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What is the perfect Twitch banner size?

There is no doubt that Twitch TV is a powerful drive in the online live streaming business. With more than 100+ million individual users that apply each month and more than 25 000 Twitch partner channels, Twitch has enhanced the go-to program for e-sports streaming.

Twitch has caused the live-streaming process more convenient than it was times ago, and gamers of all years are performing Twitch channels globally to showcase their gameplay. In this situation, if you want to be different from other Twitch channels, it is essential to have the best Twitch banner size, profile image, but more than all, professional-looking that will boost your channel stand out from the others. 

We have collected all the best Twitch TV sizes, and that will get your Twitch channel to the succeeding level.

 Twitch banner size

The suggested Twitch Banner Size is 1200 px by 480 px for HD and adequate monitors with an aspect ratio of 5:2

Based on the Twitch guide, the best Twitch Banner size is 1200 pixels wide and 480 pixels in height. But unfortunately, the quality will significantly decrease on larger monitors, so we suggest doubling the pixel size to ensure the perfect seen on a Retina screen. If you decide to start just now, you can get help from several Twitch Banner templates to see your channel needs.

Twitch Banner Profile Display

If you forget your Twitch banner and set it to the default, it will present a purple color with your channel title copied over it, as you can view in this official NBA profile. You can change this color by choosing a new Profile Accent Color in the channel frames. But if you want to make the most out of your channel, we advise uploading your custom banner.

Base on statistics, the best Twitch banners you may see apply single patterns and backgrounds. It is also why we recommend using little to no lines for your unique banner. Consider it more like an indirect background image that serves to produce the desire for your channel.

How to Create a Twitch Banner for Free

Sometimes you want to make a custom Twitch cover photo in a short time like, 5 minutes. Now, you can check and find some pre-designed Twitch banner templates and choose among them for your Twitch channel!

What is the Twitch Profile Picture Size?

The best profile picture size you can choose for your Twitch channel is 1600 px by 1600 px. It is an aspect ratio of 1:1 and will provide you the best feature display photo.

You can perform a Twitch avatar photo without any paying by working with different online profile picture makers. You can read more about how to set your Twitch profile picture.

Twitch Banner template designs

Applying text as a beautiful detail is an excellent method to create an interesting-looking banner. This banner for the standard EA Madden NFL channel interestingly makes this. You can set your banner in a way that all texts display along the top, bottom, or sides of it. In this way, video elements will not cut off your banner. The writing on this banner is utilized more as a stylistic decision than an instructive one.

Attaching your logo is extra easy access to mention on your Twitch banner. Having your logo presented will support your branding. It will help your viewers understand who you are. If you apply this logo on other social programs like Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, your followers will understand right away if they got you through your Twitch channel. 


When you own a Twitch channel, you are no longer single when you want to play a game or lead an attack or battle forces. Now, you have got a perfect audience behind you cheering you. You can make a relarationship with your audience and gain more followers by adding images that’ll give a unique personality to your Twitch channel.

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