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Top absolutely free tools to get social media analytics

by Francine Berano
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Top absolutely free tools to get social media analytics

If you are using any form of social media, you might wonder how you can get some more information about your accounts. The best point of accessing to the analytics of any social media accounts like Facebook Instagram Twitter or YouTube is that you will know how you should direct that account.

Indeed it will give you a better inside of what you have done on it, or what you should do in the future. For example, you are running a business account, and you need to get more women because you are selling women stuff. An insight would show you how your accounts are growing.

Looking for the best time to post on social media? What are the men and women portions of your account? Or to know what time of the day would be the best to post? Or an insight into the best and engaging posts? All answers are inside the analytics tools of social media.

What is social media analytics?

Social media analytics tools are the software or apps providing the statistics of social networks. They will provide the posts and user engagement, user behaviors, the best time to post, and all other information one needs to grow their account. For example, age, gender, living places of users, or country.

You might probably have searched the internet to find some, but with just searching two-three words, you will realize that there are many out there, and how to choose?

I am grateful to introduce you to some of the best- and popular social media analytics tools available on the market. You can still get some of it for free. If you are looking for more options and you feel that you need the most engaged users, then it worth buying one.

As I have already spent too much time reviewing these tools, here I would introduce you to the best I know.

If you are running multiple accounts on different social networks, you can use third-party apps to get more metrics. I would introduce here to manage all accounts in one place.

Free social media analytics tools

Let us divide analytics tools based on the platforms. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. However, many third-party apps may have the all in one place service. It means at a time; you can manage and get the analytics of all your social accounts.

YouTube analytics for other channels

If you want to know the estimated earning of a channel, you can get it through Social Blade or TubeBody Chrome extension. These are the example of tools that you can other channel analytics.

As you see in the picture, the number of subscribers, estimated earning per videos, and their rank is shown in the analytics section.

But how to use other channel data to grow your YouTube account?

It is true that if you find the channel with the highest rate of earning, but you can come up with your ideas. Some topics are competitive, and thousands of channels are competing on a specific topic.  It is good to get some ideas that which channels are proper (and well worth spending time creating videos, making content), but always think for uniqueness and quality.

Example of YouTube analytics software (Social Blade).

There is some fantastic section on the website that shows if channel trending is rising. And, the option to see similar accounts. If you are looking forward to gathering some videos from YouTube with the same topic, it can be a good idea.

Free Instagram analytics tools

If you are looking for free Instagram analytics, I highly recommend the creator studio, and the Instagram insight (available for creator and business accounts) available on the Instagram app.

The app would indeed give you the basic statistics about your account, but in some cases, it might be true.

The Instagram insight is divided into three main sections of content, activity, and audience.

In the content section, everything about your posts, including the engagement rate. Activity will show you the best time (hour or day) to post, and the audience section will show the portion of both genders, their age, and country (and city).

It depends on your business or Instagram activity. Instagram creator studio is also giving the same information. Connecting Instagram account to the creator studio is easy, and you can log in to the creator studio with your Instagram account. Then, tools are in front of you.

If that is not enough for you, you can go for free Trial of other social media analytics services like Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, etc.

Instagram creator studio

Winner Picker

If you are running a campaign, some available tools will pick a random user from a post (likes or/and comments). So, you can search the internet and find some comment picker (or winner picker). However, this service may charge you a few dollars for this service.

Twitter analytics

Like other services above, Twitter also has its analytics services that you can use for free. It will give you a better insight on which direction your account is going.

Twitter analytics

Facebook page analytics

If you are running a page on Facebook, you might have seen the insight menu on your Facebook page. Facebook has provided complete analytics about the growth of the page. You can get Facebook analytics on Creator Studio. Facebook insight gives you posts performance data, audience statistics, data of stories, and other necessary information you need to know about your page.

Facebook Analytics on Creator Studio

You can use the insight for free, and of course, do not forget to check all options on the Facebook page set. You can set the audience and place of visitors. So, the page would be open for those you want to be there. This customizes the audience and determines the direction that a page is growing at.

Best Social media analytics tools (third parties)

As I have seen, what makes this software and apps different from what the social network provides is the report you can make within the app. However, making a report is not free, and they charge you (sometimes separately from the other services).

Social media analytics services like Hootsuite, Buffer is the one you can make the social report. These services are excellent if you are a social media manager, and you need it for your job/resume. Otherwise, if you are running your accounts, you no need the report, in my mind.


I highly recommend you use the social networks to get the insight. If you are a social media manager or running multiple accounts, you can use social media management tools.

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Top absolutely free tools to get social media analytics
Top absolutely free tools to get social media analytics
If you are using any form of social media, you might be wondering how you can get some more information about your accounts. The high point of accessing to the analytics of any social media accounts like Facebook Instagram Twitter or youtube is that you will know how you can use that account.

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