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Points You Have To Know About Twitch Panels

You may hear about twitch Panels but do not know what it is. They are graphics that help you to showcase various information on your webpage. You can use them to show the usual data about yourself or a current setup you are applying.

What are essential points that you have to know about Twitch panels?

  1. Types of Twitch panels
  2. Twitch Panel Dimensions
  3. The best Twitch Panel Size
  4. How to Perform Twitch Panels

Here, in this text, I will explain all these four items in detail.

Types of Twitch panels

There are three basic kinds of panels that people usually use by streamers: 

  • Header Panel. It highlights a graphic accompanied by a text under it that you need to share with your fans. This method is very beneficial if you would prefer to edit the data regularly.
  • Graphic Panel. In this option, you access all the prearranged manuals nestled by a graphic. Utilizing this model would be most suitable for static information that you should not edit regularly. Because you have to redo the whole panel graphically. So it gives the best impact on your observers anyway.    
  • Extensions. Those panels are typically in the sort of third-party apps that provide viewing activity improvement. Such graphics could be interactive, such as an opportunity to get a sticker, or static, like a contribution action leaderboard. 

Twitch Panel Dimensions 

You need specific elements concerning what size a Twitch panel could be, but it is possible to dispense your creativity to design it.

Every picture should be no bigger than 320px wide and 300px high. As you decide to work with these Twitch panel dimensions, you can automatically resize your graphic to the mentioned limits. In extension, your chosen file size for all graphics could not be greater than 2.9 MB to upload on Twitch. 

The Best Twitch Panel Size

We suggest making the 320px wide and 100px high dimensions for the Twitch panel size to hold the most visible result.

How to Make Twitch Panels 

While there are many ways to build Twitch panels, I decide to explain two important ones.

Creating custom Twitch panels on Canva

Canva gives a user-friendly interface that provides a constant work of graphics. There is no need for technical skills, and you can use them for free.

First, you have to make a fast registration on the site. Then you can produce a design and take Custom dimensions. Finally, you have to enter the best size for Twitch panels, 320px by 100px, and touch Create design. On the following page, take a background that you see suitable for your whole channel branding. You might not prominently display it on the right faction of your cover. 

Now there is an opportunity to set some terms. In the Text part, picked Add a heading.

Set both the font type and size to your desire utilizing the editor strip on the head. If your framework is too shiny, it will affect the writing accuracy. To solve it, you can change the blurriness through the Filter check. 

Also, you might like to attach any custom icons to the design. Fortunately, it is possible to do it through the Uploads part and then place them on your panel.

When you finish editing, continue to download your design and use it.

How to create custom panels on Photoshop 

The additional method to design custom Twitch panels is by Photoshop. 

Generate a new document, take the size and settings as displayed in the form below. This example is 320px by 100px dimensions. It is more satisfying to surpass the maximum Twitch size elements here and perform something like 350px by 125px. You will have a fine panel when you automatically size it by Twitch.  

After that, proceed to the Layers tab and generate a New Layer. Take two translucent layers.

Pack them in with a white and dark color individually in the Paint Bucket Tool. Based on your favorites, it is a possible difference between the two backgrounds through the design method. 

Now, it is time to create a New Layer that adds a particular form to our form. In the Shape Tools, take your preferred shape by right-clicking if you use PC or control-clicking if you use Mac. 


Twitch panels could be text, images, or additions that provide live streamers to customize the About section on their Twitch channel page. The most common model used is image panels. If you want to know more about Twitch panels, do not miss this blog.

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