Twitter survey reveals the subscription options it’s considering, including an ‘Undo Send’ button

Twitter survey reveals the subscription options it's considering, including an 'Undo Send' button

It was not long ago, this month, that Twitter announced they are considering adding remarkable and very fun options to the platform, but they would not be free. Twitter posted a job listing called ‘Gryphon’ for new positions, which, the ad explained, would be focused on building a subscription platform, one that can be reused by other teams in the future.

After that, Twitter officially said that you might have to pay to access tweets or additional features, and it was confirmed that Twitter is working on “subscriptions and other approaches” as potential revenue opportunities.

Moreover, so many users reported that they have been seeing a new Twitter survey that asks them about a range of potential options that they might be willing to pay for, another step towards the next stage for the project.

Details of the survey were first published to none other than Twitter itself by Twitter user @WFBrother. The findings were then amplified by social media consultant, Matt Navarra, who had also seen the survey.

The options which could be made available via Twitter subscriptions include:

  • Undo send: An option to recall your sent tweets within a 30-second window.
  • Custom color options: New ways to customize your Twitter profile presentation.
  • Advanced video publishing tools: The capacity to publish significantly longer videos in your tweets.
  • Profile badges: A profile badge that links back to your business/employer.
  • Auto replies: The capacity to add auto-response options to use in your tweet replies.
  • Social listening: More insights into your tweet engagement and discussion around your Twitter handle.
  • Brand surveys: An option to run surveys about your Twitter ads to get more feedback.
  • Custom stickers and hashtags: The capability to create custom stickers and ‘hashflag’ emoji-linked hashtags.
  • Job ads: Optional job ad listings.
  • Administrator role management: New options to define how staff/contractors can control Twitter your account.
  • Insights into other accounts: More analytics options, including the capacity to see all your past reactions with any account.
  • Education resources: Access to more Twitter training courses and tools.

Moreover, twitter might give its users the chance to avoid seeing any ads in return for paying.  

Anyways, the survey does not represent features Twitter will definitely roll out as part of any future membership model, of course. It’s only the first step to gathering consumer feedback about what people believe is worth paying for.

By the way, which of the options, offered by Twitter, would you be willing to pay for? To me, it might just be the “Undo Send” and “No Ads” which would both give me somehow a feeling of more freedom on the platform. What about you? 

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