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Top 16 Twitter business tips you may not know


Are you looking for a way to drive more traffic to your website and have more Twitter followers?

No one can overlook the importance of using social media these days, and all businesses are looking for a way to develop and grow their business on social media. Of course, one of the big parts of social media is getting as big a following as possible so that more people will see and share your content. With this in mind, some businesses may look to a service like to get a little bit of extra help to boost their following initially so they are able to establish themselves quicker on platforms like Twitter. Nowadays, people are more interested in spending time on social media than ever before, so it would be a good opportunity to take advantage of it and stand out among all other businesses.

Twitter is a worldwide social media with many users, which is a good place to interact with people from all around the world. By using Twitter, businesses and brands can share images, links, videos, create poll, and videos.

If you are ignoring being on social media, you are making a huge mistake, and you are losing many audiences, which would harm your business. You can easily get more clients and communicate you’re your current customers by using Twitter. You should keep in mind that using Twitter or any other social media without following a strategy won’t work. So let’s get straight to the tips that help you to be successful on Twitter:

  1. Pin a Tweet that would grab people’s attention

Tweets have a short lifespan, and you need to pin the one that promotes your business, such as an explanation about the product or service, the link of your website, your email address, etc.

  1. Write attention-grabbing bio

It is a nice trick to attract people’s attention and make them follow you unconsciously. Do the following to write the best Twitter bio:

  • Explain clearly about the product or service you provide.
  • Use relevant and popular hashtags in your Tweets; it helps your Twitter profile to show up when people search the hashtags.
  • Avoid going on details too much, because it might be boring for the followers and you may run out of the characters.

attention-grabbing bio on Twitter

  1. Share a high-quality picture on your tweets

Imagine you are a customer and you are looking for a product on Twitter, would you choose an account with high quality and attractive pictures or the one which doesn’t have pictures or low-quality pictures among the suggested pages? So share high-quality pictures and attract people at first glance. It seems like simple advice, but it is necessary if you want to stand out among all other businesses and competitors.

People scroll fast while they are checking posts, if you want to stop scrolling them at your post, you need to share an eye-catching picture.

  1. Take part in Twitter chats

Happily, it is the easiest way to meet and connect with new people and gain new Twitter followers, customers, and readers. Choose the chat that fits your niche, then participate on chat to make people check your account.

  1. Use hashtags

Tweets with hashtags have higher engagement rate, and you have a higher chance to be seen.

  1. Connect with influencers

If you have made up your mind to glow among all other businesses, you should connect with Twitter influencers. You should find influencers in your niche and start a conversation with them and make a good relationship with them.

  1. Use Twitter ads

Advertising on Twitter is another way to help you increase the number of your customers. Twitter is more cost-efficient than Facebook advertising, and by comparing Twitter’s ad price with other social media networks, we have come up with the result that Twitter asks for the one-third of the cost of other social media networks.

  1. Run a competition

Running a monthly or season competition would be a good attraction for both your current customers and new customers.

competition on Twitter

  1. Tweet at the best time

Statistics show that 46% of American Twitter users check their Twitter at least once a day. Also, you’d better know that 80% of Twitter users aren’t American and the platform works in 33 languages.

Best time to post on Twitter

  1. Choose a good profile picture and header image

They are the first things that a visitor notices, you should choose pictures that represent your brand the best.

  1. Add your location

If your brand has several business locations, you should add your location to the bio. Don’t go in detail and just add your city and country in your bio.

  1. Update your pinned Tweet

Renew your pinned tweet regularly and make it attractive for your customers.

  1. 13. Use Twitter for your customer service

It is important for businesses to provide customer services for their customers that Twitter’s conversational platform makes customer’s feel free to contact you and ask about your product or service which is so much easier than sending emails. Stats show that customers expect a response in 24 hours or less.

  1. Tweet frequently

Keep your followers and customers engaged and don’t let them be attracted by your competitors.

  1. Post videos

Twitter is a video-friendly platform, and videos get six more retweets than photos.

  1. 16. Don’t make your profile private

It is clear that having a private account won’t work. To be a popular brand, you should have a public account to let everyone visit your profile.


Everyone can use Twitter for promoting their business and brand, but everyone doesn’t have a strategy to develop their business. All the tips we mentioned help you to have a profitable business.

Have you experienced success by using twitter? If yes, share it with us, we are all ears.

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