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The Best Ways To Make Your Posts More Engaging And Interactive On Instagram 

On average, an Instagram account with ten to a hundred thousand followers can generate 0.94% engagement. That might sound like it’s too little, but when you put those numbers into perspective, you understand why they are important.

That’s why you need engaging and interactive Instagram posts to make an impact. However, doing and saying are two different things. So, let’s dive in and find out how you can do that: 

What Are Instagram Posts? Various Types & Purposes

An Instagram post is when the account on this social media platform posts content. The three major forms of content that Instagram posts comprise of are:

  • Images (obviously)
  • Videos & short videos 
  • Written content/slides

These three major types are found in almost all Instagram posts. From around 1.22 billion users each month, most of them are on the platform for images. However, stories are used in posts and stories just as much, if not less. That’s why it’s important to understand various types as well as their purposes. 

What Is The Benefit Of Making Your Instagram Posts More Attractive? 

The benefit of making your posts on Instagram more attractive can yield many great benefits. Besides inciting interaction with your target audience, you can also stand out in search results and garner your audience through Instagram’s Explore.

So, if you are looking to find a reason to make your Instagram posts more attractive, then here are three major benefits of doing so:

  • More Audience Interaction

Audience interaction is one of the critical essentials of Instagram success. If your audience likes your posts and comments on them, you naturally attract more audiences. That’s why it’s imperative to formulate content for Instagram with the sole purpose of rabble-rousing communication with a target audience. 

  • Sharing Across The Platform

Your content might have a chance of getting shared through stories or appearing in Instagram’s Explore section. However, it can only happen if you’re creating time-worthy posts for your targeted Instagram users. That’s why you need a strategy to create such posts regularly.

  • Established Persona 

Your Instagram persona will be a necessary aspect of your success on the platform. In order to stand out in a crowded Instagram influencer bazaar, you need elements that help you stand out. Therefore, creating engaging content just so happens to be the top-notch element of it. 

10 Best Ways To Make Your Posts More Engaging And Interactive On Instagram 

To make a past more attractive and engaging on Instagram, you need to ensure you post top-quality content. Besides knowing how to use your phone’s camera or a digital camera, you also need to know a little bit about editing. 

However, those are the obvious ways to make an Instagram post engaging. So, why not talk about factors that often go unspoken of? Here are the 10 best ways to make your posts more engaging and interactive. 

  1. Use Your Best Images – Even If You Take A 100

Using the best images from your camera roll is one of the best ways to make your Instagram appear fantastic. 

As you can see here, using the best images can make your Instagram page look like this. The six images you can see in this screenshot have great photographic value. Therefore, your focus should be to take the best picture possible—even if you need to take a hundred. 

  1. Use Your Phone’s Camera Properly

Using your camera phone might help you take good pictures, only if you know how to use it. Today’s camera phones have more power and prowess than digital cameras from a few years ago. So, make sure you are doing these:

  • Using gridlines to take linear pictures
  • Focus on your picture’s subject—blur the background in editing if you have to
  • Try different perspectives
  • Using proper ISO settings, according to lighting

These factors can help you take good pictures with the most average phones today. So, make sure you tweak around with your camera settings. 

  1. Write Engaging Captions

Engaging captions are your best bet at attracting your target audience. You don’t have to make them overly sensitive or extra motivational. Sometimes, the best captions are the ones that come from the heart, much like this:


Now, not everyone is The Rock at expressing their inner thoughts eloquently. But it’s all about trial and error, so write something you can resonate with.

  1. Use Reversed Text

Using reversed text can add a lot of “IT” factors to your Instagram profile. You can use this text in your bio, captions, or even your username. If you wish to make your content more attractive, then try this tool. So, here’s the original text:

Here’s the text reversed:

Now, imagine if you used this text in your caption and asked your audience to decipher it. Almost everyone following you would get involved—increasing your post interactivity. 

  1. Make Your Name Or Caption Invisible

Making your username invisible on Instagram can help you attract attention to your username. Doing this in your caption will help you push your audience to focus on the pictures you post. Here’s how to do it by using an invisible character

Upon visiting the website, this is what you see. It’s straightforward, but you can also test it if you scroll down a bit:

So, follow the instructions onscreen and use invisible characters as you deem fit.

  1. Post For Your Audience 

Instead of posting for yourself, which is obvious at this point, try posting for your audience. This is particularly important if you’re working in a specific niche. 

So, let’s say you own a traveling or lifestyle Instagram, then try to understand what your audience likes. This way, you will be posting content that’ll help you to gain 1000s of instagram followers in short time.

  1. Use Videos & Short Clips

Using short videos can add a lot to your Instagram profile. That’s why you need to make sure you’re posting content that’s ideal for your audience and portrays your ideas. And, it just happens to be that short clips and videos are ideal for this.

  1. Try Adding Carousel Images 

Adding carousel images can push the audience to interact with your content more. That’s why try to create images such as this:

Image credit:

This approach can help you use more space for wide-lens shots. 

  1. Be Simple – Urge The Users To Comment 

The best thing you can do is be simple. Just ask your audience to comment and let them know your thoughts, especially if you’re an influencer within a niche or industry.

  1. Be Authentic – Follow Trends, But Be Your Own Person

This is more of an advice than a tip, but be yourself when you post content. Following trends is good, and it can help you stand out in posts sometimes.

However, try to be a trendsetter yourself. Be creative, think out of the box, and most importantly, be your own person.


These are the best tips you can use today to become more engaging and interactive on Instagram. Therefore, use the tools mentioned in this article alongside the advice mentioned above to stand out in your niche. 

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