How to find diamonds in Minecraft? (Easy Guide)


As a Minecraft player, you need to know which things are your friends in the game. You can benefit from many items in Minecraft, but none of them can reach diamonds.

Once you find one of these shiny jewelry pieces, they can be crafted into some of the best items in the game. You can also craft diamonds into enchanting tables and jukeboxes. If you don’t know where to find a diamond in Minecraft, continue reading this text.

This brief guide will explain how to find diamonds in Minecraft easily.

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How to find a diamond in Minecraft

Before starting to answer the question “where can I find diamonds in Minecraft?” let’s see “what do I need to find them?”. View the list below;

  • An iron pickaxe or better

Never forget that diamond ores can only be mined with an iron pickaxe or better (such as gold, diamond, or nephrite). If you want to try mining diamonds with a stone or wooden pickaxe, you can see the block will break, but you will get no diamond as a result.

  • Torches

The following items are torches. They will light your way while you are mining, making it more difficult for enemies to get on you. You can also craft torches by placing a piece of coal on top of a stick.

  • Food

When working, never wait to be hungry!!! Although any edible item can be helpful to us, chicken nuggets or steps are the best options. You cannot expect when you will need the extra health.

There are many layers in Minecraft based on altitude, and diamonds can only be found in layer 15 or lower. As a comparison, the sea level in “Minecraft” roughly layers 64. Layer 15 seems too deep as you reach the bottom of the world in the game.

You can use the debug menu if you don’t know which layer you are on. To open the debug menu, press F3 on a PC or Fn + F3 on a Mac. Your current layer is the Y coordinate.

If you reach layer 15 in Minecraft, start digging. Layer 12 is the layer where diamonds are beginning to appear, indicated by blue dots. There is also minor lava on layers 11 and 12, and the best place to find diamonds. Most diamond comes in linear “veins,” meaning that there will be multiple diamond ore blocks connected to each other.

Tips and Tricks to finding a diamond in Minecraft

You may ask now, “Where can I find a diamond in Minecraft?” well, there are always some tips and tricks for that.

First, it is better to find a cave in the game. Note that never dig straight down; if you accidentally search dig the cave’s ceiling, you will find yourself falling into lava or a massive ravine. To not lose your route track, you should use torches.

Second, always be alert to keep yourself far from enemies like spiders, skeletons, zombies, and witches. You can also hear them as they are getting near you.

Third, use your blocks to build a tower and escape to higher ground if you need to run. Suppose you encounter a dead-end in your route, quickly mine into a wall, and place blocks to seal the exit.

Is there any alternative way to mine diamonds in Minecraft? Although the best way to find diamonds in Minecraft is to dig and mine, there are some alternative methods to find diamonds. You have a chance to find your diamonds in village treasure chests. Furthermore, desert temples and mineshafts might also hold diamonds in their treasure chests. Remember that the most common place for finding these chests is underground.


Thank you for reading this post. Never forget the rule; you will drop everything in your inventory if you die. And once an item has been dropped, you will only have a few minutes to retrieve it before it disappears. If you have bad luck and fall into lava, all your items will be immediately destroyed as they hit the lava.

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