Should you sell your home in 2023?

Over the past two years, prices for homes have been rising by 18 percent from October 2020 until October. With this record-breaking rate, you could be thinking about the big decision: Should I decide to sell my house to take advantage of the market for cash before the pace slows?

Should I consider selling my house shortly?

There’s no definitive answer on whether 2023 (or any other year) is the year that you need to sell your house. The best time for you depends on careful evaluation of the local market for housing and your financial position, and your plan when you locate the perfect buyer or investor such as Crawford Home Buyers

The reasons to think about selling your house shortly:

  • This is what it means to be in the seller’s market. In the last two years, the omission of home inspections, the submission of cash-only offers, and purchasing in the dark have made it more convenient for sellers because there aren’t enough listings. Active listings as of the close of 2021 were down by 27 percent compared to the same period in 2020, as per information obtained from If you’re contemplating selling your house and considering selling it, you’ll have market forces of demand and supply to your advantage. As has been the case for many sellers, you could be in charge if you receive multiple offers.
  • Prices won’t rise as fast as this for long. If you’re sitting in the sand hoping that the value of your home will continue to increase in an agitated manner, you may want to enter the market to sell your house right now. 
  • The interest rates are expected to increase. Part of the reason people have been jumping at the chance to buy homes is that the mortgage cost is inexpensive. Through 2021, record-low interest rates meant that well-qualified customers could secure loans with only the tiniest 3-percent interest (or even lower). These rates have gone, but they’re likely to increase in the coming months. This is not good news for two reasons: Buyers may leave the market, and you could be in a buying position following the sale, which means you’ll have to pay more in borrowing costs. Simply put, waiting can cost you.

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The reasons why you should remain in your home:

  • It’s not quite at the break-even point in your refinance. The record low-rate environment of 2020 and 2021 also has paved record refinances. If you refinanced to get a better deal, you’ve made a smart move. But when you decide to sell it in the coming year, it might be able to erase the financial wisdom because you probably didn’t have enough time to recover the closing costs that you paid to get the new loan.
  • There’s no plan to take care of what’s coming next. Moving your home is a big deal. Elsewhere and this requires the time to plan. Do you have enough funds to make an initial down payment on an apartment even if you receive less on your current property than you expected? Are you willing to rent for a few months while contemplating the alternatives? Are you at the point where you can reduce the size of your home to get the majority of your profits from selling? If you’re planning to relocate into a home similar to the one you’re currently living in (in the same area), be aware that you’re likely to require an amount similar to one of the people buying your house.
  • Your housing market isn’t in line with the headlines. There’s a huge increase in the number of homes for sale. However, some areas are more popular. You’re doing well because the median price for homes in Phoenix has increased by 27 percent over the past year, as per If you’re considering selling your house in Peoria, Illinois, it’s not looking well, as the median list price fell by over 2 percent in the same timeframe.

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5 things to consider if you are planning to sell your product:

If you’ve considered the advantages and disadvantages of selling your home by 2023 and have decided the date is appropriate to sell, here are 6 tips to help you prepare to put it on the market, make it closed, and then move out:

1. Do your research about competitors:

It’s important to establish the price of your house, so research what comparable homes in your area have recently been able to attract buyers. You’ll need to be aware of how your home compares. If an agent you’re considering working with recommends a low price for your listing, you’ll be ready to back off.

2. See your home in the eyes of a potential buyer:

Are your outdoor spaces looking a bit shabby? Do the damaged shelf that has never caused you any trouble cause a buyer to turn away? When listing your home, consider the repairs you’re willing to pay for and what you should not spend on repairs. Consider paying an inspection of your home before listing your home (known as a “pre-listing inspection” or “pre-listing examination”). Although it’s a few hundred dollars from your pocket, it will assist you in identifying the most significant issues that a home inspection by a prospective buyer might reveal.

3. Stage it:

First impressions are crucial. You’ll want to take professional photographs of your property to attract the attention of prospective people browsing through the latest listings. Instead of taking pictures of your home the way you’ve lived there, think about working with a home staging professional to make people think, “Wow, I could live in this place.” In addition, you will want to invest in professional house cleaning prior to the photo shoot, to ensure that the house is sparkling clean and looking at its very best. 

4.  Timing is everything

The question isn’t, “Should you sell your home by 2023?” Instead, you may need to determine the time exactly to market your home this year. Contact an agent in the real estate industry to advise which months have the highest chance of a fast sale and better bids. Summer and spring have historically been the most successful seasons, but any time of year is possible in this ever-changing market.

5. Consider what low you’re willing to go:

You may be entering the listing process to expect buyers to keep raising their prices until they sign the contract to pay more than you’ve ever dreamed of. But, even in this present market, you may be dissatisfied. In other scenarios, if you want to buy or build your own house, then kingdom valley offers the best residential plots.

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