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Does social media seriously harm your mental health?

In the beginning, the word social media may be confusing to you. Social media refers to websites and programs that are designed to allow people to get content quickly, efficiently, and in real time. To share. While many people today have access to social networks through their smartphone applications and as easily as possible in different situations, this tool first started working on computers.

Social media can allow you to share your content widely and interact with people through any means of communication connected to the Internet. Inosocial is a great resource to find out more about all social media tips.

With the advent of all kinds of tools and social networks in the endless context of the Internet, in a short period of time, the climate of the world has undergone a huge change, so that each of these tools and media to our daily lives. It binds itself and each other. That is why many today consider us as the age of technology and interaction.

The ability to share photos, comments, and events in real time has transformed our personal and business lifestyles. Here are the basics of using social media and how to use it to help promote business.

In general, social media is any digital device that allows users to quickly create content and share it with people. Social networks encompass a wide range of websites and applications, and today each of them is known and used for the purpose and features they have placed in the hands of their users. Twitter, for example, specializes in sharing links and text messages, and we see people around the world sharing their words in the form of a tweet.

What is Social Media?

What makes Social Media unique is that they are both widespread and uncensored! While many social media companies impose restrictions, the social and political freedoms of these social networks are greater than those of other television channels and media. Anyone with access to the Internet can create an account on one of these social media with a smartphone in hand. You can share any content you like in these spaces and let anyone from anywhere in the world visit them and get their feedback.

Types of social media

There are different types of social media and they can be divided into several categories based on the services they provide

  • Social Networks

Social networks are often used to share ideas and content with users, as well as to connect and exchange ideas between users.

  • Media networks

Unlike social networks that specialize in sharing people’s thoughts and ideas, these networks specialize in sharing content such as videos and photos. Instagram and YouTube are examples of this category.

  • Discussion networks

Chat networks like Reddit are the best option for creating an in-depth discussion between users.

Social Media Marketing

Make money from social networks: The key to success on all social networks is that they need marketing attention and effort to help their business grow. It is important to respect and value Social Media so that it can help attract customers.

Naturally, progress in social media can happen in the short term. The speed of growth and growth in these networks is very high and thousands of posts and articles related to a specific topic are published in these spaces daily. In order to be seen better, you should note that duplicate content and titles are not considered in these networks, and on the contrary, an interesting and attractive content can have a lot of active feedback.

If you use social media for business, you need to make sure you have a two-way communication with your customers. It is necessary to talk to customers and seek their opinion and take steps to improve their performance and that of their community.

4 popular social networks in 2020

Social networks can each have different uses. For example, although Instagram can be a good environment for brands and their promotion, it can not be a good environment for selling or interacting with customers, and in these cases, LinkedIn can be a better help. With this in mind, you can provide a more appropriate environment for your business. Here we introduce the most popular social media platforms in 2020:


According to Facebook’s own official analysis and statistics, currently and in 2020, approximately 2,020,000,000 monthly activities are being carried out by Facebook users, including millions of businesses large and small through this medium. They are promoting their business and brand. Users of this network access it through the mobile phone operating system and Windows PC.


If we want to name the 4 most popular networks of 2020, Twitter is definitely one of them. A network with the ability to tweet short but interesting and effective text messages in various political, social, cultural and educational fields, have made this social network attractive and unique. In addition to your text messages, you can also tweet and share your other content, such as photos or videos, with others. Twitter is provided to its users by desktop and mobile applications.

Currently, the number of active members on Twitter has reached more than 240 million people, and in the meantime, we are witnessing famous and prominent people in politics, art, sports, and so on. Twitter has also played a significant role in the rapid growth and prosperity of businesses.


If you are in business, you must know LinkedIn. Whether you are a collection manager, an employee or an investor, you need to know that LinkedIn is a social network based on business relationships. With the dramatic increase in the speed at which video content is published on the network by members and the creation of more traffic to the domain of business websites through published links, LinkedIn has become a priority and choice for business owners. The number of people who have joined this large network will reach more than 700 million people in the world by 2020.


An environment of stunning and eye-catching images that has had a huge impact on business growth in recent years. Instagram, like Facebook, but on a smaller scale due to access to a source of tastes and interests of members, has led managers and business owners to move to this powerful network and attract potential customers in the meantime. Find. Instagram owners themselves, aware of the high potential of this platform, offer many services and facilities to ordinary users and their business profiles during their updates.

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