The Best Tools for Students to Write Research Proposals for British University

British universities require students to submit research proposals when they apply for a research program. Professors use it to determine if a student is suitable for a research degree or if they might require to be supervised. 

The proposal is also important when a student is seeking external funding for their research program. Unless otherwise advised, it is a requirement for a student to submit the proposal as part of their application process. Some proposals can be one page while others several pages but to produce the best proposal, the use of the right tools is necessary. 


Todoist is important when you want to put your thoughts and materials in an organized manner. Getting organized is one of the main steps in research because it helps you know your priorities and ensures every detail is included in your research proposal. 

The free app can be accessed on any device and is very easy to use. It helps you create your proposal outline, plan, and keep your research organized. If you need extra features to make your planning more effective, go for the premium plan at $29 per annum. 

Help with research proposal 

Because it’s a requirement for any student who wants to join a research program, students need to learn how to write good research proposals. The university dean will use it to determine whether to allow them to proceed with their choice research program. Most students write their proposals through help from the most trustworthy research proposal writing service – and they have helped thousands of students with academic work. Their writers are experts in the education field and they deliver quality work fast. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar has a lot of features that help students find writing proposals and other academic work easier. By simply typing your search on google scholar, you immediately get access to thousands of scholarly information in seconds. 

You can use the tools to get formatted citations, library links, and open access journals. You can narrow down your search to find patents, legal documents, science, and tech articles. Developed by Google, the app is continually undergoing improvement. 

Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me helps you do your citations correctly lest your document show plagiarism. You can use it to prepare bibliographies and save time preparing references. The tool is used to cite podcasts, books, websites, and many more. Your references and citation style are saved for a maximum of seven days in this app before it disappears. 


Zotero is a great tool for use when you want to get relevant information online with one click. It is useful when you want to collect information for your research from several websites. The app will help you organize your information and cite it in all the major citation formats. 

You can also use the app to share your citations and information with others or even synchronize across several devices. It is installed as a plugin and is compatible with Ms. Word, LibreOffice, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. 


Mendeley helps you manage your writing process and organize your research and citation. All the resources you researched are stored in the app so that you can access them later online or offline. After you are done with writing, you can use the app to cite, generate bibliographies and make annotations. 


ReadCube helps you synchronize data across several devices. Using the app, you can import scanned and PDF files and change them into text. Depending on what is in your library, the app can make suggestions on what might be useful to you. 

Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic is a free search engine used by students during academic research. It is very good when dealing with larger amounts of data and can also be used to cite sources. After keying in the search word, Microsoft Academic automatically collects all the relevant data. Compared to Google Scholar, this tool collects a larger volume of data and cites non-academic work like magazines and newspapers. 


Research proposals are part of a student’s research program and can be used to solicit funding. Professors use the proposal to determine if a student is fit for their chosen program or they might require further help. Well-written research proposals will likely be approved for the program or funding. Online tools help a student get headline suggestions, research resources, citations, grammar checks, and so on. A student should make use of tools to write their best proposal. 

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