

It seems that with the break of the resistance level of $ 12, we can soon see the price of $ 14 next month for Quantum. If the resistance level of $ 14 is broken, the prices of $ 20 to $ 36 at the end of 2021 and the price of $ 72 in 2022 can be broken for this currency code, which is currently ranked among the 79 best digital currencies in the world in terms of daily transactions. Is considered.


Quantum price prediction for the next ten years

  1. Trading Beast’s prediction for Qtum indicates a rise in the price of this digital currency. Although it seems that in 2021 the price range will generally fall to $ 2, in general, prices are rising. Based on this, you consider the price prediction for 2022 to increase by $ 5 and for 2023 to increase by approximately $ 20.
  1. Wallet Investor‘s prediction is a little bullish. This analyst considers the price of QTUM to increase by $ 7 in 2022 and price stability until 2025.
  1. Digital Coin Price also predicts that the currency will double in price by 2025 and triple by 2028.

The general prediction for the coming years

By the end of 2030, the whole world will probably be based on blockchain, and most transactions will be encrypted. We also expect digital contracts to grow more and more in the 2030s, with more businesses engaging with them. Based on this, the technology bases its progress on digital currencies and blockchain expansion. So we expect the price of digital currencies, which have a lot to do with digital contracts, to grow even more. The price of the quantum digital currency will probably be equal to its maximum of $ 99 by the end of 2030.


Although QTUM digital currency has fallen sharply since 2018 and is currently offered at low stability, you should note that the world of smart contracts and blockchain networks can be encrypted. He hoped that the price of QTUM currency would increase one to two times by next year. what is your idea about this?

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