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 In the homeland of Himachal Pradesh, there is a wonderful place called Kheerganga  (3500 meters). It is located at the end of the Parvati Valley in Sylvan Hills. It is a place where Lord Shiva has been thinking for thousands of years. The lush green plants of the mountain, the fertile Parvati River, and the beautiful sky are undoubtedly the joy of the eyes and hearts of travelers.

 Location is very important to Hindu and Sikh explorers. The Kheerganga trek is located 22 kilometers from Manikaran and is known for its high-temperature water springs under any circumstances, you will appreciate it during periods of heavy snowfall and sinking. As you travel, this path reveals famous resorts such as Rudra Nag Waterfall and Shiv Temple. You must continue your trip to Kasol-Kheerganga and enjoy harmony in the unparalleled relaxing scenery of the Himalayas.

 How’Kheerganga’ is called

 A couple who admitted to be Lord Shiva’s son Kartikeya came here after losing their enthusiasm for his brother Ganesha. He maintained it in “Samadhi” (meditation) for thousands of years. It was Lord Shiva who tried to seduce his son by leading a wave of Kheer (rice pudding) to bring him back. The true meaning of the word Kheerganga is “smooth white holy water”.

 Trek to Kheerganga

 When I went to Kasol with my dear friends about three years ago, I discovered Kheerganga from those who had returned from the trip. They revealed to us that despite the obvious difficulties, this trip was an exciting experience that will leave memories for a long time. Since then, Kheerganga has been the place I want to go until the opportunity finally arises.

 A month ago, I decided to travel. I can’t wait to go to Shivaji Stadium. You should board the Rhythm Explorer shuttle from there at 10 pm. I calmly put on the headphones, turned on the music, and sat down. Interestingly, I sailed alone, so my excess of enthusiasm almost gave me a breather in the transport.

The morning of began with a dazzling sunrise, and I admired it from nearby Daba, where we sampled tea and sandwiches. Due to the uneven roads on Manikaran and Kasol streets, around 2 pm, the transport transported me to the Kasol bus stop. I met other people at the bus station who wanted to go to Kheerganga at 2 in the afternoon. I didn’t say yes but chose to find a hotel in Castle for one night because I need to freshen up for the short trip. After relaxing for 2 hours, walk to Casor Street, also known as Mini Israel, because many billboards are engraved in Hebrew, and the restaurant serves a variety of delicious Israeli dishes. And tavern.

 The next day, after drinking a few toasts in the cafe of the inn, I started my company at 6 o’clock in the morning. Initially, I visited a nearby refuge, where I met my guide, who has been involved in travel for 8 years. From the sanctuary, we headed to the headquarters of Barsanti, which is also the meeting point of the Parvati and Tosh rivers. On the way to the summit, we strolled in the magnificent scenery and admired the beauty of nature. We arrived at Rudra Nag waterfall at 10 am, and we stayed there for 15 minutes to respect the excellence of the slope.

 The trip from Kasol to Helganga

 We also passed through the two cities of Calga and Purga. The locals sang several Himachalistic songs for us. It was really heaven at that moment! They introduced me to their way of life, and the locals offered me a traditional Himachal Desert Mittha, decorated with rice, brown sugar, raisins, and dried organic products. Later, the stadium became majestic and you can see shrines, streams, flowers, mud houses, and tall trees.

As the starting point of the trek to Buni Buni Pass, Barshaini serves as the base camp. Driving from Bhuntar, 3 hours away, is the best way to get here. It is located just before Kullu on the Delhi-Manali highway. If you’re taking a bus, get off here. Plan to arrive in Bhuntar by 7 a.m. if possible

Arrive a day early and spend the night in Kasol or Manikaran, both of which are beautiful places to stay. Barshaini is a small village in the Indian state of Rajasthan. There is a small dam being built on the Parvati river that is the village’s main attraction. On the opposite bank of the river, you’ll see a village named Pulga. Barshaini can be explored by walking around the village.

 We arrived at the green clearing of Helganga rhythm on time! I had an exciting dive in the natural aquifer, which completely eliminated sleepiness and leg pain during the trip. That day, I decided to spend the night in the camp. In order to commend the achievements of this trip, a fire was arranged throughout the afternoon. It was another restless night because people were busy cooperating and sharing their experiences with each other.

 Kheerganga Tour

 I rested for about 2 hours and woke up to the cold morning breeze to see the amazing view of the sunrise and the birds. After eating, I went to the hot springs to take a dip. After breakfast at 11:30 in the morning, we started the journey back to Barsanti, which took 3 and a half hours, and then we returned to the Castle, only 3 kilometers away.

Barshaini’s trail will lead you out of the city. There is an unfinished dam on the Parvati river about 900 meters from Barshaini. Near the dam, the Tosh River meets the Parvati River.

You’ll find it on your left after you’ve crossed the dam. You will reach a Dhaba after climbing for about 600 meters. There are good views around and you can hear the Parvati and Tosh rivers below.

As you leave the Dhaba, the trail begins to diverge. A forest of pine and chestnut trees covers the area. From this point on, the ascent is very slow. Enjoy the jungle trail with the river flowing by it as you stroll along with it. On this trail, you’ll see a number of trees that have fallen. Those can be used as reference points.

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