Top 5 Free Tools For Website Building

In the 21st century, a website is not anymore a luxury, instead, it’s a necessity. The present era is popular worldwide as the era of technology. It’s vital to move with the flow to stay alive and ahead in the race.

Although numerous technologies and trends come and go rapidly in and out of the market still, some technologies leave a remarkable impact. These technologies become a crucial part and most of the time bring miraculous results in an outcome.

These days, a website for every service provider is a must to have. However, if you hesitate to connect with a web development company to invest in web development, then you can consider the below-mentioned free tools for web building to get a robust website for your venture. Businesses that have turned online are earning great perks. Presently, it’s vital to have a good online presence. There are numerous advantages of turning business online.

In this article, we will be sharing the top 5 free tools for web development that will not just help you to build a good website but you can do a lot more, you could ever wander. Let’s begin!

Top 5 Free Web Development Tools

  1. WordPress – Excellent for Blogging Websites.
  2. Wix – Best Website Builder.
  3. Weebly – Suitable for Startups.
  4. Webflow – Modern Website Builder.
  5. Strikingly – Ideal for Basic Web.

WordPress – WordPress is the best for building a blogging website as it has great features you would require for blog posting like such as analytics, searching features, comments, display categories, and more. Also, WordPress gives 3GB storage space which is the highest in the list of all 5 web builder tools.

Top Features 

  • Best for Bloggers – WordPress is the best tool to build a blogging website.
  • Storage – It offers huge storage which is six times more than other tools on this list
  • Brilliant Features – For blogging, it has excellent features like analytics, searching features, comments, display categories, etc.

Wix – It is one of the best tools for web development and that too free of cost. Moreover, it’s an ideal tool for every sort of website development. However, WIX is very easy to use, unlike other tools. Furthermore, there are plenty of features for amazing web development. Also, it allows users to explore with its drop and drag feature to create excellent websites without hassle.

Top Features 

  • Creative Features – You can simply use any feature of Wix to adjust or create a website of your choice without much effort.
  • Easy-To-Use – All of the features are extremely easy to use. Whether it be image, background, text, etc.
  • Template & Designs Options – The template and designs in Wix are excellent and ready to use with a few clicks and drag.
  • Undo Characteristic – In case something goes wrong, you can simply use the undo command to retrieve the action.

Weebly – Just like Wix, Weebly is also very easy to use with many great features to build a robust and beautiful website. Weebly is an ideal website builder, especially for small-scale businesses or startups. Additionally, it also has great SEO tools along with several amazing features like semi-professional free domain, room for growth to scale your website. 

Top Features 

  • Building Themes – Weebly’s structure themes at times can be hard to manage, but helps to develop the best design.
  • Effortless setup – Get access to simple themes to build a wonderful website with easy setup without any sort of hassle.
  • Beginner-friendly – It’s very easy to use as a beginner can even use it without Laravel developers or tech support.

Webflow – Webflow is a great platform that provides CMS and hosting for website building. In the mobile age, Webflow is the first design and hosting platform. With Webflow, you can design and build responsive websites.

Top Features

  • CMS (Content Management System) – In Webflow, you get access to the CMS that helps you control as well as manage content effortlessly.
  • Hosting – You get the hosting service in Webflow and none of the other tools provide this however, it’s crucial.
  • No Code Development – There is no coding required which means you don’t need to hire PHP developers or others for web development.

Strikingly – Unlike the above two website builders, Webflow doesn’t provide many features. Since the ultimate motive of Webflow is to simply help businesses to turn online without much effort and swiftly.

Top Features 

  • Inexpensive – Strikingly is comparatively very cost-efficient among the top 5 free tools for website building.
  • Easy to Use – Simultaneously, it’s very easy to use means you can build a website in a few simple steps.
  • Fast – It’s a fast solution to turn your business online as building a website with Strikingly is very easy and possible quickly.

To see if this tool is right for you, check out this Webflow review for further insights

In a Nutshell

Nowadays, even before starting a business, a website is a necessity and you must invest in the same. Since users these days sell and purchase products online more than offline, it becomes highly crucial for every business or service provider to start providing services online. Otherwise, without any delay, you will be kicked out of the business race.

Now, if you’re wondering how to get a website for your business, then you can consider any of the above-mentioned 5 free tools for website development and start excelling in your niche.

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