Trust wallet

In this article, we will be talking about Trust Wallet, how you can register in it, and how to enable the DApps browser.

What’s a crypto wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a wallet that stores public and private keys, you need those to buy cryptocurrency. We have different kinds of wallets: desktop, mobile, hardware, paper, and online wallets.

Mobile wallets: mobile wallets are installed on your phone and will help you store your coins and tokens in them. Because they’re on your phone you can carry your coins around and even make payments in your day-to-day life and buy stuff using them. You can transfer crypto by scanning QR codes so it’s really fast.

But it’s not that safe though and you need to make sure to keep it secure. One of the most popular choices for mobile crypto wallets is Trust Wallet.

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust wallet

Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet company. It was acquired by Binance in 2018. It’s a very safe mobile wallet and is very easy to use with a user-friendly interface. In this article, we will set up a Trust Wallet account. So, let’s not waste time and dive right into it.

How to create a Trust Wallet account?

To create your Trust Wallet account you need to install the Trust Wallet app first.

1. Installing the Trust Wallet app

You can download the Trust Wallet app from its official site here.
Or just search for it in your Google Play or apple’s App Store as it’s released for both ios and android platforms.

2. Creating an account

After you open the app, click on the “create an account” button and proceed by accepting their terms and other formalities.

3. Recovery Phrase

Somewhere through your registration, you will be shown your recovery phrase. Write them down and in the next part, you will be asked to verify that you wrote them and saved them somewhere so you should enter the recovery phase in the right order.

Do not take a picture of it (you probably aren’t able to take a screenshot as the app won’t let you) and do not write them in your note app or whatever.
Your recovery phrase AKA recovery seeds are a set of words or numbers that should be stored somewhere safe as they will be used to recover your wallet if you somehow lost it.

I mean think about it, there are various scenarios in which you can lose your mobile wallet, your phone could be stolen, you can delete the app by mistake, etc. By storing the recovery phrase in a safe place you guarantee your wallet could be restored if you ever lose it.

Note: recovery phrase is important for every type of wallet and not just mobile wallets.

4. Done

You are all set. You can use your wallet to deposit your coins right away.
Remember, mobile wallets aren’t safe enough to be used to hold a lot of money. They should only be used to help you use crypto daily.
Try hardware wallets if you are investing a big amount of money.

How to get DApps on Trust Wallet?

DApps are short for decentralized applications and they are very useful. If you are a new Trust Wallet user and you can’t see the DApps button, do not worry. We will cover how to enable DApps in Trust Wallet for both ios and android.

Enable DApps in android

To enable DApps in android Trust Wallet:
1. Open the app and navigate to settings.
2. Select preferences.
3. Click on DApp browser.
4. Click Enable to enable the DApp browser.
5. Done
Now you can see the DApps button in the app.

Enable DApps in iOS:
To enable DApps in iOS:
1. Open the Safari browser on your device.
2. In the browser type: trust://browser_enable then click go.
3. You will be prompted to open the Trust Wallet app. Click open and you will be redirected to the Trust Wallet app.
4. Done.
And just like that, you enabled the DApps browser in your Trust Wallet app.

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