How to Tag Someone on YouTube?

Many youtube users do not know the best way to make a reasonable method for adding tags to their YouTube videos.

How to tag someone on Youtube?

You can use two methods to make YouTube tags for your videos.

  1. Attach tags that you believe make sense and support for the most useful;
  2. Do a rational means to attach tags that make sense.

In this example, we will describe our chosen method to attach tags to our videos in 5–10 minutes.

What do YouTube tags mean?

YouTube tags refer to words and expressions that represent your video. It helps people to find your content by giving more context.

Why should you use YouTube tags?

The most important pieces that cause your video development are the video’s title, thumbnail, and description. Those ‚central parts of information representatives viewers choose which videos to see. You can use Tags when you commonly misspelled the content of your video. Except tags present a minimum role in your video’s development. Most studies reveal only a modest relationship between the practice of keywords in tags and a video’s ranking place.

Similar studies discovered that only ⅓ of the top-ranking videos make tags with keywords. While Justin Briggsby denotes out, this “may mean that keyword tags are less significant than headlines and information.”

How to add tags to your YouTube videos?

You have to know that your “process” for attaching YouTube tags is simple and not definitive by the means. While I recommend doing it in this way, there is no hard proof that it represented an important role in your channel development over the years. You can apply this method only as a rough model. It is best not to spend more than 5–10 minutes attaching tags to any video. In my opinion, any longer means wasting time.

Here are tips on how you can make a useful tag on YouTube.

Placed your main point keyword as the primary tag

This subject of 1.3 million YouTube videos noticed a light connection between rankings and keywords when using them in your video’s tags.

Other users assume that YouTube forwards the most care to your primary tag.

We are not sure about this opinion. But YouTube’s official guidance for tags indicates that users must use the terms and expressions that make the most feeling for their video. Your point keyword could be the best feature to gain this goal.

The best idea is to use your prime keyword as your head tag.

For example, when you want to rank for keyword research, your first tag could be a keyword search.

YouTube tagging steps

YouTube provides tagging or naming someone both in the YouTube headline or report.

Now, I want to explain how to tag someone on YouTube.

  • Run YouTube studio (when you use it on desktop) or YouTube app (when you use it on mobile) and begin uploading your chosen video.
  • In the heading, you can see type@ to specify a channel.
  • In report: “type @ to specify a channel”.

How to tag someone on YouTube on my mobile?

  1. Start with uploading a YouTube video by YouTube app – not using the YouTube studio app.
  2. Set @ in both heading and report and mark a channel.
  3. After you have tagged the channel, it will become in a grey framework.
  4. On the uploaded video, it will seem like a blue link you can click in the headline or report.
  5. Finally, it is time to upload your video.
  6. While the new version is updating, you can not edit a video later and tag someone with your old mobile app.

How to tag someone on YouTube on desktop?

  1. Search for
  2. Upload a unique video and type@ figure both in the title or report.
  3. Now you can tag anyone you like.
  4. The point is that you can tag someone in previously uploaded videos on the desktop.

How to make a comment tag on the desktop?

1. Search on your computer.

2. Locate the YouTube video that you need to tag a user in, and go down to the comments.

3. You have to click on the “Reply” button below the comment.

4. Continue typing your message into the writing box.

5. At the end, send it.


How to make a comment tag on your mobile device?

You can use the same process for both Android and iPhone systems.

1. Run the YouTube app on your phone.

2. Drive to the video and remark that you need to respond to it.

3. Choose the reply icon below the wanted comment.

4. Typewrite out your comment.

5. Touch the paper airplane image to send st your comment.



Tagging someone online can be an excellent method to get their care, however on YouTube, the only technique to do this is by responding to a comment.
While this has quite the identical result as tagging someone, the downside is that you can not do it except the other body has already commented.
Here, there is a complete guide about how to do it.

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