Download Instagram profile picture (full size)

One limitation of Instagram is that it does not permit users to view the extended version of the profile picture. As a follower, you can see a small picture on the top left side of the profiles. Many people like to find a way to zoom in on Instagram profile pictures.  They might try different ways to download the initial version out of interest or any other purpose.

How to download Instagram profile pictures?

If you want to learn about downloading the profile picture of any Instagram user in its original size, keep reading.

If you do not know the answer to the above question, so here is the best site. When you use a mobile device, you have to touch and hold down on your profile picture, and you can edit or eliminate your profile picture. But you will not see any option to download it.

But if you use a PC, you have to right-click on the profile picture; then, you can store an inadequate version on your computer. But you may want to have a large version of that.

The best way to download Instagram profile pictures or view the full size is to use efficient tools. You may see that searching for an Instagram profile picture downloader results in finding the story and post downloaders many times. It appears that downloading profile picture devices do not operate perfectly. Here, we have examined some of these tools and made a list of effective ones.

  • Instadp tool

One of the top tools that help you download and view Instagram profile pictures in full size is the Instadp tool. But sometimes, you may face a problem with it. For example, when you require to try an especial username, it might not obtain the usernames and profile.

If you use their recommended list, it will work. There is another weakness about this app. Sometimes the feature of the picture is not the same as the primary one. It is reasonable because if a user uploads his profile picture, he makes a different picture size. So, when you want to download that picture in full size, you can download a lower quality one.

Download Instagram profile picture by PC or a mobile device.

View Instagram profile picture in full size.

To view the Instagram profile pictures in full size with instadp tools.

  1. Search
  2. Insert the username of the point profile picture
  3. After seeing the original size of the picture, click on download and store it on your device

Tip: It is possible to download Instagram stories and highlights applying Instadp.

  • IZUUM tool

Recently, people use the IZUUM tool as a popular tool, which operates similarly to Instadp. Take the below steps to download Instagram profile pictures:

  1. Search and find
  2. Write the username of the point profile picture 
  3. After seeing the photo in its primary quality and size, click right on the photo and store it in your gallery.

How to download Instagram profile pictures on Android?

If you want to find an app in the Google play store and use it to download Instagram profile pictures, you have to catch these below actions:

  1. Run the Instagram app
  2. Find the account that you want to download his profile picture.
  3. Copy the username on your clipboard, or you can write it down.
  4. Open Google play store and find a free profile picture downloader such as InstaProfile to download.
  5. paste the copied username where needed
  6. Choose the download option. Here, for this app, you have to choose the diskette icon.

How to download Instagram profile pictures on iPhone?

There are some other free apps for iPhone users. They can search for downloading Instagram profile pictures on App Store. They can do it, following these simple steps.

  1. Run your Instagram app
  2. Decide whose profile picture you desire to download
  3. Copy or write down the username on your clipboard
  4. Open the app store and search to download a free profile picture downloader such as IGProfile for Instagram.
  5. Start the app.
  6. Paste the username on its specific site.


Instagram has put a border on its app and website to see and download full-size profile pictures. But there are several methods to go around this restriction, no difference you use PC or mobile devices. You can use Instadp and IZUUM tools on both systems. Also, there are some apps like InstaProfile and IGProfile. You can use them freely on Android and iOS mobile phones, individually.

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