Want to Be a Computer Nerd? Here’s How to Get Started

Want to Be a Computer Nerd

Society has been dependent on computers for a couple of decades at this point. Now, we even have the power of a computer in our pockets thanks to smartphones. We use them for everything from connecting with friends to doing work to running a business. Computers are here to stay.

Although younger generations who have grown up in the computer age mostly have a working knowledge of how to use them, the vast majority of the population does not understand how they work. They couldn’t tell you the first thing about what a coding language is or how to construct the hardware components of a CPU. 

Chances are, you don’t either. Maybe you want to grow in your knowledge of all things computers. This would be a useful skill set for your personal use of these devices, but it could also have professional applications. Here are some ideas to get you started on the path toward becoming a computer nerd. 

Seek Out Other Nerds

The word nerd used to have more connotations associated with it. Essentially, it now means people who are very passionate and knowledgeable about unique subjects. If you want to be one of those people for computers, then you can start by seeking out others who share similar interests. One perfect resource for this is Usenet. Usenet is separate from the Internet and is a discussion forum with thousands of “newsgroups” where people can talk about their favorite subjects. Computers, hardware, and software are some of the biggest newsgroups on the platform. Chat with others, download articles from other users, and dive deep into the world of computers by connecting with a free Usenet provider

Take Courses/Certifications Online

If you want to learn more about computers, you might as well use one to do so. The marketplace offers tons of online educational opportunities. You could take a course about coding languages to learn how computers are given commands and speak to one another. Data science is another popular topic for computer nerds who love the process of collecting and interpreting diverse data sets, and you can become certified in this discipline through online learning. Platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy offer many courses, both for a fee and for free, that can teach you IT skills.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Another way to indulge your interest in computers is to upgrade your equipment. Whether that means fixing up your hardware, upgrading your computer’s RAM, or buying higher-quality devices, your ability to practice any newfound skills and pursue greater knowledge will be greater with better equipment. Maybe you can dive right into the deep end by building your own high end PC for gaming. Better equipment opens up more opportunities to enjoy your passion for computers, so don’t be afraid to shell out a little for this hobby.

Invest in Computer Security

The more you use your computer, the more you open it up to experience problems. Navigating the Internet creates connections between your computer and other servers and websites. Through these connections, your device could be vulnerable to viruses or cyber attacks. Beefing up your computer security can protect the device and your personal information. You can accomplish this by downloading antivirus software, using virtual private networks when browsing the internet, and limiting how often you share personal data online. These practices can ensure that you are safe and so is your computer as you pursue your new passion. 

Consider Applying Your Knowledge

You’re at the point where you have engaged with other nerds who share your passion for computers. You have learned a specific subject like programming language, software engineering, or the ins and outs of computer hardware. Now, you get to put that knowledge to practice. A career related to computers can be very promising, especially since the economy is so dependent on the Internet and the use of computers. Your career prospects could be solid, and you can make an income doing what you love. At the very least, you could serve as a freelancer and offer your services as a side hustle. 

Doing What You Love is What Matters Most

Life is all about pursuing your goals. If you cannot chase the objectives you care about, then it can be difficult to enjoy life to its fullest. If you are interested in computers, then pursuing your passion means talking with others about it, learning more, upgrading your equipment, improving security so you can safely enjoy your hobby, and applying your skills practically. If you can do all that, then you can proudly join the ranks of computer nerds everywhere. 

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