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How to See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile? (Complete Guide)

A lot of people are interested in finding out if others are stalking their profile or not. But it’s a type of struggle. It’s all about Facebook’s internal policies that don’t allow users and third-party apps to track who is stalking a specific profile on this platform. If you want to know who is stalking your Facebook profile, the platform doesn’t provide you with this feature.  However, there are some tips and facts on this, which we’re going to explain in this article. Feel free and take some minutes to read more in the next sections. 

Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile

How to See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile?

Based on the official Facebook Help Center, it doesn’t allow people to track and know who is stalking their profiles. This is due to online policies and security considerations, which are integrated features of such social platforms. 

If you want to know who views your Facebook profile, there is no option, at least at the moment. However, we’re going to unearth some tips that will help you find the overall location of stalkers. 

Third-Party Services That Help You Find Stalkers

Don’t trust fly-by-night apps, especially when it comes to finding people who are stalking your Facebook profile. This isn’t allowed by the main platform, and all tracker apps are blocked by Facebook’s powerful algorithm. Third-party apps can only find the region of viewers based on their IP location. 

Some Tips to Consider When Looking For Stalkers

  • Monitor Who Likes Your Posts

There is a common method if you want to find who is stalking your Facebook profile. 

Monitor who likes and shares your posts!

This way, you can simply find those people who are interested in your posts on Facebook. Be convinced when an individual tries to like or repost your old posts on this platform, he is stalking your profile. 

Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile
  • Don’t Trust Friend Suggestions 

A lot of people think the friend suggestion list on Facebook is structured based on their profile visits. But it’s not true.

Facebook doesn’t suggest new friends based on views, and this part of the platform is working based on a specific algorithm designed by Facebook. 

  • What About Post Tracking Links?

Post-tracking links can be taken into account, and they lend us a hand to see how many visitors are checking our profile from a specific region.

These links are embedded into a post, and they can check the IP address of visitors to provide some information about their location.

Note that you can’t find their exact location and address, but these links let you find out which city they are located in. 

They’re Stalking Your Facebook Profile? (Safeguarding Tips)

To protect your profile and make it a safe one, we offer 3 main steps that you can take in a few minutes. 

  • Adjust your profile’s privacy settings: You can customize your profile’s privacy settings by referring to the settings section on Facebook. You can determine who can visit and see your posts and restrict access only to your friends.
  • Be careful when accepting: If you want to protect your profile, you need to take this step seriously. Be careful when accepting new friends if you don’t know who is sending the request. 
  • Don’t express everything: You don’t need to say all about yourself on your Facebook profile. You can only provide some information to properly use the platform and avoid related issues. 
  • Use TFA: Two Factor Authentication is not an optional concept; it’s essential when using social platforms. You can enable this feature in a few minutes in the settings. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to look at someone’s profile without them knowing, there are some tips for you. If you like someone’s posts and interact with them regularly, they come to the conclusion that you are stalking their Facebook profile. 

You can also make use of VPNs to change your IP address which can be used for finding the location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I see who has viewed my Facebook profile recently?

No, Facebook doesn’t allow users or third-party apps to track people who have visited your Facebook profile.

  • How can you look at someone’s Facebook profile without them knowing?

Facebook doesn’t let users find out who has visited their profile. So, there is no concern in this case. 

  • Are Facebook tracker apps trustworthy?

No. You shouldn’t trust third-party apps and software tools that claim they can show you stalkers. Tracker links that are embedded into posts can only track your location. 

  • How can I block IP trackers from accessing my location?

Yes. IP trackers can be used in Facebook posts, and you can use a VPN or IP changer to block them. 

  • Can IP trackers expose my exact place?

No. IP tracking allows you to find the location of an internet service provider, and it doesn’t allow you to find the exact location of a service user. 

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