Top 7 Streaming Platforms With Amazing App Designs In Canada

Top 7 Streaming Platforms With Amazing App Designs In Canada

Video streaming Apps have come a long way. The spark that Netflix ignited has turned into a massive fire, and the online streaming industry has gone through tremendous growth. Streaming Apps today are fighting to excel each other, and with so many key players in the race to become the best, viewers have many amazing options to choose from.

The trend of online streaming on your cell phones took off a huge leap towards popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, and since then, there’s been no looking back. VOD streaming platforms have revolutionized the entertainment industry, converting ardent cinemagoers into binge-watching fanatics. 

Canada is a big targeted market for online streaming platforms, and almost all the major streaming services have officially launched here. Netflix Canada, Paramount+, Disney Plus, Hayu, Hotstar, and Crunchyroll are some of the popular streaming platforms in Canada. You can also get Amazon Prime in Canada with a VPN to watch your favorite shows and films.

Canadian viewers often ask around on the discussion forums and Google search engine about the best streaming Apps, their cost, features, and the range of content. Besides these key features, the user experience and app design often play an important role when you decide to subscribe to a specific platform.

Several streaming apps have earned huge profits during the past few years and have successfully attracted millions of subscribers. If you are looking for a streaming service subscription, here are the top 7 streaming platforms with amazing app designs in Canada.

Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Streaming App

How do you find out which streaming platform is the best? Given the fact that there is a plethora of options to choose from, you have to carefully access each platform individually, especially its app features.

When choosing a streaming app, the main goal is to address the type of content you want. The other important factor is the subscription price you have to pay. Besides these aspects, you must also consider the quality of the UI/UX design of the apps.

A perfect user experience is one of the top priorities of streaming apps, as new subscribers often judge the app by its first look.

7 Best Streaming Platforms with Amazing App Designs

When you are picking a streaming platform for yourself, make sure that you consider the aspects such as management tools for video content, secure streaming solutions, low remission streaming, and advanced analytics available for video.

Netflix (Android / iOS)

Netflix is the streaming giant among all the services currently available. After being in the streaming business for longer than other services, Netflix has an upper hand in knowing how to cater to its users. And it shows by looking at the design which is very similar to a movie theater. It targets the consumer’s mind preparing it for movie time.

The white typography on top of the dark background makes Netflix’s iconic red stimulate your mind, creating the undertones that make it easy for one to browse the vast catalog.

With many commanding titles on its plate and a huge lineup of its originals, the streaming giant Netflix remains the top go-to space for many streamers. However, despite its global presence, Netflix’s content libraries are geo-restricted and require the best Netflix VPN to access them

Following are the key app feature that Netflix offers: 

  • Offers multiple profiles on one account
  • Stream or watch offline downloaded videos on the go
  • Parental controls to keep your preferences in check for your kids
  • Link to the voice command for easier use
  • Dolby quality of digital sound for a better experience

HBO Max (Android / iOS)

HBO Max is also a dark-themed app like Netflix, it sets your mood right into the tone of browsing the vast hit collections it offers.

HBO Max comes into the market to compete with Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+. HBO Max offers many options from Warner Brothers, TBS, TNT, and CNN as well.

Moreover, then the catalog of its originals, HBO Max gets all of the new Warner Bros movies, which keeps the excitement elicited in its subscribers.

Other key features that the HBO Max app offers are:

  • 10k+ horse worth of streamable content
  • Premium content of HBO available with  all shows and movies
  • No ads on any of the original content 

Hulu (Android / iOS)

Hulu is considered the first stop for many new and old TV series. It provides its subscribers with more than just TV network programs. Here you also get the selections of many movies in different genres.

You can stream shows immediately when they get aired on their home channel. While Netflix stays the great daddy in the streaming world, Hulu’s speedy turnaround of recent TV series makes it very appealing to its users.

The Hulu app offers the following features:

  • Stream multiple on-demand and Live TV channels
  • Access to the unlimited library content 
  • Simultaneous streaming on 2 screens
  • Unlimited DVR for up to 9 months

Disney+ (Android / iOS)

Disney+ is the streaming service presented by Walt Disney that is an on-demand and ad-free platform, having The Walt Disney Studios movies and Television. It has around 7000+ television episodes of TV shows and thousands of movies along with animated content.

The platform offers a very wide library of classic TV titles and has a very graphical design, pleasing to the eyes. You can view the Disney+ content on many devices including Smart TV, game consoles, Mobile devices, and streaming devices like Roku and Firestick. 

Other key in-app features that the Disney+ app offers are:

  • iMAX enhanced streaming of selected titles
  • Group streaming for up to 6 screens, best for a virtual movie night
  • Offline streaming available for downloaded videos
  • Keep multiple profiles up to 4 people on one account
  • Request your favorite shows from Disney 

Apple TV+ (Android / iOS)

One of the most impressive emerging streaming services, Apple TV+ offers legions of impressive content. This streaming app is known for its original content that you can access through its Apple TV app. It offers Dolby Vision, which allows viewers to enhance their watching experience and enjoy the content streaming to the fullest.

It offers apps for different streaming devices, including Apple TV 4K, Chromecast, Android TV, Game Consoles, Smart TVs, and Windows platforms. It is known for its sleek user interface and doesn’t require you to dig deep into the app to explore its features.

Following are the key app feature that Apple TV+ offers: 

  • Access the whole movie or series collections, available to stream anytime
  • Watch Live sports events anywhere
  • Subscribe to different channels available on  Apple TV+

YouTube TV (Android / iOS)

The Google-owned YouTube TV offers one of the best contemporary streaming experiences. Its modern and handy app design allows viewers to watch Live TV or on-demand content with a huge library of shows and films.

The app gives you title suggestions, simultaneous screens, DVR recording, and whatnot. However, you need a VPN app to access YouTube TV in Canada as it’s currently available exclusively in the US.

The YouTube TV app offers the following key features:

  • Stream any available content in 4k viewing
  • Unlimited simultaneous streams at home
  • On smartphones accessibility to stream the DVR stored content

Hayu (Android / iOS)

Hayu only offers one platter; reality TV! It’s one of the finest platforms in Canada to stream sizzling content offered by several popular reality TV shows.

If you are familiar with Netflix, you won’t be facing any problems while using Hayu’s app. You can even get a 7-day free trial to test its waters. You can access the dedicated Hayu apps for iOS, Android, Web browsers, PCs, and streaming devices.


Choosing an ideal streaming App is a little bit tricky and involves thorough research. To get the best bang for your buck, you can’t just randomly pick a streaming service. That’s why it’s very important to evaluate the features of streaming apps, including their UX/UI Design, cost, content range, and overall streaming experience.

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