What is bitboy crypto?

Bitboy crypto is one of those cryptocurrency networks that became popular on YouTube. The channel launch by a digital currency market professional named Ben Armstrong.

Ben Armstrong has also launched his website,, which posts all the training and documentation related to cryptocurrencies. Ben Armstrong is active on YouTube and has more than 2.6 million followers on TikTok.

Introducing Bitboy crypto

Ben Armstrong was one of those people who was very active in the digital currency market. This continuous presence made him think of building his training network from 2012. then he originates the first digital currency training network by 2018.

Bitboy crypto YouTube channel

Ben Armstrong launched the Bitboy crypto YouTube page in February 2018. bitboy crypto has become one of the most popular digital currency networks within YouTube. The bitboy crypto YouTube subscribers now are more than 700,000 and videos view is 56 million. On this YouTube page, Ben Armstrong discusses the digital currency market and estimates the prices of cryptocurrencies. You can also get a lot of tips on investing and stock training on bitboy crypto youtube.

bitboy crypto is where you can get the latest cryptocurrency news, reviews of digital currency projects, and a guide to buying and selling these currencies. The news is also available about currencies such as Ethereum.

Batboy crypto related networks

In the last three years, along with the bitboy crypto YouTube network, Ben Armstrong has developed two other networks called Hit Network and New Money Gang, each with its characteristics.

Hit Network

In this network, bitboy crypto events show behind the scenes, and experts interviewed live. This network is more than just a page about bitboy crypto and what happens around it. it is more than a tutorial page. There is even a lot of talk about altcoins and digital marketing on this page, which is different from the bitboy crypto page.

New Money Gang

This network is also a kind of podcast for the new generation of revenue and business strategy. Through this network, you can see new ways to raise capital and increase it.

What is the net worth of  bitboy crypto?

Many people are looking for bitboy crypto net worth and want to know how much this collection is worth. At the time of writing, a video of Ben Armstrong showing his current assets in the digital currency market. That asset was something like $ 10 million! Most of Ben Armstrong’s capital is on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, which you can see in the image below.

Regarding the amount of investment in digital currencies, Ben Armstrong said: “The level of risk-taking on the 20 most important digital currencies in the market is less than other currencies.

Important points when investing from Ben Armstrong

First, you need to pay attention to the digital currency development team. The key is to get people together to develop a digital currency or who supports it. To invest in an ICO, you must first know its development team and its track record in the digital currency market.

Then pay attention to the number of tokens used. Avoid investing in any ICO if it has useless tokens. Each token is more effective, which is acceptable in many decentralized applications or can be used in various applications.

When investing in ICO, pay attention to the initial public offering, it is possible that at the initial public offering of the token, a huge discount will be applied to each token. This is just a big trap and it makes you invest in a worthless token.

Pay attention to the type of advertising of an ICO. In general, ICOs that use a lot of advertising and investment to attract users do not provide good tokens and are not suitable for investment. So choose ICOs that have become truly free and truly established in the marketplace.


There are many guides on the bitboy crypto YouTube network that you can use to increase your capital and digital currency trading tutorials. This network is the best way to get the latest news and the latest information about cryptocurrencies.

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